Whinging miners


I would like to nominate whinging miners for a cunting. The latest excuse for these cunts to start moaning is the fact that there will be no Orgreave Inquiry (after the police rightfully put the boot in on their illegal picket during the miners’ strike of 1984).

Well thank fuck for that because that would have been yet another monumental waste of money that would be appealed and appealed and appealed until some cunt gives them the result they think they deserve.

Then you get the fuckers bemoaning a Thatcher government for closing the pits. Ok fuckwit miners want to know who really closed the pits? Arthur “fucking” Scargill that’s who!

My dad was a miner from 1954 until 1988. He went through the strikes of the early 70’s (balloted) but disagreed entirely with that ginger get Scargill who did an “everybody out” on *HIS* say so because *HE* thought *HE* was the big I am. There was no ballot and therefore it was an illegal strike.

In the end when the mines did finally close he said: “What the hell did he expect, holding the government to ransom every time Maggie farts in the wrong key!”

The most gauling thing (to my Dad) about the closures brought on by Scargill’s arrogance – because that’s what is was, plain and simple – was the fact that a) the cost to make coal burning power stations clean (the govts excuse for the closures) was a fraction of the cost to convert them to oil/gas powered ones, b) at the mine where my Dad worked, the geologists had found seams that would have taken 40yrs to deplete (at the rate of mining at that time).

He also told me: “Won’t be in my lifetime. MIght not be in your lifetime but when the gas and oil runs out there’ll be some bright spark in government who’ll say oh we’ve got all this coal to mine, except there’ll be no one in the country who knows how to do it any more!”

Oh and as for the Orgreave mob – like most of Scargill’s millitant fuckwits – they gave as good as they got and those miners who chose to work (which was in their right because it was an illegal strike) no doubt appreciated the bags of piss and shit thrown at them (along with the police escorting them legitimately into work).

I have no love for the police but if any filthy cunt threw a bag of piss at me then I’d twat them upside the head as hard as I could fucking muster with my truncheon, you cunts!

There’s a reason why Scargill went into the union side of things because he was a shit miner and he was a lazy cunt, end of.

Most of the miners of the time should be due to cast off their mortal coils (like me dad did 10yrs ago) and do everyone a favour and fuck off! I’m fed up of your twisting and whinging, when you have nothing to twist and whinge about! It’s called “just deserts” you cunts!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

15 thoughts on “Whinging miners

  1. My late father in law was a genuine Yorkshire miner and he described Scargill as an ego-driven troublemaking cunt. And didn’t Callaghan’s Labour government close more pits than the Empress Maggon anyway?

    • There were vast numbers of mines closed in the late 50’s/early 60’s in the North East.

      The choice was simple: find a different form of employment or relocate. My Dad only knew mining and chose to relocate, otherwise I would’ve been a Macam instead of a Stokie!

      And those cunts Burnham and Abbot can fuck off (along with their faux outraged Labour colleagues), yapping on about something they know NOTHING about. You moan cos you think that you’re Labour you feel it’s your right to moan. It’s not, shut the fuck up!

      Shut the fuck up “Mind yer car Mistah” Burnham boy, and worry about fucking up Manchester!

      Shut the fuck up “Whichever way the wind blows today” Abbot, worry about decimating our civilisation by campaigning on behalf of those “no right to be here” Calais jungle cunts!

      • Burham is trying to deflect from the attrocity that was Mid Staffs under his watch. Now that IS deserving of an enquiry. Fucking deceitful cunt.

  2. I was young( born in 75) when this was going on.
    But sat there watching it,i got the impression that the strikers and protesters in general were a bunch of cunts.
    How can someone be a scab when he’s trying to provide for his family ?
    Strikers let theirs go to shit coz some egotistical unyin cunt gets the hump.
    Letting their kids go without coz their leader said so . if you done that you are a cunt.

    I challenge anyone to name a working class unyin cunt who didn’t better himself at the expense of the daft cunts he was representing.
    I have never joined a unyin and any unyin rep I’ve met through work, even cunts lower on the ladder to me ,swan about with a smug “I’m untouchable” look on their fucking cuntish faces.
    If there is any young cunters reading this , then i advise ,not order, advise them to never join up.

    Any doubts, just watch Carry On At Your Convenience. That will show you how much of a cunt unyin reps are……..

  3. I’m indebted to RwoaC for this cunting as it saved me having to write one. Although I had no family in mining I come from a mining region and can confirm miners are a bunch of me, me, me, cunts. Where were they when the steel and railway workers were getting a shafting? Fucking nowhere to be seen. It comes to their turn and they start crying about police brutality. But come Friday and Saturday night there were plenty up town getting pissed and braying fuck out of each other and anyone who came within range.

    I went down to University in London in ’83 and of course the lefty student union cunts kept on chelping shite about the “workers struggle” and quoting Marx but once they actually met a miner they got a fucking shock, I can tell you. I don’t think any of the daft cunts had ever met a working class person before and it was a very rude awakening.

  4. We used to call our union rep ‘The Factory Cat’ because he wandered around all day looking important but doing nothing. He would do anything to avoid representing the union members whilst at the same time swerving the day job he was actually paid to do by the company.
    Every couple of years we would vote in a new rep and despite starting out with the best intentions they swiftly morphed into the same useless, up the management’s arse, lazy cunt.
    In my my experience (and it is only my experience) thy are all useless cunts.

  5. I also come from a family of miners. Despite being Labour through and through they frequently said that Union Firebrand Mick McGahey was a lazy workshy cunt. Common theme here.

    • My Dad knew Mick McGahey, he was a cunt happy to ride the Scargill gravy train, cos it was a lot easier than digging coal that’s for sure.

      He also knew and worked with George Stevenson (no, not the Rocket one) who became Labour MP for Stoke south (on the coattails of the pit closures) who had about “…as much go in him as a dose of salts!”

      My Dad was a member of the NUM (had been for years, long before that cunt Scargill got his grubbies on it) and in 1984 was the moderate representative for his pit during the lead up to Scargill’s illegal strike.

      My Dad said: “There’s not one man in here who’d break a picket line over a balloted strike but you cannot strike just on Scargill’s say so!”

      “If Arthur says strike we strike! He is the NUM and if we don’t Thatcher will ride all over us!” – a good friend of my Dad’s at the time, they never spoke to one another again.

      “If Scargill comes here and digs one sh’ll…” (shovel) “…of coal I’ll come out with you but he won’t because Scargill is not a miner he’s just in it for the Scargill appreciation society!”

      The only one my Dad had any time for was Neil Greatrex of the UDM. When the die was cast and the NCB was disbanded Neil Greatrex was the only one trying to keep mining alive by trying to get investment from the states as viable sources of coal.

      The yanks liked the product but they didn’t like the govt bullshit (courtesy of John Bull Major I hasten to add, not Maggie) and so it was a non-starter.

      Luckily the old fella was long gone when Greatrex himself was proved to be a cunt after embezzling £150,000 out of a fund set up for former miners.

      Like they say, the path to hell is paved with good intentions.

      Never been a member of a union and, as of this year, have worked for myself longer than I’ve been an employee. I work I get paid. I don’t work I don’t get paid. Simple. I am my own union of one cunt!

  6. This is what ya get when trots gain influence. The unions brought the Labour government down and turned us into the sick man of Europe. British Leyland workers out on strike after some night shift workers were sacked for taking sleeping bags to work and kipping on the job……….cunts.

    I am so fucking sick of hearing about the sainted working class and the even more sainted poor. The piss poor joke called the Labour party has elected a leadership that’s as bad as anu of the union leaders in the 60s and 70s.

    Cunt union leaders on six figure salaries paid for by the members who apparently are so vastly underpaid they go without a family meal each week to keep some mouthy cunt in comfort they cant imagine.

    Socialism the scam that keeps on taking.

    • As Maggie aptly put it: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money!”

  7. Funny that those Labour cunts under Blair and Brown never had any such ‘enquiry’… Scum like Burnham and Abbott are playing to the gallery… And Scargill’s mob weren’t ‘victims’, thety were violent thugs attacking honest men trying to do a day’s work…. And those two cunts who murdered that cab driver, these bastards should still be rotting in the nick…

    I would just like to point out that utter cunt, Arthur Scargill still lives in a penthouse in the Barbican, paid for by union members……

  8. I agree, Labour are up in arms that the government won’t hold an enquiry into the Orgreave clash.
    Funny, they had thirteen years when they were in government when they could have had one themselves. Oh no, too busy ruining the country and invading Iraq.

  9. The same Labour that distanced themselves from Scargill and the NUM during the strike… Scargill and his mob were (and still are) cunts, but for Labour (and certainly this current shower like Burnham and that fat bitch, Abbott) to pretend they actually give a toss is taking the absolute piss… As for Scargill’s scum, cracked on they were ‘hard men’ and ‘revolutionaries’ when attacking other working men… But the cozzers had no problem in sorting them out… Heroes, my fat one… They were bullies and fucking useless…

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