Michael Buble [2]


Michael Buble, what a cunt.

I cannot abide the fucking cheesedick twat. This poundland crooner, with his piss poor karaoke level singing, which is basically going mmmmm through an auto tuner, is back with another album. Who lets him do it? Who fucking buys it? No doubt another Christmas cracker on it, to be played to death on radio two.

Also, I think he is going to replace Ant and Dec as presenter of next years’ Brit awards. It’s not like I needed another reason not to watch it, but there it is.

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

32 thoughts on “Michael Buble [2]

  1. He seems like a canny lad but – for me anyway – he has the musical range of a morse key.

    How anyone dare compare him to Sinatra is beyond me, and I’m talking Frank not Nancy here!

    • Don’t even try and claim Frank Sinatra was a singer.
      The cunt talked his way through every song.
      And he was shit at that too.
      He was also up the mobs arses,and that, in my book makes him a bigger cunt.

      Bubble boy,well the sooner the cunt bursts the better.
      Its all been done before.
      Mostly by Blobbie Walliams…….

    • Buble is the modern Engelbert Cuntberdinck… Loved by sad housewives and thick as fuck ‘wimmin’, puts out utter crap as albums, and also has a large ‘ironic’ poofter following…

      Sinatra was a prize cunt… Self important turd (all that ‘Chairman Of The Board/ Rat Pack’ bollocks), had napoleon complex, dodgy mob contacts, pimped various Hollywood slags (Monroe etc) out to his mobster pals, shagged Lauren Bacall when his ‘super duper pal’ (and Bacall’s husband) Humphrey Bogart had only just snuffed it, Tortured left-footer who wouldn’t say ‘Jesus’ in a song (‘Jilly loves you more than you will know’), adding ‘Jack’ to every other fucking song ‘You stick around, Jack, it may show’) and so on… Yeah, Ol’ Blue Eyes was definitely one ring-a ding ding helluva swelluva cunt….

      • Yeah but everyone loved Charley Pride right?

        Me Mam and Nan used to love putting on the record player on of a weekend (one of those buggers where a record – or three – would drop after the arm had returned and then carried on).

        It was awash with Slim Whitman, Charley Pride, Jim Reeves, Frankie Laine, Elvis, Foster & Allen, Lena Martell, Johnny Mathis…

        I think you call it chince music (Elvis excepted). Michael Buble is that, chince. Not a horrible individual but who’s music is an acquired taste.

  2. At least he has kept his trap shut about Calais immigrant scum and instead is doing his job of making menopausal wiminz have a hot flush. Fair play to the cunt.

    • … I wouldn’t hold my breath on him not having an opinion on Calais etc … I’ve noticed he seems to be being heavily ‘groomed’ by the BBC at the moment, and you know how that’ll end up.
      I can see him singing ‘White (if I can say that) Christmas’, in a soft focus, wafting through the streets of a new built camp (Jungle 2), with little kids ( if they can find any ) trotting on in his wake … in a BBC EU Hands Across the Channel … Christmas Special….

      • Which is why I sing it 🙂 I wish this christmas was whiter but it unfortunately gets browner by the year.

        That justin welby and rowan willamson mong was out at the refugee committee. Welcoming the soon to be rapists and thieves into country no doubt all children with full grown beards.

        They should get michael bumble to sing Lennon’s Imagine just somehow seems perfectly fitting to me

  3. This cunt needs to be a stopped ,this fuck has ruined countless peoples lives for many a christmas this fucks a thorn in the side of a lot of people im surprised this cunt has not been sued yet for causing people a lot of mental distress ,who does buy this shit ,it must be some sort of space alien ,this cunt is one big problem for people ,he should be made to stand on the cliffs of dover and made to sing out to sea that would keep scum fuck refugees from wanting to come here,he is a cunt a pure stinking cunt.

    • christmas is a cunt as well what happened to the times you could give things like fruit as a present and all would be happy ,its shit now i cunt it.

    • You do not know Xmas pain until the inlaws put on “Christmas with Daniel O’Donnell”.

      Christ on a bike, that shit’s so bad I spent the pre-dinner preamble in the kitchen watching Escape to Victory with the other son-in-law. What a shite film that is, mind you after we decimated a 12 pack of Smiths and a decent Glenfiddich I didn’t really give a fuck, I’d have listened to Adele at that point (no I wouldn’t – but you know what I mean).

      Post meal I spent asleep on the settee. They could play what they liked then!

      • Daniel O’Donnell deserves a cunting of his own – everything about him is cuntish. Talking of Christmas movies is Zulu on this year. It always seems to be on during the run-up to or just after the holiday.

  4. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m breathless trying to keep up with all these cuntings. Slow down, Dio.

  5. Mickey Bubble….lucky cunt had a turn on Emily Blunt….apart from that just another karaoke crooner who’s night’s work should finish with the words “I’m here all week, don’t forget to tip your waitress”….

      • You are joking aren’t you? Emily fucking Blunt has a face like a wet weekend in bagdad and the body of a 10 year old boy. Fuck off!

      • Don’t get me wrong Skid, she’s no world beater but I’d like a weekend with it…

        I reckon she’s filth on a stick….

  6. He is liked by people who are cluless about music. They are the same people who buy Mumford and Cunts and Chris De Burgh in the 1980’s.

  7. Yes Mickey (I’ve got a small vocal range) Bubble is absolute shite. In the right place at the right time springs to mind.

  8. can’t agree about Sinatra. great singer but i’ve always wondered whether the famous horsehead in the bed scene in the Godfather ( fantastic continuous panning shot, right through the window, how the fuck did they do that? ) was based on him.

    • It was always thought that the Johnny Fontane character was based on Sinatra. Mario Puzo author of the books would never admit to it – but wouldn’t deny it either. Both the first two films were brilliant and the third one has grown on me over the years.

  9. Why do the ‘wimmin’ wet their smelly drawers over Michael Bubble (Buble,my arse!), when he looks like a very shite snooker player?….

  10. Mmmm…so none of you insensitive cunts have considered taking the foot of the gas following his infant son’s cancer diagnosis, eh? Cunts indeed. Keep up the “good” work, we’re all proud of you…

    • I feel sorry for his family and for his circumstances…

      …but he doesn’t stop being a cunt just because he’s got a sick kid.

      • True enough, Dio…The way a lot of knobheads let Jade Goody off the hook becuase she got the Big C was cringeworthy… Goody was -and always will be a whopper of a cunt… The cunt even cashed in on, and filmed, her own death… She was a cunt to the last…

        And anyway, who the fuck has actually posted anything here about Buble since the news of his son’s illness went public? Nobody…. So what’s all this insensitive bollocks?

  11. And who on here has actually mocked Buble’s son or laughed at cancer? How about nobody… I see no mention of either his son or his illness in any post made here.. My mother and three of my aunties died of the bloody thing, so I’m not going to laugh at it or anyone with it… So jog on and fuck off…

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