Petition censorship


Emergency cunting for the chief cunt who has pulled the EU/Treason petition.

Last time I looked there were 4,600 signatures, but now it’s GONE and in it’s place there’s an Error 404 – The Page You’re Looking For Doesn’t Exist.

Nominated by: Fred West

20 thoughts on “Petition censorship

  1. Not to worry Fred, censorship is an exhibition of fear by the authorities. The Government has now admitted the fix is on and the traitor MP’s will vote on any Brexit deal.

    Democracy in the hands of the few.

    • Leave it out .Go to Govt petitions. 4 million did the 2nd referendum one and it was debated and thrown out. 4600 signatures? Absolute bollocks. See the looney ones that got 50,000 ,all fucked off.
      Unless Elvis did it from his base on the moon where he lives with the Klingons……

      • I signed the petition, the first time I’ve ever signed one . i thought i was doing good, but you’re right ,what a load of bollocks……….
        Cheating cunts………..

    • Matt Chorley (editor of the Times political website and Red Box) is a cunt.
      He wrote the thunderer column yesterday advocating that the government e-petitions should be completely scrapped because a few “non-sensical” petitions get through
      Once in a while I’ll have a look thru the open petitions and if I agree with them I’ll sign, if I don’t agree I don’t sign
      This Chorley (coming in your ears) cunt wants to silence the freedom to express an opinion

      • I wasnt joking have you seen the abortion now masquerading as the music industry ?

      • Scruffy cunt Cowell’s got a lot to answer for.
        How the prick keeps churning out these shit acts and getting away with it defies belief… for that X factor shit, have you seen some cunt called Honey G.

    • Well lets hope there’s a petition for twospac and that other cunt and it will disappear after a day…………..
      PS. Twospac was a camp mofo but if you are really wound up and looking for a song to fit your mood ,blast out Hit em up … for me……

  2. This is my first cunting and I am fucking pissed off as I signed that petition and for what, fuck all. Watched Aunty Cunties news (left wing cunts) and I could easily have kicked my telly in after seeing that arsewipe Tim Fallon.I need to cunt that big eared cunt Lineker CUNT CUNT CUNT hope he gets his fucking comeuppance

    • Not a bad attempt at your first cunting. Well done and welcome. If I could suggest you harness your righteous anger on one particular cunt at a time. 😉

  3. Can I just publish the ‘First law of virtue signaling ‘ namely:

    The greater the commitment issues the greater the virtue signalling.

    I thank you.

  4. Who the fuck is guardiola , who the fuck is gaurdiola….
    Haha the handsome one looked a right Messi cunt tonight . get it up you ,all you media batty boys………..COYB………..

    • Fuck City… The Oasis loving, banana waving, Poznan dancing, Munich chanting Abu Dhabi cocksucking cunts… And Pep can fuck off and all…

      Bravo is a fucking clown….

  5. I’d like to give a long overdue cunting to Nathan Gale who back in 2004 ran on stage at a rock concert with a gun and murdered 4 people including Darrell Abbott thus preventing the reformation of one of the great rock bands the cunt, thankfully he was shot 8 times in the face by a police officer.

    • Had to look this one up on Wikipedia.
      Fucking terrible story…..and not once has any cunt tried that with Elton john………..

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