Bernard Cazeneuve


Need to cunt Bernard Cazeneuve, the French equivalent of the Home Secretary for saying “the british must take on their moral responsibilities” . This is in relation to taking in child migrants from the so called jungle.

Now listen you cunt, we have no responsibility, moral or otherwise for these violent potential terrorist bastards.

Did we have a moral obligation to let in the last lot who invaded you and wanted to come to this country in 1940 ? No, we stood our ground and that’s what we should do now.

How is that just because someone travels a long way and wants to come here that places a moral obligation on us.

It’s your problem you French cuntbubble not ours. Burn the fucking jungle and shift those violent cunts back to whichever flyblown shithole they came from.

Nominated by: Johnson

12 thoughts on “Bernard Cazeneuve

  1. You would have thought May and Rudd being strong wiminz would have told the slap head garlic knome to fucking do one, wouldn’t you? You’d have been wrong….

  2. fucking French,its their obligation for letting the cunts into france in the first place….and I cant believe after all the agro these immigrant shit stains have caused in Calais they are letting vulnerable kids from the jungle in,even if they all look 18 plus.,and once these cunts are here and settled their is a link for the relatives to use to get in…….for fuck sake hang whoevers idea this was oh and hang llli all while the gallows are out for good measure cuuuuuuunnnnnntttttssss

  3. We have no requirement or moral duty to take anyone. We have 10 million plus migrants in the country already. We have been tolerant to the point of stupidity. Most of the migrants I see in the Jungle are Africans. As for the Syrians, they started a civil war, Syria fucked itself. From what I have read Assad was not he worst of the Middle Eastern leaders.

    This country is being fucked by our own political class just as the rest of Europe is. Civilisation is going to fall with Europe, look at the cunts we are handing our futures too.

  4. This country is fucked beyond known reason, as is the world. As for the frogs AKA ancient enemy, more than likely sour grapes over Agincourt and Waterloo no doubt.

  5. The French are a bunch of cheese eating surrender monkey garlic eating snail farming cunts!!!……. That is all !

    • You have to have some sympathy with the krauts, twice they walked in , took down the French pantalons and gave them a good kicking and still the smelly little smeg balls stand up and squeak ,as if they have any respect from anyone.
      No one in Europe thinks the French are anything except a puffed up pile of fuck all who shout loudly and wave their hands but have let in any fucking invader from the fucking visigoths to the terrorisr muslim lout.
      Massive wankers.

      • I have never understood the French hating us Brits and acting like smarmy cunts in general.
        If a country bailed me out of the shite they were in, I’d make sure i was always showing my gratitude.
        But not these cunts,no not for them.

        Also the way every man and his frog telling me how cool and sophisticated they are.
        Well they’re not. Their music , filums, food and way of dress is shite, and that sexy voice they supposedly have,sounds like a deaf cunt spewing……..

        Sorry deaf cunt……..

      • Some of their women are quite attractive – although I’ve never been a fan of the hairy armpit.

  6. axtually the lazy greasy dago club med countries are responsible for these wogs, Spain Italy and greece are tbe first point of entry into the EU and “safe” country. Course being fat lazy tossers they just palm them off up to nortern europe and tbe french think we are a rubbushh can. France should deport these wogs back down to Italy and Greece. They let them in they deal with it. Britain doesn,t have an external border. Not our problem.

  7. btw whilst on the subject of france and wogs…the french are dumping loads if their fucking black on us…loads of french citizens third generation wogs are in london drug dealing…. cos in france no one gives them jobs in Paris.

  8. Here’s something you won’t hear on the radio. The French, racist? Sacre bleu! This is a Frog, dare I say, singing about wogs. And if you can be bothered thd English translation is a treat. Wogtastic!

  9. Many “Frogs” hate Bernard Cazeneuve. Most of them don’t understand what he does. He is blamed for what happened in Nice and Paris.

    Think about it.


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