Tim Farron [2]


This Limp Dump Tim Farron cunt is a seriously deluded bastard!

A man who parliamentary party comprises 8 MPs seriously suggested this week that his party can provide a serious challenge to the Tories because they don’t have a clue about Brexit. Farron, of course, knows all about Brexit which is why he thinks it would be a good idea and a vote winner to defy the will of the electorate and scrap the whole thing. Fucking twat!

Then, just to cap it off, he reckons that the bye-election result in Witney – where the Limp Dumps beat Labour into third place – signals their return to the big league of three party politics. Big three? Has the dim fucker never heard of the SNP? FFS his party has the same number of MPs as the Democratic Unionist Party and they’re not suggesting they’re in the top league at Westminster!

No, Farron is definitely living in a fantasy world – like Hitler sitting in his Berlin bunker moving non-existent armies around a map of Europe. Time he woke up, took the rest of his rump party with him and fucked right off, the cunt!

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13 thoughts on “Tim Farron [2]

  1. Yesterday he said he was fighting against Teresa May’s plans for a hard Brexit.
    Same fuck interview he says Teresa May doesn’t have a Brexit plan.
    First class cunt.

  2. Stupid fucking fib dem god worshipping cock sucking nobody cunt,him and that fucking traiterous rat Clegg need to jump off the Humber Bridge and choke on my turds….pricks!!!

  3. He was on Have I Got News For You the other week, trying to be ironic and amusing. I’ve cancelled the series link for that show, it’s getting less funny every week, appallingly biased (Brexit, US elections to name but two), they can fuck off. And the one woman per week quota is doing nobody any favours. Least of all the viewers.

  4. Guys, too be fair to Farron, running a political party whilst studying for your A levels cannot be easy. Cut the dim deluded anti democratic cunt some slack.

  5. Farron the political equivalent of a floater, hangs around for too long like it is something special, is n unpleasant reminder of the past but is surely destined to end up with all the other shit.

  6. Libra, and my name is Fistula
    Now I like a politician who loves my freedom
    And I like a politician who can tell the truth
    And if you fit that description, Timmy boy, come with me
    Take my hand, come with me, Tim, to England
    Let me show you how sweet it could be
    Sharing my vote with you , I want you to
    Float, float on (Come on, come on,
    (Come on, Timmy, yeah, yeah)
    Float on, float on (Ooh, ooh, Tim)
    Float, float, float on
    Float on (Float with me), float on

  7. Blair milliband and clegg are 5* cunts but farron is in a league of his own, a grandmaster kind of cunt, the sort of cunt other cunts look up to…. I suggest he looks up the words democracy! Democratic! Cunt!!!

  8. Tim Farron has one of those faces you just want to punch.
    He has that permanent Cheshire cat smile……….but inside his head is a non-functioning brain. Its quite clear this guy is a total fuckwit, and his thinking that he can change the vote of the people, will see this cunt being hunted down and terminated.

  9. Just when you thought there wasn’t a bigger cunt in British politics than cleggers out pops farron who for some strange reason believes he represents the people?? What a sad delusional fucking weasel, it’s staggering the amount of column inches the prick gets. His constant bleating is hugely irritating, it’s hard to believe the lib dems could have found a bigger prick than former leader and EU rent boy cleggers but somehow they have managed to unearth this gem, a ten carat cunt!

    • Couldn’t agree more. The little scrotebag was on question time last night talking his pathetic liberal mantra and gurning at all the other cunts when they are speaking with his patronising sarky grin. If I ever win the lottery I’m gonna have a big room with 100 tellys in and a pallet o bricks so i can chuck one at the slimy little jizz stain every time he’s on. Faggot weasel👊👊

  10. He looks like an 80s rent boy on in his 1992 candidate picture.

    Should have been with jimmy Somerville in small-town boy video…..
    The Cunt

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