Kenneth Clarke


Kenneth Clarke is a cunt. The fat Tory piss artist has been emailing his constituents telling them that the EU referendum was only “advisory”, was “not binding” and that parliament will not permit the UK to leave the EU. The poll tax riots will seem like a Buckingham Palace Garden Party if he’s right.

What a fucking cunt. Anyone got him in the Pool…?

Nominated by: Fred West

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  1. I have been thinking of picking the fat cunt in the pool for a few weeks now.The bags under his eyes look like ball sacks.Bet he eats a few pies of a day too.

  2. He is also putting his party in mortal danger.If Brexit is blocked then the tory party will split in parliament and many tory voters would defect to UKIP so he is perfectly willing to destroy his party and potentially let comrade Corbyn get elected as prime minister just so we can stay in the EUSSR.This fat cunt along with Heseltine complained that Boris and the Brexiteers have damaged the party.Utter stuck up cunts who are so self conceited they would probably suck themselves off if they were physically able to.

    • I would personally love to see LabCon and their false paradigm shoved to one side, both at best work within early 20th century ideologies and at worst operate a racket that maintains the status quo to keep them both taking turns in power ensuring the ongoing destruction of Gt Britain continues unabated.

      UKIP are not the answer but they do open the door for a real right wing minimalist government that takes care of the basic of running a country and devolves real power to people locally where the majority of tax collected is spent locally and tax is limited to a minimal amount of income.

    • I used to think Clark was ok. I knew he was a Europhile but that’s a valid opinion. My own opinion has changed over the years and I am opposed to the federal nature of what the EU has become. However my opinion isn’t deemed valid by cunts of his ilk.

      • They wouldn’t let me use my old favourite guns. They banned them at home after Hungerford and Dunblane.

        Surrey county champion at .22 rapid fire standard pistol. I had a Browning semi auto.
        My favourite though was a Colt Python .357 magnum with a speed loader, 6″ barrel, target grips. Imported it personally from Califronia. The face on the customs officer at Heathrow when I declared it was a picture I shall never forget.

        Used to mould by own ammo from melted down balance weights from the local tyre centre. Happy days!

        Wonder what a full load .357 slug would do to a drone…?

      • Allegedly both the Hungerford and Dunblane shootings were committed by known oddballs who had had their firearms certificates rubber-stamped by lazy complacent local Plod.
        If true then Plod was and is a cunt. I used to enjoy target shooting before everything interesting got prohibited.

      • Certainly the guy at Dunblane should never have had some of those weapons. One of them was a Walther PPK which is useless for target shooting. It has a one inch barrel and is designed as a short range killer.

        A guy down our club had one. Also shouldn’t have had but I digress. I fired it on 10 metre range and couldn’t hit the target. It’s totally useless for punching paper so why the fuck was it licensed for target shooting?

        I’m waiting for some bloke to walk into a school and beat a load of kids to death with a cricket bat. On past performance, they’ll respond by banning cricket…

      • In the mid 80s to early 90s the press and politicians went into “Ban Everything” mode. The Sunday Mirror even hauled some unfortunate trader over the coals for selling kids water pistols. That “Video Nasties” bullshit for instance was a blatant excuse for Plod to kick some doors in and see what they could get away with regarding censorship.
        The shape of things to come…

  3. I’m sure it’s been nominated before, but The Great British Bake Off really deserves a cunting. Twee fucking shit presented by two of the unfunniest cunts on earth. What the fuck am I missing here?

    • I’ll second that. Had a little grumble meself about the ridiculous sums being paid for the rights and my doughnut hole maker is still available for weddings partys and Barmitzvahs etc.

      • Very true, I had to suffer a couple of hours of TV recently while visiting family and I could genuinely feel myself becoming more and more irritated. Mind you they were watching that Dominic Littlewood cunt. A full day of him would turn anyone into a mass murderer…

  4. Totally agree…the whole thing goes right over my head.
    I was beginning to think I was the mong on this one.

    What next…international toilet cleaning live from Wembley stadium bogs.
    The Great British kak off…..

  5. Kenneth Clarke looks like the type of cunt who is destined to become a fatman with a cigar in his gob. Losing a few hundred pounds would be nice but hey its only “advisory”, you fat sweaty pig!

      • Most Jazz is quite fucking horrible I agree I’ve only appreciated jazz in the style of rock n roll, or vocal.

        Most jazz sounds so generic this slow drowned out bullshit, no thanks too much instrumental noodling between the egotistic jazz doper musos.

        I enjoy the odd instrumental but improvisation I hate. In fact the only way to enjoy jazz is being high because if you were sober you’d go mental with irritation.

  6. A black woman and her son have been shot dead in London, presumably by black ‘gangstas’, who mistook them for someone else. I have a question, WHERE THE FUCK ARE BLACK LIVES MATTER NOW? Oh yes, and I find it fucking hilarious that the BLM wanktards who staged a protest at London City Airport were all WHITE, middle class fuckwits. (Sarcastic applause) Way to undermine the cause you’re protesting for guys.

    Seriously though, a White/Hispanic cop in the US shoots dead a black criminal, the black community riots and calls for White/Hispanic people to be killed. Yet two black people, a woman and her son are murdered by a black criminal gang in Finchley, and Black Lives Matter are conspicuous by their absence. What a bunch of brain dead, ignorant, racist, hypocritical motherfuckers BLM are.

    • “mistook them for someone else”….Easy mistake to make,the cunts all look the same to me n’all.

    • The vast majority of black people murdered are killed by blacks. This holds true worldwide. Black lives do matter but less so amongst themselves.

    • I once heard the feminist movement described as something for “middle class white women to further the interests of middle class white women”. Looks like a similar, cross gender rule applies to BLM. Middle class fuck-wits.

      • Feminism is an ongoing movement for the advocacy of womens rights and not just a fad like ‘Angry Birds’……but does involve some angry birds……..

      • Over 90% of ‘feminists’ are total mingers…. Notice that there aren’t many attractive ‘feminists’… Funny, that…

    • Did you see photos of those BLM cunts from City Airport ? Fucking typical of that breed. One cunt had dreadlocks. So “right on”
      Another was a luvvie film director, the inevitable student cunt was there of course. Just needed someone called Tarquin for a full house of cunts.
      Please,please,please can one of the people who were delayed on that day start legal proceedings against the bunch of twats. Hitting them in the pocket might just have the desired effect.

    • Black lives do matter, to the sum of $1.9m dollars.

      “Shit mutha-fuckah, if ah’d knowd that ah’d’ve killed da’bitch mah self! I axe you! Sho’ nuff!”

  7. Ken Clarke is, without doubt, a cunt. I really don’t understand anyone who would want us to be part of an organisation that is corrupt and undemocratic. If shithouses like Clarke think the EU is so wonderful, why don’t they fuck off and live in an EU country? Leave those of us who are actually patriots, to make Britain Great again.

    • Clarke should have been offed in 1984: along with Maggie, Tebbit, Heseltine etc… Trust those useless bogtrotting Fenian cunts to not get it right the only time you want them too… Hopeless fucking motorway micks…

  8. He’s a disgusting, tit swinging, gargantuan gutbucket who’s been on the political gravy train for years. He makes me sick to my motherfucking stomach.

    I fucking hate this pompous, jazz (jizz) loving fat fuck sonofabitch.

    We can only hope his fat lined clogged arteries bring and end to his miserable existence very soon.

    Total cunt.

  9. Emily Thornberry deserves a cunting for being a prissy little bitch. A few days ago, she was on Sky News, being interviewed by Dermot Murnaghan. On being asked if she could name the French Foreign Minister (she couldn’t) she threw a hissy fit and called Murnaghan sexist (he wouldn’t have dared ask a man the same question apparently). This is despite the fact that, as Shadow Secretary for Foreign and Commonwealth affairs, she SHOULD fucking know. She couldn’t name the President of South Korea either.

    We all know that Thornberry has previous when it comes to fuckwittery, but when it’s something that relates to your fucking job, well, if you can’t answer a simple question, then you really need to quit.

    Jean-Marc Ayrault. That’s the answer to the question. In case anyone was wondering. And I absolutely did NOT refer to Google to find the answer. Or Bing. Or any other search engine. And anyone who says I did is a liar.

    • If I was Thornberry I would have said I have no idea who this inconsequential fuck is. Who gives a shit about these Frenchie cunts. That would have saved the day for her.

    • She is a snooty old cunt who got found out for being a thick snooty old cunt.
      She should fuck off to her £3m house, go to the garage, fix up a length of hosepipe, turn on the car engine and settle back.
      Who died ? Emily Thorncunt ? Never heard of the cunt. Next !

  10. Somebody needs to tell cunts like Ken Clarke that the word advisory does not mean what they think it means. In this case it means the PM and the cabinet take the result under advisement and either a) act against it or b) act in accordance with it…….. the PM opted for the latter.

    What it does not mean is “result must be rejected at all cost”…….. if that were to be the case, what would have been the point of a referendum in the first place? Also, if the remainers had won, would it still be “only advisory”?

    I really wish that these lefty wank stains would get a fucking clue. Parliament is internally sovereign when exercising royal assent over domestic statute law, the PM and the Cabinet are externally sovereign when exercising the royal prerogative over international treaties (negotiating, concluding and withdrawing from treaties). Last time I checked, the Lisbon Treaty is an international treaty.

    Every time a PM has gone to sign away sovereign rights and legislative powers to Europe in the form of a treaty, without a referendum he or she was doing so using the royal prerogative and did not require prior parliamentary approval in the form of an act of parliament because that is not their jurisdiction…….. same is the case here with regards to Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

    But as soon as a PM acts in accordance with a referendum result and exercises the royal prerogative to REPATRIATE sovereign rights and legislative powers to parliament by withdrawing from an international treaty……… now they want to limit prerogative powers and go against the will of the people? She has a greater mandate than Gordon Brown did when he signed the Lisbon Treaty in 2007 as there were opinion polls at the time showing 80% of people wanted a referendum on the EU and many MPs called for a referendum which he rejected outright.

    Parliament would only need consulting if the PM was presenting them with a new treaty for consideration or if she wanted to repeal an existing act of Parliament……… she is merely withdrawing from an existing treaty so any acts of Parliament pertaining to the EU can stay on the statute books as inert or inoperative because as far as the EU will be concerned, we have withdrawn from the EU thus any acts relating to the EU will be describing a non-existent relationship between the UK and EU. Ultimately, once we are out, repealing all the EU acts from our statute books would merely be a formality if done at all.

    Prerogative powers are a longstanding constitutional tradition which is only now being called into question – how conventient.

    I find it odd that the those on the side of the pro-EU agenda have been getting their way for over 40 years but as soon as they lose, they move the goal post then take their ball home.

    And don’t even get me started on those fuckers who have mounted legal challenges to brexit. Cunts.

    • Oh and before Fred West says anything……….. yes I know that Ken Clarke is a Tory and thus not a lefty, I was referring to the general political leaning of the majority of remain voters.

    • Excellent disertation on the constitutional position. It seems pretty clear to me and,I suspect, 17m others. I have said this so many times it is becoming boring but the Remoaners just need to accept the result for what it was and get on with things.
      At least Clarke has been solid and consistent in his position but even he must realise the game is up for the corrupt bunch of EU cunts and even if it isn’t we in UK have had it with them.
      Yes, they are going to make life as difficult for us but I am of the Farage view that no deal wouldn’t be a terrible result. Just walk out if the eurofanatics play up and let the Jerry car manufacturers kick them in the bollocks. Merkunt won’t (surely) let Jerry industry suffer and will roll the Panzers onto the EU lawn, the Frogs will shit themselves, the Ities will surrender just in case and we will get a good deal.
      Otherwise fuck the lot of them.

      • What really gets my goat is that people don’t seem to realise the slow and gradual transfer of sovereignty and legislative dominance has been done so over a matter of decades – it’s the boling lobster/frog analogy.

        Had this all been done at once, straight after the common market referendum, people would have noticed and rioted on the streets.

        It’s written into EU treaties that EU law takes precedent over member state law. None of the 3 branches of EU government are elected via universal suffrage – Executive, Legislative (both houses) and judicial (although judges are never elected by the people). In any other context this would be called a tyranny or certainly a creeping tyranny.

        When I was helping to distribute leaflets for UKIP prior to the general election, one of the guys I was delivering with emailed me an unredacted copy of a letter from 1971/72 which was declassified in around 2002/03 (Freedom of Info Act) and can be downloaded of the National Archives website.

        It’s called FCO 30/1048 and is very damning evidence that an EU super state, flag anthem, army, common currrency etc was all planned from the beginning. I hate to sound like a tin foil hat wearer but it’s not a conspiracy theory when a cabal of people are actively conspiring against the interests of the people.

      • Slowly slowly catchey monkey.
        Mission creep.
        Call it what you like but the superstate has been on the cards from day one. Basically the Frogs cozying up to the Hun as they didn’t want a 4th invasion (after 1870, 1914 and 1940).
        Nicholas Ridley had it right when he described it as a “Franco/German racket” Absolutely spot on but of course he was bollocked for saying that.
        Just like Enoch Powell history proved him right.

  11. The tories are left wing though, they still support the welfare state, they just move the balance from social welfare to corporate welfare. Right wing politics is low taxation and empowers people to make a living for themselves. It recognises not everyone is equal and trying to create equality through political mechanisms never works.

    Real right wing politics values freedom and autonomy with a sense of duty to server the greater good when needed over money.

    So well has the propaganda worked that socialism has managed to convince us one of its faces is the right wing.

    The other lie they peddle is that right ring equates to fascism, which is total bollocks, the national socialist party? the clue was in the fucking name.

    Lastly, when the president of the US delivers the state of the union address to congress he does so standing between to fascia, the fascia also appears on American money. The US including Bush’s grandfather financed Hitler.

    This is all publicly available knowledge that they know the sheep wont bother with because our main priorities are sport, soaps and shiny shit made by the likes of apple.

    Apple Watch? $19 TO MAKE AND 300 Quid to you Mr Cunt.

  12. Where cleggers farron miliband are the new bred of cunt this fat odious super cunt has been around for decades, a political dinosaur if you like , cuntasaurus has been lumbering around parliament spewing his bile since the 80,s, this wretched europhile relic should just be put out to graze. Cuntasaurus has ignored the EU referendum and voted against the government, like any uncontrollable old beast he needs to be tranquillised , packed into the hull of a large ship and dropped off on a deserted island ….

  13. One of the comments above caught my eye,,, On the subject of an EU Army.
    So take heart.. can you imagine what a gutless craven vessel this will be. To amuse yourself on a rainy day try and imagine its combat performance against
    1) Da’Esh
    2) Unspecified Internal Threat from persons claiming refugee status
    3) The Russian army.
    All resulting images should entertain you of a cracked vessel falling apart under minimal pressure. Still, at least they will meet their internal directives for such essentials as completing online diversity awareness forums. So should they ever encounter a black Russian paratrooper in a wheelchair they can “meet his needs” before he , quite rightly, kills them.

  14. Heseltine’s face tells you all you need to know about him…..bitter, twisted.

    superior, horrible. cunt. Wangled his way out after a very short spell of National

    Service…..a loophole as he had stood for Parliament!

    Clarke, a boozy looking cunt, who should be in the Green Party…what a cunt!

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