Dwight Yorke


Dwight Yorke is a cunt for claiming his colour is stopping him from even getting interviews never mind a job.

As the years go by it’s getting harder for clubs to find a decent British manager never mind an English one, but cunts like York don’t get that . they get their coaching badges and expect to walk into the manager role.

Fuck off, if its that hard then do what other young coaches do and get a coaching role somewhere and show what you can do ,and if you don’t like it, then fuck off to Trinidad or Tobago and win a title there…

Nominated by: Birdman

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  1. Dwight was great during that Treble season of 98/99, but it has to be said he is as thick as a king sized mattress and as shallow as a worm’s tomb… He’s basically spitting his dummy out because he went for some managers job at some place (probably Villa) and they laughed him out of the door… Instead of taking it like a man and going off to gain more experience, the daft cunt produces the race card… You can’t just walk into a top managers job these days (as that cunt, Giggs, found out) and blubbing about ‘racism’ is not going to do Yorke any favours, and he needs all the help he can get…

    Also, Yorke is a cunt for spawning that mong with Katy Price and giving her the opportunity to cash in on the cunt every five minutes like some modern day Victorian freak show…

    • Far too easy for black folks to spout the racist argument. I am sure there are plenty of white would be managers who don’t get hired. Why is that ? Could it be because they were not up to scratch as if so Yorke may fall into this category.
      It’s not racist it’s cos you are not good enough. Go and do the groundwork in non or lower leagues you wanker.

  2. I would like to nominate “Sky Christmas” for a cunting.

    I noticed Sky Christmas appeared on the movies section this weekend. As far as Sky is concerned Xmas is the 1st weekend in November throught to the last weekend in February the following year, creaming a fortune in kids toys asvertising (for a whole 20mins every 2hrs), right up to 3pm on Xmas Eve when those slots switch to fucking holiday advertisements. Yeah just what I need to be thinking about, blowing another few grand on a fucking holiday, having just been fancially raped celebrating some cunt who was born 2,000yrs ago! Cunts!

  3. so what he thinks is that he is being held back due to being black ffs,more to do with his only talend being able to kick a bag filled with air aroung a grass oblong field and of course his bad taste I slappers talking of air filled bags they are both cunts

  4. Yesterday (Sunday) whilst visiting her local Tesco supermarket, my oldest stepdaughter (35), who is five foot nothing and has to walk with a stick due to premature arthritis, was spat at and called “racist”… FOR WEARING A FUCKING POPPY!!

    • Fucking disgusting behaviour. I hope that the cunts spit on the wrong person someday,and they get the hammering they deserve. Pure scum.

      • It was a young woman with an eastern European accent. Tesco are studying cctv footage with a view to banning them from the store, but wether they contacted Plod or not I don’t know, they’d probably caution Stepdaughter for being “provocative”, useless cunts that they are…

      • Would the bitch come from one of those East European countries we liberated from Hitler in WW2?

        If plod won’t do anything I’d crowd fund a private prosecution against the cunt. I’m pretty sure you would get the backing of DM and Express.

      • Sometimes I wonder if we should have stayed neutral, saved a load of lives and learned to speak German. The way the EU is going, going to end up like the buggers won the war. They’re sure as hell winning this one…

      • Man,woman or child,they’d have got a smack round the chops off me, I’m afraid. Too many “woman” think that just because they’re female they can do what they like and nobody can retaliate. Spitting at someone is foul,and if they act like scum,they can expect to be treated like scum.
        I’m not advocating beating woman,but some of them think nothing of acting like beered-up chavs,then scream blue murder when someone retaliates.

      • Am with you Dick. Spitting is fucking disgusting and the people who do it are normally the dark ones or eastos as a mate calls them.
        Smack in the chops is the least they deserve.
        Dirty cunts.

      • Most of those migrant types probably have TB,or something similar,yet they think nothing of gobbing in public.

      • She was white, so you’ll get nowhere. If you’re stepdaughter was black then that would be different.

        Sorry if this sounds racist, but I had a row in the street with an American and she called the police. All I said was “why don’t you fuck off back home and take your airbases with you!” Plod knocked on my door and told me that was ‘unacceptable racist language’. I asked if it was OK that she called me a “honky Britfuck”. Plod buggered off unimpressed by their time being wasted.

        Makes you think what this country is becoming doesn’t it?

      • No wonder the Russians pulled out of Eastern Europe, it wasn’t Reagan or Afghanistan that fucked the USSR it was the eastern European shithole states that dragged it down.

    • Time to put my poppy on and cross my fingers.

      Hope she’s not too upset Mr Bastard.
      Didn’t anybody chin the cunt?

      • Sadly no. Despite her disability she’s no pushover, but was just shocked and stunned. As was her 10 year old son who was with her. Wish I’d been there, although I’d probably be in a cell by now as a result.

      • Cunts like the piece of crap that gozzed at your stepdaughter are now a plague in this country… Don’t give a fuck, can’t be arsed to learn the language, refuse to adapt or integrate, and (off councils, welfare, and authorities) whatever they want, they fucking get… Scum gyppo bastard scum…

  5. My postman’s a fucking good postman,but I wouldn’t put him in charge of the Royal Mail. Can’t imagine what makes these ex-footballers think that they can just walk into a top job,start at the bottom and prove yourselves you cunts.Playing the race card is just cuntitude of the highest order in any circumstance.

  6. I’d like to cunt “Contemporary Twists”.

    These days it seems every aspect of modern life from recipes and fashion to interior design schemes and architectural plans has to involve a “contemporary twist”. This generally translates as “it was fine the traditional way until some overpaid hipster cunt came along and decided to fuck it up”.

  7. Mr Bastard,would that be the Tesco that fucked up yesterday regarding folks bank accounts?……Cunts………………..And how dare people denigrate our poppy, on our own soil at that?…….Cunts again……….Baaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  8. It wont be long the way things are going before I can pull that old chestnut,as a minority white brit drowning in a multi culchural sea of shit from all over the world,i cant wait for someone to say anything I don’t like and then I can say its due to you being a racist cunt and get away with it,as opposed to now when I say you are a cunt[not racist] instead of you are a b—k cunt [could be constrewed as racist]…..oh fuck it I don’t care they are all a bunch of cunts,i think I have the right to be racist if I want, its bollocks that you cant say what you think,i don’t give a fuck if they are offended the shit stain cunts fuck em

  9. bring back frankie fucking boyle he was a cunt but he wasn’t backwards[well maybe a bit] about coming forwards about York/price spawn and look what happened to him[gone],I think you should be able to say what you want, and others will have to rise over it if they don’t want to get upset…..failing that get upset I don’t give a flying fuck

  10. Nothing to do with Dwight Yorke’s colour, the reason he can’t get an interview is he still smells of that skank Katie Price.
    You can’t get the smell of Katie Price off with bleach!

  11. I’m not racist.

    I couldn’t give a flying fuck, what fucking colour, creed, gay or straight, rich or poor or sexual orientation someone is….if their actions affect me or my family and fuck me off, through no fault of my own, then they’ll get a fucking gob full and a deserved Cunting……..wanting to protect and look after, me and mine…..isn’t being a racist.
    I think that’s being a realist.

  12. Harvey was on loose women, and they asked him what he says to all his “haters”.
    He replied that they are all CUNTS, live on air.
    On one hand he is to be applauded for being a cunter, but it also shows the parenting he’s getting from Katie (name yer) Pryce……

    • P.S. I loved the bit where false everything tart is decrying: “Ee’s a smart boy! Oy’ll arsk ‘im some questions in a minute and you’ll see ee’s a smart boy!”

      What’s the litmus here on “smart”? Cunt seemed as dim as Aladdin’s lamp to me?? Poor cunt, his Dad’s wonky genes and his Mam’s wonky brain.

  13. That Gina MIiller is such a cunt… I recently contacted her about a very important issue… I explained to her at length about how I was outraged and traumatised by the outcome of the 1979 FA Cup Final between Manchester United and Arsenal… Some would say it was a fair result Arsenal winning ( An entertaining match, nobody offside, fair and square, Gary Bailey was shite etc)… But to lose to a very late Alan Sunderland goal was not what I wanted and, quite frankly, I simply didn’t get my way… I therefore asked Mizz Miller to ‘take a stand’ and see if she could get the 3-2 result of the 79 Final reversed in United’s favour…. The hearltess harridan refused to back my cause… When I asked why, she replied that there would be nothing in for her and her publicity levels would be zero… What a cunt…

      • Bailey, Nichol, Albiston, McIlroy, Buchan, McQueen, Coppell, Macari, Jordan, Greenhoff J, Thomas, Greenhoff B (sub)

        No wimps (except maybe Bailey and Thomas) and certainly no swarthy types… So that’s why the bitch ignored it…

      • And Dave Sexton was a massive cunt for selling Gordon Hill and Andy Ritchie, and replacing them with those two cunts, Micky Thomas and Garry Birtles…. The cunt…

    • Self publicising bitch. Her only thought is her bank balance and fuck the rest of us.
      Mind you she was right not to accede to Normans request to challenge the result.
      Pretty much a one sided game until the last 5 minutes then reality struck again.
      Right result.
      Miller is still a cunt though.

  14. Apparently Katie Price is getting her arsehole bleached……but I can’t see Harvey as a blonde……..

    • I thought that was a piss-take. Is getting your arsehole bleached really a cosmetic procedure??

      If it is then it’s the biggest waste of money since Liverpool bought “Super” Mario Balotelli!

    • She’s trying to make it the ‘go to’ venue. Her wizards sleeve is hanging round her knees.

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