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Aziz Ibrahim is a cunt…
The ex- Simply Red and (he says) ex- Stone Roses guitarist is now milking his brief association with the Roses and the guitarist of another huge band… First of all, it wasn’t ‘The’ Stone Roses that Aziz Ibrahim joined… Reni and Squire had gone, and without them there was no Stone Roses… He became part of a short-lived comedy act with the Roses name, along with that clown, Robbie Maddix…

Now Ibrahim is all over the place, going on about how Slash wanted to join The Stone Roses and that he (Slash) was turned down because of his leather trousers… This isn’t news for a start… It was heard about 20 years ago, and it was a rumour then… Ian Brown just said ‘Fuck off! We hate Guns ‘N Roses! Redneck crap!’ when asked about Slash at the time… Even Slash himself says it was bollocks… It wouldn’t have worked anyway…

For The Roses you need Squire, Brown, Mani, Reni…. It’s like all that ‘latterday Byrds’ bollocks… Fuck the likes of Parsons, Battin and all the others… The Byrds were McGuinn, Clark, Crosby, Hillman and Clarke…

Aziz Ibrahim is using bigger names and ancient hearsay to get himself noticed and get clickbait…

Should have stuck with that Hucknall prick, you cunt….

Nominated by: Norman

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      • I liked Kings of Oblivion, but think the Between the Lines / Spoiling for a Fight recording on Stiff could have been the start of a good period for the Fairies, sadly it was mismanaged.
        Saw a gig of theirs at the Roundhouse with Rudolph and Wallis on guitars, should have been brilliant, but it was the usual shambles – sort of sums up the Pink Fairies

    • The Stone Roses are shite. Fools gold is a boring dirge of the highest order. No doubt it has some merit if your stoned out your tits but other than that its bollocks.

    • Everyone goes on about Nash leaving The Hollies…But without Allan Clarke they were fucked…

      It’s like all these cunts baying for a Kinks reunion… Ray and Dave Davies alone is not The Kinks… No Mick and no Pete (sadly dead), no Kinks…

      • Clarke, Hicks and Nash were the Hollies with two others, Nash was probably right to go. They’d had a great album in For Certain Because but after Evolution they slipped into the comfort zone of Hollies Sing Dylan and Nash was vindicated.

    • Slavic I imagine he actually might be a paki though haven’t bothered with simply red to be frank wasn’t he also in Asia? god I hate Asia, fuck Steve Howe for selling out Yes with that dogshit band

  1. Sam Allardyce is stupid fat greedy cunt who isn’t fit to shovel shit from one place to another. 3 million quid a year not good enough for the fat shitstain so he has to do dodgy deals on the side. Fuck off you fucking disgrace!

    • Let’s see how the cunts at the FA deal with this one. Usually they can’t find their own arses with both hands the useless bastards.
      No doubt some committee or other will have a look into this and do fuck all.
      Allardyce was caught out years ago when he was at Bolton but nothing came of it. Greedy cunt didn’t learn at all. He should fuck off to his Spanish villa (called St James as it was paid for from the pay off he got from Newcastle) and keep his head down and certainly out of English football.

      • What ever the FA do they are going to look like cunts. If they keep the greedy fat get on they are clearly cunts but if they sack him only 60 odd days after hiring him they will look like a right set of cunts too. Serves them right for being cunts.

      • So Big Sam has messed up, the greedy cunt. Who will the dumb FA cunts bring in now? Wouldn’t surprise me if they try and get the dream team of Mario Balotelli as player manager with Gazza as assistant manager. What a load of useless, corrupt old fart cunts the FA are and they are a disgrace to England. The cunts

      • Sad and pathetic that the only English manager that the FA could find, think of (and who actually wanted the job) is a fat corrupt cunt accustomed to relegation dogfights… To think, the FA cunts wouldn’t appoint Cloughie, as they said he was too controversial… Yet they now have a boss that is up to his lardy love handles in scandal and skullduggery… The cunts are that desperate they’ll probably have that spoonbending cunt, Hoddle, back…

      • Lot of talk but Sam has not yet replied. He was offered a mythical £400k to do a mythical one day talk, and he was interested ,so would we all be!
        He did say that anything would have to be cleared through the FA. What he said about Hodgson and the others was a private conversation, he was right but he had no reason to suspect the DT was scamming him and splashing his every word across their paper.
        Not over yet.

      • At least the fat cunt had the lack of class to drink a pint of wine. Who the fuck drinks a pint of wine when negotiating a potential business deal? Fat fucking Sam, that’s who. Not fit to wipe Roy Hodgson’s arse, the ego inflated cunt.

  2. Saw the original Squeeze late 70″s,I think;and that toss-pot Jools Holland tried to upstage Difford and Tillbrook,the cunt…….Baaaaaaaaaaaah.

    • Holland is a massive cunt, and he should just rename ‘his’ show ‘Later With Jools Holland, Beverley Shite and KT Cuntstall’ Becuase every time it’s on those cunts are there…

  3. Our old and dear friend Diane Abbot has just finished banging in a few more nails into labours coffin by saying the NHS relies on open bourders in order to get the workers it needs.

    Well maybe if we didn’t import 300,000 vermin cunts per year the NHS would not be under strain in the first place and maybe if we forced the lazy dole cunts to get off their arse to do their bit there would be plenty of staff in the NHS.

    The silly cow then repeated the lie that there has been an increase in racist attacks post brexit. Bollocks. There has been an increase in REPORTED racist attacks i.e. unverified and uninvestigated reports, many not even to the police but simply on twatter.

    In other news there had been an increase in UFO activity over UK since June 23rd. They obviously heard about Corbyn’ open door immigration policy.

  4. I recall my horror as the Maddix/Ibrahim clown show masquerading as The Roses briefly unfolded… Maddix would not shut up and put his nose into every question Ian or Mani was asked… Maddix also claimed he ‘could play like Reni if he wanted to’… Which is total bollocks… Comparing himself to arguably the greatest drummer of his generation did not endear this buffoon to many longtime fans… The pillock couldn’t even do the drum loop on ‘Fools Gold’ and it had o be axed from the set… Ibrahim also called John a ‘joker’ without ever meeting the man or knowing why he left… I could understand Brown and Mani’s bravado at the time, but these two other cunts acting like fully paid up members on a par with Squire and Reni? Fuck right off…

    • Slash in the Stone Roses? hah thats bloody laughable mate. I just can’t stand Slash and his stupid “guitar god persona” Yeah right he can hardly even write decent riffs let alone write good songs also that dumb top hat ugh… eww no thanks.

      • Slash is a cunt… As I said, a poodle with a topper and a fag in its gob… And Axl ‘ferret in a kilt’ Rose is an even bigger cunt… Literally nowadays, now he’s a fat cunt…

    • Agree with you Norman, apart from Remi being best drummer of generation. IMHO the best drummer of that generation and maybe all time was a the late Jon Brookes . definitely one star gone too soon

      • Of course i meant reni ,three tries with the biggest cunt of all (spell check) and it was still wrong…

      • Jon was a great drummer and a nice bloke too… I still like The Charlatans, but I think they’ve lost too many members to be the force they once were… And what the fuck has Tim done to his hair?! He looks like Jimmy Savile…

      • Probably the nicest bloke in music ,ever, apart from being a Baggie. I still think the charlatans sound strong and i think their last album proved that .Martin Blunt may have lost Jon but that Bass keeps rolling…….Tim’s hair is fucking terrible..maybe he should get back to shoving coke up his arse ….

      • Rob Collins was a great organ player… But he was a silly sod, what with the getaway car incident and crashing his car and killing himself while pissed… Tony Rogers is also a good keyboardist too though…

      • What sperates bands from that generation to the ones we have today is that someone from your favourite band could end up doing time for taking part (unknowingly?) in a post office raid.. Imagine the Bieber doing that…

  5. I love the byrds but gene clark almost ruined the band with his higher % royalties even though he was only bringing in a lesser amount of songs in and also the fact that he writes too many damn country/folk love songs!

    I thought Gram Parsons was a nice addition to the band even though it was very short lived,.. country rock not your thing Norm or did you mean Gene Parsons?. Rumor has it Mcguinn was pissed about Parsons care free druggie lifestyle that and the fact Parsons refused to rehearse rather aiming for 1st take dingers .

    Crosby on the other hand got cold feet and left to form CSN&Y in a failed attempt to out do the byrds, I’m seriously not a big CSN fan listened to most of they’re stuff just couldn’t get into it aside from a song or two, too much hippie politics IMO.

    • If memory serves me well Hillman and McGuinn blew Crosby out because of Triad, or maybe that was the rumour. He was getting a bit weird even for those two singing about threesomes. In hindsight the whole fucking lot of Crosby, Stills,Nash and Young deserve a huge cunting for their political posturing but none more so than Crosby for fathering children for dykes. I loved their music like I loved the music of the Beatles but as the years have gone on I listen less because it just reminds me of just what cunts they are. I think I’ll put Crosby on the next deadlist. Nash will be singing his twee pukey songs into his nineties, bastard.

      • Even ‘Mr Nice Guy’ Nash has cut Crosby off now and more or publicly called him a cunt… I say ‘Mr Nice Guy’ but he did leave his wife and family in the UK to shack up with that hippy slapper, Joni Mitchell (who gave up her baby to pursue fame/career and also fucked Crosby) and he also left his Hollies mates behind… Legend has it that when Nash announced his decision to leave The Hollies, Allan Clarke apparently replied, ‘You’d better sod off then…’
        Proper Salford response…

      • Interesting stuff right at the end of ‘The Notorious Byrd Brothers’ CD… Crosby is being a total cunt and pissing off drummer, Michael Clarke… Clarke and Crosby have a full blown row and Clarke calls him a motherfucker… A bit like a Byrds version of the Troggs tapes…

      • The Notorious Byrd Brothers is like my favorite EP ever! Its not a long album only 28 minutes but not a second is wasted IMHO.

        Its just sounds like pure magic Its like the byrds answer to Pet Sounds but all killer and no filler.

        Crosby was starting to throw his weight around pissing off the group in different ways. Also growing increasingly more paranoid no doubt from his cocaine use. The Trogg Tapes are kinda funny it at least inspired a good episode of Father Ted and Spinal Tap of course 🙂

      • Always liked what McGuinn said about the album cover… Crosby’s rampant ego couldn’t stand the fact that Michael Clarke’s horse replaced him on the cover… Crosby insisted it was a deliberate insult… McGuinn simply replied, ‘Nah…If we wanted the horse to be Crosby, we’d have turned it around and showed its ass…’

  6. People who think it’s COOL to slag off Second Coming without getting into it are cunts. Musos everywhere love having a pop at it as if it makes them part of a gang. The first album is excellent but can still sound a bit dated at times (just a little) but IMHO second is far superior . if you haven’t heard it ,then give it a go …..I’m begging you……….p.s. One for All and Beautiful Thing are top of the pops ,man…

    • Agree about Second Coming… ‘How Do You Sleep’ ‘Love Spreads’ and ‘Begging You’ are as good as anything else they ever did… Same goes for chinstroking cunts who also slag off The Stones’ psychedelic period… OK, ‘Satanic Majesties’ is no ‘Beggars Banquet’, but it does contain tracks like the magnificent ‘2000 Light Years’ and the ‘We Love You’ single from the same era was a great record, with Brian Jones dominating both tracks… Although he is totally pissed in the video:

    • Got a few copies of ‘Beautiful Thing’ on 12 vinyl… One for myself and I’ll flog the others on Ebay at a later date for (hopefully) an inflated amount… Top tune and all… And all these cunts slagging ‘All For One’ are cunts… Lighten up, you MOJO reading wanking bastards…

      • Nice to see the reformed Railway Children at the Ruby Lounge recently… Never made it big, but they had their moments… ‘Brighter’ and ‘Railroad Side’ take me back to 80s Manchester and good days… And they’re a million times better than the crap that is around today:

      • Satanic Majesties is a great album and We love you is my favorite music video by the stones Brian looks like he’s in a another dimension probably on a combonation of different narcotics.

        I also love Keef’s hilarious deadpan impression of the judge it cracks me up everytime. Mary Anne Faithfull as Oscar Wilde is really great too. That mellotron/piano tape loop that brian made is hypnotizing.

  7. Stone Roses were huge but I missed their 10 minutes of fame. I don’t remember Sam Allardyce being in Guns n Roses either but then the lead singer did put on loads of weight after they split.

    It’s a funny old game.

  8. This so bizarre, I’ve personally known Aziz for about 10 years now….. fucking decent bloke, no more of a twat than your average Manc….. Wish he wasn’t a Islamist, but beside that. Always gotten on with him.

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