Nicky Campbell [3]


Nicky Campbell is a fucking biased useless BBC leftist cunt!

Anyone who has ever watched him on any public discussion will know that as a moderator he always picks the leftist PC side of the argument and tries to lick those panellists arseholes clean.

Useless cunt!

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

52 thoughts on “Nicky Campbell [3]

  1. Smug BBC cunt,cant stand him or that shit show he does with that annoying big nosed junkie slag Davina Mccall who also needs a cunting,btw whats this about Diane Abbot saying all Brexiteers are racist,this stinking Idi Amin lookalike for me is the high priestess of cunts,I fucking loathe the sight and sound of her,she should be put in a fucking mincing machine

    • Fucking cunt Abbott is a massive racist herself but of course black people cant be racist can they ?
      What does she say about any black folk who voted out. On her version they are racist. Would she say that ? would she bollocks.
      She is an infantile cunt and fits very well alongside Corbyn and that commie McDonnell.
      Death to them all.

    • Why didn’t the daft cunt who went for Jo Cox go for Abbott instead?….
      Diane Abbott… Bernie Fucking Grant in drag….

    • Smasher, you’re absolutely correct in your cunting of all said cunts, especially Diane Abbott. She’s like her namesake, Ross, except it’s “see you Hymie” rather than “see you Jimmy”, the racist, fat, ugly, smelly, thick, ugly, stupid, fat cunt. I really don’t like her at all.

  2. different topic. I see the owners of ALTON TOWERS have been fined today. does anyone remember the fuckin idiotic ‘investigation’ by that fuckin numbskull SPIVEY in which he said the 2 girls who lost legs were ‘crisis actors’. will he be issuing a full apology? will he have the balls to admit that his’investigation; was a pile of steaming shit? will he fuck. what do his faithful disciples have to say? anything Dogman?
    why didnt those 2 girls sue the fuck out of him? probably because they’ve never heard of him. lucky him.

    • In the US people would’ve been doing time for this fuck up.

      A typical company making mega profits out of stupid cunts who pay to be injured by profiteering carnies and the untrained gormless monkeys earning minimum wage who operate the various contraptions.

      Anyone who pays money to carnival folk for a cheap thrill are cunts and get all they deserve.

    • I remember it, I also remember his claim that the Glasgow Bin Lorry tragedy was a false flag as was some report in a provintial newspaper that some car dealership lost its roof in a storm. The guy is bat shit crazy who spends every hour of his life playing with photoshop to prove fuck knows what.

  3. Campbell was apparently put up for adoption at 4-days old. I’m not surprised,if I’d been his natural father I’d have disowned the cunt too.

  4. Sam Alladyce!
    I have no knowledge of football but still get high blood pressure when I hear what some of these talentless, syrup wearing, long faced, miserable looking cunts earn in a week. One fucking week! More than the man in the street earns in a year and they still can’t produce a result as recently demonstrated in wherever it was.
    BUT now we here that the new England manager has already fallen foul by getting into conversation with one of the rags and being exposed as yet another feather his own nest, untrustworthy and nose in the trough fuck pigs that keep on bringing your country into disrepute. Sorry I said your country but as an ex pat of almost 30 years it hurts to see Blighty being raped and pillaged so many years after the vikings had a go at it. Wake up.

  5. Can’t name any BBC cunts who are not lefties and who put even a middle of the road slant on things. Commie bastards and we are paying for this shit via the licence tax. The sooner they have their charter removed and have to actually earn a living the better.

    • It finally dawned on me what a bunch of cunts the BBC are during the run up to bexit.

      Have to cunt myself for being slow on the uptake on that one.

      My eyes and mind have been opened.

      Recently explained to the wife that Peaceful ones see her as an infidel only fit for sexual slavery. She was not impressed.

      • Some people just will not accept the truth staring them in the face. It is called cognitive dissonance and is common in cults and with fanatics, like the labour party.

    • “Can’t name any BBC cunts who are not lefties”

      Here’s a few BBC Tories to be going on with (and there are plenty more):

      James Harding, Head of News (former Murdoch editor)
      Nick Robinson
      James Landale (Old Etonian school chum of Boris & Cameron)
      Laura Kuenssberg

      • Tories are left wing cunts anyway just not out and out full blown commie nonce enabling pinko cunts.

      • Perhaps “People Who Blame Everything On Imaginary Leftwing Conspiracies” should be cunted? Or perhaps it would simpler just to cunt the hilariously paranoid in-house newspaper of this bunch, the Daily Mail…?

      • And what is the DM readership compaired to the BBC news and does it have state backing like the BBC has?

        I think the BBC propoganda has far more reach than the DM’s so to compare the two is misuided.

      • The Labour has gone full blown cunt Fred, at the time when many may vote for a centre left party to get the Tories out of power the Labour party turns towards the far left for inspiration and policy. That isn’t a conspiracy that is a fact. When I am forced to pay the Daily Mail just to read other papers I will read it and find out if it deserves cunting,.

  6. The Abbot monster has tried to back track, not all brexit voters are racist; she knows several who voted leave for sovereignty reasons. So only the vast majority are racist. Cunt.

    • If this country really was racist,how the hell has this useless fat bag of bile managed to get away with her behaviour for so long?
      Surely her high profile would have meant that she would never have managed to reach the dubious honour of being an MP. The very fact that she is in a position to spout her bullshit proves that this country is NOT racist.
      Personally,I’m sick to the back teeth of being labelled “racist”, just because I don’t agree with this country being over-run by sponging,anti-British scum.

      • I’m all up for boiling the cunt down for glue.

        But that’s more for public health reasons than anything else

      • I love being called ‘racist’ because it gives me a chance to break out the fact and logic.

        That sends the leftards into a foaming at the mouth shit fit.

        Fuckwit students are my favourite victims.

        No life experience and no knowledge of the real world to draw on apart from what some beardy wierdy twat regurgitating Das Kapital spouted during a sociology class.

        Doesn’t seem fair really. 😀

  7. The word “racist” is such an over used word these days

    In essence it now means “someone who has a different viewpoint than a lefttard”

    • Racist, sexist, islamiphobic, homophobic etc. I call them the magic words, there to immediately shut down any argument. But they are merely ad hominem attacks and have zero value when faced with logic and facts.

      I always find the first to invoke racism are the actual racists. And therefore cunts.

      • The thing that annoys me, I’m a decent bloke, I’ve worked since I was 16, for 50 or so years, never been on the dole or needed any help, if I borrowed money to buy a car or something, always paid it back, wanted to help the kids get a good start in life. I’ve not set the world on fire, but I’m just like loads of other people, just getting on with stuff.

        I’m starting to get cross though, if I question if mass migration is a great idea, I get some transgender tattooed fuckwit screaming at me that I am a racist. Don’t seem right to me

      • AndyC take heart; you are not a racist you are just a victim of 50 odd years of pc bollocks and like many of us in the same situation you are getting hacked off with having to dine on the cuntfest society has become. One small mercy (for me anyway) is that to see a transgender tattooed fuckwit involves a journey of at least 19 miles to the nearest largish town, I have to admit I do stare but covertly. Do not want to be done for a “hate crime” what a fucking shitfest.

      • It’s the new argument stopper. It used to be that when someone was losing an argument they would accuse the other party of either being a nazi or insist their opponent was the sperm of Adolf Hitler. As soon as that happened you know the argument is won.
        Mr Eggfart is absolutely correct that logic and facts are bound to bring forth the argument stoppers. However that won’t stop idiots spouting their crap without evidence to back it up. Those with a contrary view are obviously racists, sexist etc.

      • A woman, I reckon Clare Balding ticks the right boxes. Now a Dyke isn’t running the FA. I don’t care FA who they pick because the FA is the problem with English football. The FA needs to look at itself before it looks for another England manager.

        The clueless cunts may as well pick a name out of a fucking hat and give them the job.

        Clueless bunch of cunts…FUCKING ARSEHOLES

      • I cannot cunt the FA enough. Out of touch, clueless wankers who stumble from one crisis to another.
        Frankly I don’t give a stuff about International football so for me the FA is an irrelevance.
        Unfortunately they are in charge of the game in this country and as long as they are they remain a laughing stock and totally non fit for purpose.

      • The FA fucktards will probably try to lure that Beckham buffoon to the England job… But surely even he is not that stupid?… Oh, yes he is… He married that snake with a pair of fried eggs after all…

        As for Fat Sam, I wonder how many other arses are twitching?… A certain very famous red nosed ex-manager and his agent son for example…

  8. In other news the Swiss have banned the burqa. According to the BBC it was first proposed by the right wing swiss peoples party or something. Why do they have to mentione who proposed it ? Anyway the good news for the BBC and her believers is that it’s up for appeal…

  9. I know I only cunted her a week or two ago, but Katy Perry is an even bigger cunt than I first surmised… Why? Because the horrible little mare has put this advert all over the web… She’s a cunt because you just 100% know she isn’t going to do it… What a genuine crying fucking shame…

    It’s also publicity for the ghastly Hilary Clinton… But If Katy did get ’em out, even I would say that Killary had her uses….

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