Muftis deserve a first class cunting. These camel riding jihad trainers are the fist lot that should be rounded up and fucked off back to their lands of sands. Peaceful or otherwise.

Or, a round up into a local mosque, lock it up and burn the cunt down, with them in it.
Whilst serving Pork Kebbabs outside from the beer tent in the carpark to all that want to watch.

Like all pests that get out of hand, and are not native or have no natural predator, the only real answer is a humane culling.

Very much like the badgers that annoy the cows.

The only thing this could be considered as is a gesture towards a good start.


Nominated by: King Cunt

50 thoughts on “Muftis

  1. We don’t need muslim legal experts giving rulings in this country. We have our own laws . If they want to live by their own set of rules,fine,they can just fuck off back to whichever backward shithole they crawled out of,and take the rest of their kind with them.
    Mufti? Muff-diver,more like. As long as the girl is 12 or under. Or a goat.

    • I suspect their “expertise” in the law is pretty much non existence. The fact these cunts are probably educated and go to a mosque gives them some sort of standing and they go from there.
      They don’t want to go to court here as they know they will be laughed out and women will get a fair hearing. They can all fuck off back to the flyblown shithole whence they came and suck off camels or whatever it is they get up to.

  2. Its kicking off in Germany .poor morrocan cunt hospitalized,why is Europe letting in refugees from fucking marroco , fuck all going on there.lets show solidarity with our hun friends and bring it to a town near you.

    • They should send McCartney out there, he was inferring he started the civil rights movement in the southern US on the news this morning. The cunt.

      • Macca now likes to make out that ‘Blackbird’ was about a ‘black bird’ as in civil and feminist rights issues… When it was a just a simple song about a blackbird (with blackbird noises on it)… It’s all radical chic revisionism crap… It’s like these thick cunts that say ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ by that mackerel trawler smelling Madonna cunt is about The Pope… When it was a stupid pop song about a slag who gets up the duff…

        Macca’s full of shite… It was John and George who wanted The Beatles to say something about Vietnam, and it was McCartney who told them not to say anything and avoid controversy… Now he wants the credit for everything…

      • Macca will probably now say it was for the so-called ‘migrants’ (ie: savages) of the Calais Jungle… Being a showbiz celeb, he won’t dedicate it to the French who have been murdered and robbed by these barbarians, as ‘ordinary French people’ won’t be ‘diverse’ enough for a luvvie cause…

      • He is coming out with all that shit now as The two who could negate his assertions are now dead and Ringo won’t say boo to a goose.

      • And Pete Best was ‘airbrushed’ out of their ‘official history’ a long time ago… And Stuart Sutcliffe thought Macca was a cunt too… I wonder how long it will take Macca to hijack the credit for the production innovations of George Martin, now he’s also passed away?…

        Macca is even making Yoko look good these days, so he must be bad…..

      • McCartney is in overdue for a cunting. At the time when Hopalong Heather Mills took him for 24 million I thought she was a money grabbing bitch but on reflection she deserved at least that for putting up with the scouse cunt.

        Which Beatles song was written about Heathers Stump I wonder?

      • Never liked the Beatles .people look at you as if youv’e pissed on their kids crimbo presents when you tell them that.also Dylan,Hendrix,kidneystones,bowie,eagles.just not my cup of acid tea.give me the charlatans any day

      • He told her to hop it but had to stump up the cash. She was a leg-end for being a cunt too. Give Ireland Back to the Irish was about the time I realised he was a total cunt but Lennon was my hero and it took me longer to wake up to him. The Lives of John Lennon by Albert Goldman nailed his cuntitude. The fans and apologists hated it which makes you think Goldman had got it about right. Lennon and Yoko were a toxic couple and she’s been a professional widow for 30 odd years now, the cunt. I had to laugh though at those perennial victim scouse cunts naming their airport after a heroin addict. That’s the absolute best the cunts could do.

    • Let us hope Merkel gets charged with high treason, and that anti-British cunt, Wee Burney, can be charged with treason too…

      • Wee Burney Sturgeon spouts more anti-English/British venom than Sinn Fein did in the 70s and 80s, yet she is allowed to do so? Someone should just poison dart the corrosive, evil little dwarf….

      • Being anglo-scots,and having grown up in Scotland i can tell you that the place is full of little righteous bitches like her.saying that haven’t set foot up there since 93 but l’m sure it’s still the fucking same .Scots cunts.

      • Frog chorus is actually Macca’s favorite hobby of shoving live frogs up his arse and making them sing. Glass onion is about, beatles making a conspiracy out of pepper and laughing at the people who believe it to be true.

        There was alot of filler on the white album hardly a masterpiece… well thats just my opinion.

  3. Amusing that you can be an Islamic “scholar” by reading the same book 1,000 times.

    Personally, I’d say a scholar is someone who has 1,000 books.

    • I think you qualify if you burn a thousand books, the last thing religion wants is educated followers, the more they know the more likely they are to fuck off and do something useful with their lives.

  4. Fuck, that last bit should have said a scholar is someone who has READ 1,000 books.

    I’d like to nominate myself for being an illiterate cunt.

  5. Some of these Muslim scholars are banning the teaching of sex education and driving lessons on the same day.

    Apparently they don’t want to overwork the camels….

  6. When are these pro immigration cunts going to realize that the vast majority of immigrants are fighting fit young men (mostly in tracksuit and caps) forming a great big fucking trojan camel? Scary as fuck

  7. The reason celeb cunts do all this navel gazing to help minorities is because they have the money never to be affected by the result.

    Can you see that uber cunt McCartney ever having a group of drunken Polish folk move in next door?

    And the fact they are just plain cunts always counts.

    • Of course they can move in next door, it’s just that next door is physically 8 miles away, fenced off and patrolled by ex-para security guards.

      Whereas in the real world we get a plump “Community Officer” called Marta – who’s English is quite good but who speaks fluent Polish – for the whole of Crewe!

  8. I’d like to use a cunting of a religious group as a chance to cunt the atheist community.

    Now I am an atheist myself but I have recently seen the so called ‘atheist community’ starting to push dogmatic bullshit that we’re supposed to shy away from. Look at the bunch of cunts called Atheism Plus if you want to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Unfortunately (sorry I meant fortunately) the site is no more but look at the archived page:-

    It even uses the phrase ‘safe space’, I mean what the holy fuck? I thought atheists were supposed to thrive on disagreement and discussion. A bunch of people who shun fellow atheists who don’t believe in their bullshit about ‘sexism’ within atheism as if atheism says anything about feminism or attitudes to women.

    Atheism is just a lack of belief in god, that’s it, stop using it as a vehicle for your stupid idelogical blindspots. It’s fucking depressing seeing these atheists believing in bullshit that has no fucking evidence, isn’t that the fucking reason we don’t believe in god?

    • I don’t believe in any religion and have always wandered why non believers would call themselves atheists rather than just sane human.if you join a religion why would you all join together as atheist? Doss cunts…

    • Yeah I’m all for the religious freedom of unbelief or no belief, I just find a great deal of atheists to be openly hostile and unfriendly. Although I hate christians who are too friendly or phony acting, its a two way street I suppose. I’m currently more concerned about mohammad blowing up another subway station to “protest” his feelings.

      So in the meantime I’ll remain a christian…,I’m not a very good one mind you but I’m trying

      • Atheists are hostile to religious cunts pushing their beliefs on everyone else or try and get bullshit creationism taught in schools, not those who happen to hold that belief.

        If they’re Christian and don’t do that I don’t care what people believe. When the religious stop fucking it up for the rest of us atheists will keep quiet.

      • The ability to be a cunt is universal, if aliens will land they will have cuntish ability. The trouble starts when you believe whatever religion or ideology you follow makes it impossible for you to be a cunt and anyone not in the same silo is automatically a cunt.

        If everyone in the world woke up each day and acknowledged their inner cunt and vowed to make an effort to keep their inner cunt on a tight leash we would all be better off.

        Welcome to the church of the inner cunt. Blessed is my inner cunt.

      • “When the religious stop fucking it up for the rest of us atheists will keep quiet.”

        That will never happen religion will always be in existence that I’m sure of but what religion will hold prominence? Atheists are not perfect either

      • “That will never happen religion will always be in existence”

        That’s not my point, as long as I don’t have to hear about it and as soon as religious people stop trying to push their religious ideals into law I’ll be fine.

        “Atheists are not perfect either”

        I haven’t made such claim, I don’t make claims I can’t back up with evidence, I’ll leave that to you guys.

  9. Quick cunting for cyclists, the police are now going to nick us if we pass a cyclist leaving less than four feet of space as we pass. So people are going to have to wait even longer to pass and rush hour is going to get worse because of these selfish lycra cunts.

    Given the massive impact of cyclists on traffic, the additional risk they cause and their demands on the rest of us in already fraught driving conditions how about they have to have insurance and pay tax to use the roads.

    Tax of £50 Per year wouldn’t be unreasonable and could be spent on additional cycle paths etc and insurance because they can cause accidents just as much as any other road user.

    Oh and fucking horses on roads, pikey traps in particular, they need to pay and there should be a huge fine for leaving horse shit in the road.

    • If there is a cycle path available FUCKING USE IT!!! It’s there to keep everyone safe you twats. These lycra clad cock suckers who insist on riding in the middle of the fucking road, re-passing cars up the inside when it takes ages to get past the cunts in the first place due to their insistence of fantasising they are in the tour de fucking France get on my last cunting nerve. Cunts.

      • The cycle paths where i live are full of Lycra clad fat arsed cunts power walking with headphones on so they can’t hear you screaming at them until you’re right up said fat arse….

    • How about plod actually doing what they are paid for and start nicking the Lycra Nancy boys who jump red lights, sit in the middle of junctions, ride on the path etc.
      No, let’s ignore all that and bash the motorist again.
      Where does this 4 ft figure come from ? Doesn’t the Highway Code say something about a safe distance. Very subjective and I don’t trust plod to be subjective.

      • Hypothetical situation – you’re crawling along in traffic on the way to work, still moving, but crawling none the less. A cyclist undertakes you. You’re probably less than 4ft from the kerb so the cyclist is going to be well within the new 4ft rule. Do you now run the risk of having your collar felt, a fine, points or all of the above by some over zealous bobby? Which cunt thought up this twaddle?

      • And yet another loud mouthed, sanctimonious minority gets raised to untouchable sainthood.
        The political class have never really liked the common man having his own car, but they love the revenue that privately owned transport generates (plus their own comfy official motors of course).
        However over the next few years expect the mainstream media to gradually stigmatise motoring (and motorcycling) to the same extent as smoking or gun ownership.
        Seen it coming for years…

      • Unenforceable. Just like mobile phones.
        Round here they announced in the local rag that due to spending cuts they will not be policing parking so it’s a free for all! If you’re not going to enforce something at least have the common sense to keep quiet about it!!!

        Another excuse to bash the government on funding. Cunts.

  10. i reckon Norwegian wood leg for the money grabbing cunt heather mills may she be skinned alive by muslims and napalm the muslim legal experts and for good measure throw a few pikeys in for the ginger inbred pork….. I fucking hate pikeys oh and charlotte church trying to not look like a total cunt on the telly the other night……all cunts and always will be,they will be fossilized cunts in a museum in thousands of years,in the cunts corner before world war three section….

    • It’s a bit fucked up that even in these PC times that the press still slag heather mills for losing a leg but any cunt with a finger missing winning a medal is a fucking hero.I’ve got nothing against people with disabilities, but they always go on about their achievements then piss and moan when there’s no wheelchair access.never watched the paralympics but i would have loved to have heard the sound of the dwarf jumping in the pool. Plop…

  11. Apparently when McCartney married Heather Mills their first dance at the wedding was to “At the hop” by Danny and the Juniors………

    • Macca gave her a plane as part of the divorce settlement. She use an ordinairy razor on the other leg.
      See wot I did there?

  12. The dirty, stinking, sponging, scrounging goat fuckers can’t be cunted enough in my opinion…. imagine the uproar if there had been a terror attack on all those cunts at the hajj…. poetic justice rarely happens…. sorry its only Muslims these days doing this sort of shit so highly unlikely anything muslin damaging will happen……..cunts

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