Young remainers


Young remainers need a cunting. “OLD PEOPLE HAVE DESTROYED OUR FUTURE” they wail, like the whingeing, infantile fuckwits they are. “NO THEY FUCKING DIDN’T” I keep shouting back. Though I don’t think they’re listening. The fact is, only 38% of young people aged between 18-24 years old voted. Most of them chose to be traitors. That means SIXTY TWO percent of 18-24 year olds who were eligible to vote, couldn’t be bothered to get of their arses and have their say.

Now, I’ve always been of the opinion that if you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to whinge if a vote doesn’t go your way. You had a chance to make a difference, but you couldn’t be bothered to do anything. In my book, that means you SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! If you lazy cunts had bothered to drag your arses out of bed and put your cross in the box, there’s a good chance we’d still be part of the EU now. But you DIDN’T. And don’t you DARE blame anyone else for what subsequently happened. Because, 62% IT’S YOUR FUCKING FAULT!

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

28 thoughts on “Young remainers

  1. Well cunted QDM.

    The precious little fucktards are probably cowering and snivelling in their safe spaces as I type, because a bunch of nasty adults made a decision based on experience and knowledge that they couldn’t ever hope to obtain.

    They are now trying everything, from ‘52% isn’t a majority’ (it is) to ‘voting for brexit is racist’. Frankly put, all of their arguments are straight out of the Vicky Pollard book of shit excuses and are equally laughable.

    Look at it this way you mollycoddled untermench ubercunts.

    69% of the UK regions voted OUT. If you don’t understand this, then please top yourselves now before you are allowed anywhere near responsible adults out there in the real world. What they will do to you will be far more drawn out and painful.

    Count on it.

  2. Mr McGraw, you are correct about these young turdlinguists, most of whom couldn’t be bothered to vote then moan like fuck when it doesn’t go their way. I’ve been laughing for ages at their whining cuntishness. Bunch of cunts, who should have drowned in the mud at Glastonbury. Did you see the mess the twats left there?

  3. Why is there a term for this age group? I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing about “millennials” this and “millennials” that. I’m pretty sure us “non- Millennials” don’t give a rat’s.

    And QDM is quite right. If you don’t join in, then you relinquish the right to whine about the result. So “millennials” can go do one. Cunts.

  4. What these cunts need to remember is it is the older generation that built the world they live in and the little cunts don’t even know what hard done by means compared to previous generations, they also forget they will grow the fuck up one day and view the word differently.

    One day you little cunts you wont be at Glastonbury wanking off to shite, you’ll be at home trying to keep a roof over teenagers heads who don’t have a real care in the fucking world.

  5. Can anybody guarrantee that the EU ref result will stand?
    It is possible for the Government to block it.

    Either way I dont think its a bad result for England. Leaving the EU has its pluses and minuses whatever.
    Scotlands Independence however is far more important to me, – And right now – its back on the table, so stop whining you remain cunts.

  6. Good cunting there QDM.
    We’re now in the very sad era of the Self Entitled Hipster AD 2016.

    These fucking ginger bearded hipster cunts have no fucking clue about anything. They reach 18 and suddenly a rush of self-entitlement and Messiah-type self knowledge hits them like they’ve just been handed Excalibur on a marble slab.

    How in the fruit flavoured cunt can they appear to suddenly know everything when they were only fucking ten, 8 years ago? “My daddy’s richer than yours blah blah and so on”. Smoking vast amounts of weed doesn’t make them more intellectual, self aware or cutting edge. It just makes them look more cuntish.
    “Wow…look at my individuality just because I have a manbun and wear a teacosy on my head”. Nonces.

    Their ammo is Daddy’s gold card and their safety-net if things should go tits up. Did you hear that shit about how they’re all panicking if Nando’s closes down? What the varnished fuck is going on here?

    Half of these students, especially Glastonbury new-agers run for the druid hills if someone waves a bottle of shower-gel at them. IT WAS A TOTALLY FAIR DEMOCRATIC VOTE, YOU ADOLESCENT MORONS. The people have voted rightly and fairly. That is the very essence of a democratic vote….or it should be.
    If they can’t be arsed to switch off pornhub and get their rancid socks on and vote, then they have totally no right whatsoever to complain when they had no hand in the process to begin with. This isn’t rocket science…although it is to agenda-monkeys like that.


    Some people will do anything just to famewhore themselves. Seriously Young Remainers…it’s way past your bedtime. Leave accurate free-speech and adult discussion to the adults and fuck out.

  7. I didn’t vote cos I had other things to do, but glad to see I didn’t need too. Loving watching the remainers whining in there self angst and priveleged positions where immigration does not affect the. Now we need a strong leader who will actually defend our position in the negotiations, and America can stop that special relationship bullshit too. We are Britain!

  8. I’m astonished by the amount of petulant sulking going on by the remain cunts. You lost. Stop pissing your knickers. I said STOP PISSING YOUR KNICKERS.

  9. Shut the fuck up, you moaning little twats! Your future is in your own hands, and it’ll be your own fault if you fuck it up.
    Can’t believe how many soft cunts are crying about this. They can still have a holiday in Europe if they want. No-one’s building a wall around the country, although I wish they would.
    Good job these cunts weren’t around in 1939, when we really had something to worry about.

    • For the first time in my life I am thinking of getting a tattoo…
      On my knuckles: the letters A.S.A.B

      All Students Are Bastards

      • I live sandwiched between two student residences and they are indeed bastards.
        And cunts…

  10. On Jeremy Vine earlier, there was some young cunt moaning his little beard off, saying that people older than 50 shouldn’t have been able to vote, because we have fucked everything up for him in the past, and now we fucked his future up. If the entitled whining prick had been in front of me, I think I would have kicked the piss out of him.

    • Giving the young everything they want produces exactly the kind of little bleating cunts that are making all the noise. It’s only “democracy” if it goes their way.

    • Yes … heard the fucker and the other Cunt stating that really the (present) older generation are really not those who ‘fought in the war’ for British freedom, so they can’t keep using that ‘excuse’. …. Utter Cunt,…. My Dad is the older generation now, a kid during the war, and went through his childhood / adulthood growing up without many uncles that never came back from the war. I’m sure many of the eldery folk now lost their parents and close relatives during the war, so for some Cunt to say that anyone using the war as an ‘excuse’ to have earned their right to use there democratic vote …. is a Cunt.
      I also heard mention of some young Cunt believing the out vote has lost him his potential to marry who he likes ….. Obviously a Cunt, so would have been ‘found out’ as a Cunt by the same said ( hypothetical) wife after ‘the marriage and kids’. He should be thanking the ‘out camp’ for the money he’ll save that would have been spent on travel to his ‘father visits’ abroad to see his estranged Cunt spawn ….

      • To these cunts World War Two is ancient history, as relevant as the Romans or the war of the roses. It must annoy these cunts that there are still a few participants left to keep the truth alive, because once they are gone, you can bet the house that the whole of twentieth century history will be reappraised and slowly forgotten. Namby pamby pussy cunts, they died so you can mince about with your top knot man bun wanky hair and your moustache wax you metrosexual butt plugs.

      • I am 60 years old and a bit of an old fashioned labour person 1945 and all that
        But this generation has been conditioned to think that everyone must reach the same level of mediocrity. Hence we have Coldplay and the likes as the best of British and all the Glastonbury tossers wetting themselves about how great Adele was. She’s not. I have a grand daughter of 14 and she’s worth 50 of that shower of shit because her mother has brought her up like I brought her up to praise excellence and not be a whiny cunt taking a cheap easy degree in some feeble art subject and then get a job in the media or a diversity champion with some Council or NHS trust. Where I live we’ve been over run by the Cambridge set moving in because the housing is cheaper here. All beards and drinking poncy fruit ciders at the local beer festival and going on about how great urban hip hop is..cunts they’d shit themselves if they took a wrong turn in Miami

      • As would you buddy. The whole lot of you here are just world-class, small-town-minded, wincing old fartbags who’re mad at a world that doesn’t look like they do, you measly, limp-dicked, shrivelled, sandy cunts. I hope you enjoy the tanking your economy goes thru while you try to grasp the idea of fiat currency and consumer confidence, you xenophobic dumb old twats.

      • I’ve let this through moderation but consider it a warning. Your rant reeks of trolling by insulting other contributors. Do it again and you’re banned…

      • Touched a nerve there didn’t I Colin
        And yes I wouldn’t want to make a wrong turn in Miami but then I wouldn’t be so stupid to find myself there in the first place

  11. Note to government. Do not hold referendems durring Glastonbury if you expect the young vote to crawl you through.

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