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Whille we’re on the subject of Labour scum. Blair has once again stuck his head above the parapet. As we know, we need to negotiate our new relationship with the Fourth Reich over in Brussels. As we also know, this will be pretty complex. So, up pops Tony Blair, like the eternal foul stench, once again pretending to be our saviour and offering his services as a negotiator.

Apart from the fact Blair is a filthy, murdering, money whore, lying, arrogant, ignorant, dishonourable, dishonest, conniving, warmongering, bloodthirsty traitor. He never does ANYTHING unless there is something in it for Tony Blair. His chances of a cushy job in Brussels have been shot to shit, so I can only imagine that Blair considers this an opportunity to once again raise his profile and be seen as some kind of hero. He seems to need the adoration of the public. The big problem he faces, is that everyone on Planet Earth knows that he’s a massive cunt.

Still, he can’t resist the opportunity of taking part in a high profile negotiation. Whoever turns out to be our next Prime Minister, their first job should be telling Blair to fuck off, and shove a live hand grenade up his arrogant arse. Let’s not forget, it was Blair who gave up part of our rebate on the money that the EU steals from us each year.

Though not for much longer…

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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    • I agree Fred I can’t stand looking at the bellend everytime someone says his name I just start repeatedly saying Tony Banks Tony Banks Tony Banks.
      My mate the other day was wondering why I kept fucking repeating his name Well because they kinda look alike and I can tolerate him alot more.

      Tony Banks from the band genesis if anybodys who’s out of the loop best pics I could find were on some shitty quote site

      • The traitorous cretin clearly displays all the symptoms of Messiah Complex and is here to save our undeserving capitalist souls ftom eternal damnation for voting to leave the EU, as long as there’s a few quid in it for him. As for his post PM role as Middle East Peace Envoy, he clearly resolved all the regional disagreements and the place once again resembles the Garden of Eden…

  1. Why did Murdoch turn on Blair? Any suggestions? Wendy? You got anything to say?

  2. Has this site increased in cuntings? used to be 1 or maybe 2, or 3 if lucky but last 3 days have had 4-6 cuntings a day, not complaining just curious

    • Probably getting more regular users, more nominations because lets face it there is no shortage of cunts in desperate need of a cunting

    • I Have to admit as a newcomer to this site and yes I am not in the UK any more due to many reasons, I am still proud of my heritage. I am not at all happy with brit politics or politics in general. after having insurance claims refused when flooded a 50% drop in salary, in the last 2 years of my time in the uk in same position.
      the one that was the straw that fucked me off was having and boss from India and a colleague from Spain tell me that my spoken and communicative English was shit, to cover up a fuck up from another import.
      When you British and told that by an import that has shyte English and you told to shut the fuck up when you complain about it , knowing that on the other foot I would of been fined like fuck for it. enough was enough .
      However I do like the honesty of the professional cunters on here that give a sense of exposure and agreement of the growing population of Cunts in this world, I just think for the hell of it exposing Cunts for what they are has to be a positive, as they have no fucking conscience what so ever.

      • Hi there xBrit. Nice to see a fellow deserter on here. Your story about getting shit from a towel head and a manana donkey really sums it up, doesn’t it?

        I hope you’re happier where you are now. I miss England, but not enough to move back. Sorry parents – it ain’t happening so quit whining. Cheers – I.Y.

      • Hi IY, well I did leave the UK and come back after 3 years previously, went to re-instate my self with the powers that be due to landing back in the UK smack bang in the recession, and was told basically to fuck off because I was a traitor for leaving the UK in the first place.
        The only reason I fucked off in the first place was for employment as there was fuck all going in the UK to avoid dealing with the Cunts at the social office.
        So much for paying tax NI and all that for 25 + years,
        I was after being told in no uncertain terms by the low life cunt I was a traitor, surprised to hear the conversation next to me from a EU citizen that had just landed that spoke perfect English to the Cunt interviewing her, after 20 mins of happy smiley free flowing conversation between them, she was offered a translator to help them with any meetings that she would arrange to sort out a place to live and there were many free courses and free educations programmes that were available to her.
        So when the brown coat returned with some forms for me to fill in basically telling me to go fuck myself, and I was entitled to fuck all I asked about a free education programme and if any were available for me, the cunt all but fell of its chair laughing.
        But don’t be surprised about this its actually a policy now in the EU community if you leave your country for 7 years out of 8 and return, you have the official status of a refugee in title only of course, not in benefits that they receive.
        So the issue is not really about free movement in the EU, its about how you are viewed and branded when or if you return.
        Makes it very hard to be patriotic, this was of course during Blair’s reign of power, but due to the attitude of the pond life that social services offices now employ in the UK, most have total egotistical dictator jumped up fuck security gaurs , whose sole purpose is to antagonise and create as much conflict , between people waling in the door and themselves to even cut the ability for any kind of expression toward the pond scum of how fucked up the whole system is toward everyday people just down on their luck and needing help. oh unless your origin allows you to pull the racist card then of course your royalty!
        II am pretty sure that the attitude of go fuck your self from a benefits officers to another British person is not an EU directive, but being patriotic seems to be the only way to exonerate the bullshit of the UK politicians, much easier to blame the EU for everything instead.

    • Since you ask – Yes it has and quite significantly at that.

      I suspect this is for two reasons
      1. because the readership has increased dramatically. We now regularly get around 5000+ hits a day which generates more comments and nominations
      2. there’s been a lot going on in politics and sport which is increasing topical nominations

      I schedule posts well ahead and then slot in topical posts as and when. I can be as much as 3 or 4 weeks ahead and when the queue gets bigger then I increase the number of daily posts. I’m actually spending more time on here now than I do on my own blog but that’s fine. It ebbs and flows…

      • Thanks for the effort, Dio. This site has become quite a comfort to me. Fuck Dave, this is the home of witty banter.?

      • I’d also like to chip in with some thanks there, Dio. I truly appreciate this site and all your efforts. I read every day and post when I can. Love it! Thanks mate.

      • Ditto (though I’ll have to say something more than just “Ditto” or this post will get rejected for being too short).

      • Not sure it does that Fred, does it?
        I wouldn’t know because with admin rights, I can do any damn thing!


  3. Well nominated, an utter hypocritical, lying, cunt, who eben promotes the teaching of ‘creation’ in his Catholic faith schools as opposed to ‘Evolution’ as a subject.

    Utter murdering scum Blair is. Cunting this peice of shite is but a mooncast shadow compared to what he really deserves.

  4. And it was Blair who initiated the insane ‘open door’ policy in the 90s: where every non-English speaking, blagging, freeloading foreign cunt waltzed into Blighty like they owned the place… I saw the iceberg when I worked at a Manchester college in the late 90s… The place was full of ‘want! want! want!’ Somalians who couldn’t string two words together, but got preferential treatment (not from me though) and I clashed a lot with my then colleagues over this matter…. That was then, and now it is a million time worse… We have loads of foreign blaggers soaking up benefits, Latvian and Polish shops on virtually every high street as British shops and pubs close day by day, hardly an English speaking voice in almost any city centre, and scores of Romanian gyppos living on our beaches and under our motorways all thanks to that Number One Cunt, Tony Blair…

    • Nicely put Norman. That’s a really good comment. Only the other day, I read about a family of SIXTEEN Romanian savages who had arrived here about two weeks ago, and promptly set up home beneath a motorway underpass. I mean, what the fuck? How am I supposed to see these cunts as human beings…my equals, when they can’t even find a fucking cardboard box, never mind a house, to live in?

      • For those dirt bags it’s like climbing the property ladder. From the gutter, to the underpass. En suite bog, and a roof over their heads.

  5. Does any one else get the feeling that Tony ‘lets rub the right’s nose in divershitty’ Blair won’t be in the country, or available for comment when the Chilcot report gets released?

    Hang the cunt from a fucking lamp post now. That is the accepted way of dealing with traitors like this cunt.

    And lynch his sickening human rights barrister shit-cunt of a wife at the same time.

    They have both profitted a massive amount out of our misery.

    The cunts.

    • I’m sure he only signed up to the human rights act to become a Latter Day Saint, and to give his FUCKING CUNT of a wife a hobby. Use Mussolini and his missus demise as a template for this pair…

  6. I can remember that cunt Blair’s desperate bid to become prime minister. The Tories had been in power for eighteen years so it was an ideal opportunity to get young first time voters on his side. Young eighteen year old people who had grown up knowing no other than the rule of a Conservative government. An ideal opportunity to get young people on his side. He visited as many schools and colleges to speak to and what I would say was brainwashing youngsters into voting Labour. He made clear his so called love and importance of education with his catchphrase “education, education, education”. And of course it worked, he got what he wanted and he became prime minister. One of the first things he did when he got into power was abolish student grants. Do I need to say any more apart from What a cunt !

  7. Tony Blair is not a cunt.

    That boat sailed long before he became Labour leader.

    If you want to know why he not a cunt you need to do some research.

    Does he deserve a cunting? Absolutley, but he deserve so much more.

  8. The definition of the word “MONSTER”. Fit to be mentioned in the same breath as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Noel Edmonds.
    For the sake of what little is left of the civilised world EXECUTE THIS BASTARD!!!

  9. Posted on behalf of HBelindaHubbarb who has IT problems :

    Almost exploded on reading front page of the Telegraph today. Having had plumbing problems recently at Hubbard Hall, have been down orn me hands and knees shoving the old plunger down the khazi to rid it of the usual brown refusenik…and who should now pop up like the aggravating, persistent turd? Step forward, A C L Bliar…

    Never one to miss an opportunity to add to his dubious CV, he has decided that we need “serious statesmanship” naturally provided by a Remainer, to negotiate Brexit.

    Who, you might ask, would be the natural candidate for this delicate job?

    Well, in a rare moment of modesty that we haven’t seen in British politics since, oh, the slithy Gove’s declaration of why he alone should be PM, aforementioned Bliar has suggested that he might come to the rescue (no doubt, in the process, getting us fucked-over once again, as he would surely tie us securely into the eu, getting himself the eu presidency, and probably presidency of the whole fucking world to boot…).

    His Special Negotiations with Juncker and Merkel will, I guess, involve sucking Juncker’s skanky, alcohol-pickled, disease-shrivelled cock, while being bummed by Mother Merkel and her mighty Panzer strap-on. My sincerest apologies to fellow cunters who may be sitting down to eat…

    Tony Bliar, you are an überCunt-untermensch, 99% self-delusion and 1% shite. Fuck off and die. Cunt cunt cunt fucking cunt cunt cunt.

    And a little ditty for Cherie to sing… “Your boyfriend…is a cunt.”

  10. Apparently the French champagne producers fedeartion is stockpiling the bubbly for the day this syphllitic cunthrag gets luqidated…

  11. Just one look at this man tells you he sold his soul long ago. All that is left is the empty vessel carrying the inner cunt. This cunt sold us all out, ruined our country, killed millions, is now super rich and this cunt is so much of a cunt he can still show s his face in public and even gives an opinion. An eternal buttfucking by satan would not be punishment enough.

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