Sadiq Khan


Khan was an utter cunt on that debate last night, basically calling anyone who didn’t agree with his views either a racist or a ‘hate monger’.

Here’s a tip you muslim appeasing twat:

If you really want to ‘stop hate’, stop calling everyone a racist when you know damn well they’re not. The hate is coming from YOU.

Ya cunt.

Nominated by: Bob Shmit

On holiday but sat through that shower of shit of a debate last night. Wish I hadn’t. Sent the old blood pressure through the roof!

Khan was a fucking disgrace!

Just when you thought Remain couldn’t sink lower they play the race card – and anyone who disagrees is shouted down and called a liar…

God help the UK if this lot win tomorrow and God help London with this cunt in charge!

Nominated by: Dioclese

34 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan

  1. Strange how the riots in Calais on Monday afternoon failed to make the TV news isn’t it?

    300 strong mob trying to storm the ferry port shouting “Fuck the UK!” should make headlines you’d think? Oh hang on! I forgot. There’s a referendum going on…

    Presumably this was surge to get in before we vote Leave?

    • If they’re shouting “Fuck the UK”, might have hoped (vainly) that they’d be heading in the OTHER direction !!
      I know, I’m a naïve cunt…

    • The Daily Express covered it. I was kind of hoping to see a dozen Challenger 2’s in the line of traffic. Armed and ready to deal with the muslim fuckers. Then I remembered…..that cunt Cameron scrapped them!

  2. Just had an awful thought. What would Francis Urquhart do if he was Cameron and thought he was going to lose tomorrow?

    Answer : Bomb a polling station and use it as a reason to cancel the vote!

    God forbid it should happen but if it does then remember I told you so!

    Spivey would love it wouldn’t he?

  3. This cunt is happy to call people racists but this Curry Cunt called moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms”

    Racist midget CUNT

  4. If the UK decide on a long slow painfull death by voting to remain you’re gonna see a lot more of this cunt….a gloating cunt to boot.
    This cunt looks ambitious.
    I forsee trouble.

    Buy a tie……scruffy cunt.

    • It’s ok. To quote Baldrick, “I have a cunning plan”. I’m going to start sending parcels of dog shit to his office at City Hall. That’ll wipe the grin of his chops.

  5. Sad Dick was up in Manchester a few days back. The photo the papers chose to print was a beautiful snapshot of the cultural diversity in Manchester. Wait…no it wasn’t…because the photo showed him talking to a group of cheering Paki’s. The only white faces were that black haired Labour MP, whose name escapes me, and silly cow from Manchester City Council. I’m not entirely sure where it was taken, Longsight probably, or Rusholme. I do know he went the Paki part of Oldham though. If he’d gone to any other area he’d have been told to fuck off!

    And apparently, last week Khan announced London Underground employees were ‘too white’. So for that death cult following cunt to call ANYONE racist, is beyond hypocritical. I’m off to my archery club tonight. I have a new compound bow, with a very expensive scope on it. I think I’ll test it on a photo of Khan’s face, from 80 yards.

    • So the tube is “too white” …….so fucking what!

      I reckon my local takeaway is too Indian.

      • I give it ten years before St. Paul’s Cathedral is re-branded as the City of London Al-Jeera Mosque…

      • If you’ve been to northern Cyprus you see churches that are converted to mosques so what you’re saying isn’t so far fetched!
        Oh! And that was the Turks that did that wasn’t it? Still want them to join the lovely EU you’re looking to vote to remain in???

      • According to the Express, the EU and Turkey will be holding talks next week, about them joining the EU early. What was that Camercunt was saying about it being decades before they joined?

      • True JR diversity always brings pain and disharmony rather then pleasure and joy!

        Diversity = less trust, less cooperation, more division and less familiarity. Brexit needs to save the EU from itself. Once more.

        Great Britain needs to lead the way without feeling sorry for paid shills with endless guilt trips and fear mongering by cunts like Khan and Hameron

    • Why was the cunt in Manchester? Isnt he the mayor of London? I would have thought hed just be antother paki in Manchester with job in London?

      • He was on the campaign trail for the Remain traitors. Apparently, now that he’s Mayor of London, he’s high profile. Like I said though, if he’d ventured into areas that aren’t predominantly Paki, he would have been told, in no uncertain terms, to fuck off.

    • I got a visit from the cops after a yank called me an arrogant Britfuck and I suggested he bugger off home. One sided isn’t it?

    • I thought they liked being called black! So if she’d have just called her a bastard I guess she wouldn’t have been fined? Perhaps she should have gone the whole 9 yards and called her a nigger bastard, or a coloured bastard. But your right, if the boot was on the other foot there would be fuck all done.

  6. Some interesting “breaking” news in the Daily Express. Next week the EU will begin negotiations with Turkey over their joining the EU. So, after all these weeks of Cameron the Cunt and Gideon telling us that Turkey would NOT be joining anytime soon, the EU show them up as the lying little toffs they are.

  7. When other modern progressive countries are banning the burqua, cunty Khan bans the bikini. Well, pictures of shapely women in them. Not the bone bag crack whore fashion bitches but normal looking women. London needs Cunting for voting this cunt in.

    • Would be an expensive Cunting that, by the time you have translated it into 92 languages, plus braille.

    • Imagine if there was another Blitz or the Nazis were around now… Khan would invite Hitler to tea to talk about diversity as London went up in a fireball, and anyone who painted ‘Fuck you, Adolf!’ on a warehouse roof would be called racist and arrested… Old Wiinnie must be turning in his grave…

      • Of course he would embrace Nazism, there were Muslim SS divisions during the war, Hitler was beloved by Muslims in the ME.
        He shared a kindred spirt and a common goal with Islam.

        1. Kill the Jews
        2. Make everyone obey your rules
        3. Kil some more Jews
        4. Bomb some European cities
        5. Repeat 1 – 4

      • And in typical fashion, it’s Germany again, this time through the complete opposite feelings and desires than the “lovely” cunt, Mr Hitler who have once again fucked Europe and are bringing it’s native citizens to its knees.

        Merkal-cunt is the biggest cunt going. Germany can’t get it right, either too cuntish and violent, or too cuntish and soft. One day that cunt may realise you need to be firm to be fair, not open you arms to the world then wonder why it’s bitten your tits off.

        What a stupid cunt she is. She has a lot to answer for.

  8. Top cunting. About time Sadiq Khunt was given the full works. “London greatest city in the world”. Well, why dont you fucking stay there? Bob Geldof can run your navy and make sure the Thames is safe for any errant refugee boats making their way up.

    • If a white man had said what he said, it would definitely have been called a form or pro-white/racism. That slimy cunt says it and gets applauded, using the British people’s own patrotism against them (the dumb liberal fuckwits I mean).

      Whoever voted that cunt into position, thanks for nothing.

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