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I’d like a quick cunting to go the way of Renee Zellweger. I know she’s been cunted before, but

I’m dropping this in for the moment as she’s going to be constantly on TV interviews with the release of the latest Bridget Jones tosh … so just some food for thought. A couple of years back, if you remember, she appeared in the press at a red carpet affair with a whole new face look, so much so that with any amount of attempts you would never have guessed who the fuck it was. A big fuck off face change .. I’m sure you can google a before and after.

I’ve only just been reading her ‘explanation’ as to why she looked so different … She totally denied any cosmetic surgery having been carried out …. but put it down to ‘having been pre-occupied’ thinking about a friend of hers having just been diagnosed with a neurological disease. ‘ Having been pre-fucking occupied ‘…?

I’m only nominating her for a cunting for treating the rest of the world as cunts in expecting us to believe a fuck off story like that.

Nominated by: Boilmypiss

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  1. The changes to Renee Zellweger’s appearance was down to the Brexit vote. The “scrunched face” look she used to have was down to her shit stiffening.

    Following Brexit it had the profound effect of loosening her bowel and the “straining one out” look is now also gone.


    I’d like to nominate the FA for a cunting because now that Allardyce has gone, they’re going back to the “Mike Bassett England Manager” pool of replacements with Steve Bruce, Alan Pardew and Eddie Howe being the favourites to replace him.

    Unimaginative cunts!

  2. A friend of mine met Zellweger once… She went up to overrated one trick mare and told her how much she loved all that Bridget Jones crap… Zellweger rolled her eyes as if to say ‘not another peasant lavishing me with compliments’, she didn’t even reply or say thanks and just fucked off…Yet here she is again, with yet another load of Bridget Jones Bollocks… Limited (or no) talent? Greedy moneygrabbing bitch, or a complete cunt? Probably all three… And she’s a minger too…

    • She learned the hard way that cosmetic surgery isn’t cut out for everyone in fact it usually does more harm then good.

      Its fucking obvious she had some sort of surgery if thats true its ironically funny. Because the bridget jones character was known for her inexperience always making mistakes, her coyness and vanity.

      That whole film btw is for delirious cunts basically a feminists wet dream to go out with the womanising douchebag they hate so much, Hugh Grant was a great choice for bellend #2. Apparently his mum wanted to name him Huge Cunt but the nurses wouldn’t allow it lol 🙂

      • High Grant’s mother should have thrown the cunt away when he was born……..and kept the stork….

  3. I’m a bit of a movie buff (and thanks to pirates bay it costs me fuck all) but I cannot for the life of me think of anything else this bint has been in without looking it up. Can any one help me out. No cheating.

  4. Labour now seem to think we don’t have a problem with immigration. According to them the Government should be spending more money on infrastructure in order to cope with the rise in population.


  5. Never was a fan of hers. Once again it proves that these Hollyweird stars are totally disconnected from reality and have to keep checking to make sure they really are the centre of the universe. Bridget Jones usually only appeals to the school run mumsnet brigade on one of their forced smile sisterhood nights out or some effeminate submale “in touch with their sensitive side” crying tissues at the ready types. Typical middle class wankery on an organised scale. “We’ll drop little Rupert and Polly off at their grandparents and we can have a night on the Pinot, arf arf”. Total bollocks. Thank toss I don’t watch any of that shit.

    • Daft mares who eat tons of chocolate and guzzle gallons of red wine while ‘curling up on the sofa’and watching crap like Bridget Jones are pure cunts… I bet that tuneless fat munter, Adele, loves that Bridget Jones shite… Probably not on the soundtrack though, as the greedy bitch probably wanted more money than was offered (to buy more yuppie wine and maltesers)…

      Talking of immense shite that ‘Philadelphia commercial’ wimmin watch, I hear that proper steaming doodle dandy turd that is Will & Grace may be making a comeback…. The two leads were terribly irritating cunts, but those other two – that mincing doughnut puncher and that daft cow with a voice like Tweety Pie on helium – were even bigger cunts… What a crap show that was…

      • Very true. I’ve just been on YouTube looking at the listings for all the new films coming out…every one of them looks totally shit. Bland, lifeless and dull. Hollyweird just keeps churning out generic forgettable shite. Too much of a disposable culture these days.

  6. It’s middle class, finance and debt up the arse utter shite for ugly people on a low road to nowhere.

    I would rather eat a bowl full of my own shit than watch it.

    And fuck the ugly, poor white trash white bread bitch who stars in it.

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