EU doom warnings


“Britain faces seven years of limbo after Brexit” says Donald Tusk.

I have now had enough of this wank; YOU might think you have created a thousand-year Reich, but you will pay the price for your arrogance and stupidity, as did Hitler, Goebbels et al in their bunker. Just how long before YOU start furnishing your homes with art treasures looted from the galleries of other SOVEREIGN states??

More threats, more crap… Well, here’s one for you, you tera-kardashiCunt.

You will be dangling at the end of a rope, along with those dreadful mistakes of nature Juncker, Merkel and Windbag Kinnock.

EU buildings will lie in ruins, incendiary- and bunker-bombed out of their rancid existence.

Nominated by: HBelinda Hubbard

43 thoughts on “EU doom warnings

  1. The EU elite know one single truth they dare not speak.

    Britain leaves the EU and the EU is fucked.

  2. Picture sums it up wonderfully their threats have ranged from silly laughable to full on fear mongering and violent threats.

    StepDad(EU) You embarrassed me in front of our guests, You won’t get your dessert after supper now go to your room
    Son(Brexit) Dinner was shite fuck yourself eat shit and die, I’d rather be in my room anyway you boring old cunt!

  3. Can’t see why it’s a problem for the rest of the EU.
    If the UK go to the bar and loose their seat, the economic powerhouse that is Turkey are chomping at the bit to plonk their arses on it.

    Problem solved. No charge.

  4. It’s like that Millennium Bug thing in 1999… Everyone was predicting doom and all-round mayhem… What happened? Fuck all… What a load of bollocks that was… The sky is not going to cave in if we leave the EU… No matter what Pigfucker Dave and his bitches might say…

    These Remain knobheads should remember that when Britain was at its peak in the 1960s we had no EU… We didn’t need them then and we don’t need them now… Fuck the EU…

    • Dead right, Norman – or remember how the British economy would collapse if we failed to join the Euro…?

      • And is there ever any contrition when the cunts are proved wrong? Remember these hollow scare stories – BSE, avian flu, salmonella in eggs,
        The Maldives disappearing under the sea, polar ice cap melting.
        I have heard it posited that the Millennium Bug was a genuine threat that we were saved from by the troughers who set themselves up as MB Repair Man. What a crock of shit.

  5. Roman Empire. Holy Roman Empire. Napoleon. Hitler. EU. They all go the same way in the end. The EU should have stayed at 14 states and not expand east (lebensraum anyone? Except it was the Slavonic who hordes came west this time). This was done to provide a buffer against Russia and also to piss that country off. Russia was weak then but now it’s stronger but what does the EU do about that? “NATO is warmongering” says the German Foreign Minister because of exercises taking place. What the fuck is happening? A bit ofold fashioned sabre rattling and the Germans start panicking.
    Dave, Gideon, the IMF, Mark Carney and all the other cunts living in their luxurious ivory towers should come and live in the real world.

    • recent russian exercises have included Crimea, the ukraine, most of the caucouses and the EU hasnt realy said much about it, the Germans are pissed we wont continue to fund a machine designed to feather the beds of the rich and provide a constant supply of cheep labour from poorer neighbors, I know that the German population were not so keen on NATO, but I know that the German army was more than happy to have us stand shoulder to shoulder with them on the border. However it is very fashionable in Germany to take the piss out of the military ( who in fair play have come second in two world wars so far, so not too bad) any way they could form the “Turkishe korps” with all their new fiends who are busy packing to pop over in the next few months, so they should be ok.

  6. France’s Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron is a CUNT of Eiffel Tower proportions.

    He says that, should we Brexit, the UK will be just “a little country on the world scale”
    Also, “There must be NO question of Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland deciding they want the same status. Europe should act fast to avoid other countries starting a similar (exit) process.”
    Fucking cunt probably realises damn well there’s going to be a domino-effect… I DO hope so, because this little-prick will end up crushed totally under it.

    Does this sound like…more blackmailing threats??! Apparently this individual could be the next president of La république. Am praying for Marine Le Pen…

    The guy should change his name to Macon…a bit like Macunto !!

    • “France’s Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron is a CUNT of Eiffel Tower proportions.

      He says that, should we Brexit, the UK will be just “a little country on the world scale””

      He is just upset, because he had to say it in English so the rest of the world could understand him.

  7. Emmanuel Macron is a cunt…
    This French twat is an economy minister of some kind, and he claims that the UK leaving the EU would make Britain as insignificant as the island of Guernsey….

    Remind us of how ‘insignificant’ Britain was when we saved your cowardly surrender monkey arses from the Germans… Fucking frog faced French cunt…

  8. It was bound to happen and it has, some cunt has started a petition to cancel the referendum, this cunt thinks that MP’s alone should decide our future because most of them would vote to stay in. 39000 other cunts also want to remove the right for us to have a direct democratic vote on the EC.

    Cunt’s one and all.

    “Constituting more than 68% of the votes in the House of Commons, this represents a rare and overwhelming cross-party Parliamentary majority. If it is the settled will of such a large majority in the House of Commons, Parliament should now rise to the occasion and assert the very sovereignty Brexit campaigners claim it has lost. Parliament should ratify the agreement reached by the Government with the European Union and confirm Britain’s membership of the European Union on that basis.”

    • No idea who Christopher McGinty is, but he is a massive cunt that’s for sure.

      • From now on when I am going for a shit the out put will be named a Christopher McGinty

      • McGinty? typical shite starting irishman he’s probably a paid shill. Also he has two small paragraphs explaining why. His reasons are short in detail and mongy.

        His reasoning is basically because the majority of corrupt mps are in favor of EU there there shouldn’t even be a vote anymore.

        This cunt has no concept of communism eh? How much you cunters want to bet Christopher McGinty is actually Bono?

    • So much for democracy. Those cunts in parliament couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, they’re all sucking the golden tit and will continue to do so till it runs dry.

  9. It appears that the remainers have profited from the MP murder thanks to the media implying that it had something to do with the far right, which means anyone who wants to vote leave. The future of sixty five million people has been decided on an unconnected act by a fucking mentaller.

    • I feared this would be the case.

      The leftards were not long in weaponising the dead

      • Shame that the low life cunts behind the remain campaign don’t have the principals to step forwards and make it clear that they are fully aware that the referendum has support from the left and the right. The far right is very small in this country. The left has hijacked the centre ground the cunts

  10. off topic here …… but even tho it makes me sound lower than a rattles snakes stomach in a tyre track -i just want to say…… I love this site-its so funny and informative and as un-censored as the tv is censored -which is a breath of fresh air and very reassuring to know many others share the views I do about so many things .
    great site -one of the best-maybe even the best in my opinion .

  11. I am of the opinion this vote is lost before it is even cast! Call me cynical but there is no way this bunch of money grabbing cunts will allow us to leave the EU, because they stand to lose too much money.
    They don’t give a flying fuck about us the people who vote for them they just care about their next highly paid post in the EU when they have finally screwed us out of every brass farthing they can.
    Being in the EU is like being gang raped why would we say “YES PLEASE MORE OF THAT” when we could escape the rapist forever.
    I would love to see the EU in the state described above so eloquently by HBelinda Hubbard, however I fear due to the untimely demise of Ms Cox and the UK’s now omnipresent stupid gene we are all doomed.

  12. The griefjacking and eulogising of Jo Cox is reaching sickening levels… It was sad how she was killed, but anyone would think it was The Virgin Mary, Joan Of Arc and Rosa Lee Parks rolled into one… If a so-called ‘ordinary’ working class woman had copped it, would there be as mucg fuss? Would there fuck… She was a politician… There is no such thing as a nice and decent politician nowadays (if there ever was!)… Tabloid headlines like ‘Good Samaritan’ and ‘She Was Perfect’ are bollocks… Champion of the vulnerable? Just how many British poor, underprivileged, unemployed, sick or disabled people forced into work, old age pensioners, single mothers or estranged fathers did Saint Jo actually help? Or is she revered (for the moment) for ‘fighting for refugees?’ The latter, methinks… The Remain/Let’s let them all in from Calais mob now have their own Joan Of Arc, and boy will they fucking use it…. Cunts….

    • And those mongs who are saying ‘I was going to vote Out… But now I am going to vote Remain in memory of the lovely lady Jo Cox’ are fucking cunts… It is clueless knobends like them that have dragged Britain into a swamp of shiT…

      • Is anyone actually saying that ? Show me someone who is and I’ll show you a fucking lying cunt.

      • Reading a paper at work this morning, and two people sent texts to this paper saying they were changing to Remain as a tribute to Cox… There are enough stupid people in Britain to do it….

      • Wish they would just stick to scratch cards and leave the politics to the less retarded.

      • It was a mate’s copy of the Daily Star… Utter shite and their daily text page is full of knobheads who are thick and can’t spell… The Cox ‘tributes’ were particularly puke inducing…

    • Funny how Trump was called a cunt for asking a more legitimate question. Basically they have implied that if you vote leave you are a right wing racist, who will murder to get your point across. Two faced bastards.

      • All these sudden Cox acolytes are probably the same cunts who went apeshit when Lady Di shuffled off… Crying buckets and acting like one of their own has died when they never even met the person in question, and said person (Diana or Cox) actually did fuck all for them… Wankers….

      • Don’t Leave the EU Because Some Crazy Slag Who Supported the EU and millions of rapeugees from counties not even at bloody war Got Murdered, seems logical…..Not!

        And now that the queen everybody supports brexit all the remain camp is going fucking mental hahahaha I love it.

        Too be honest I’m surprised, I’d thought mumsy would pick EU one almost wishes she spoke up sooner but better late then never.
        BTW Here’s a dank May May

    • Exactly too true norm, George wasn’t only a great story teller but somehow had some brilliant insight in the in and outs of how the political machine worked behind the scenes almost a sort of seer especially concerning 1984.
      He also seemed to be unbiased most of the time rather then tow a party line

  13. Any remainers or undecided should consider the following.

    Let’s suppose we not in the EU but we’re voting to decide whether we should join.

    Would anyone vote to join if they were told it will cost £350m a week.

    And that there is a huge refugee/migration problem.
    Skint countries such as Turkey, Serbia and Albania want to join and put there hand in the cookie jar.

    There’s an iffy Euro currency.

    Little or no control of our borders allowing pretty much any cunt to stroll in.

    Cunts who couldn’t find the UK on a map will make decisions on just about everything that affects your life.

    Cunts who hate the UK will make decisions that affect your life.

    Surely it’s a no brainer.

    • I had a Remain leaflet through me letterbox this afternoon and the basic wording of it was “Vote Remain, tell your family and friends to vote Remain”.
      I don’t TELL anyone how to vote because it’s not my fucking place to. And I bet when I wander up the polling station on Thursday some mob-handed cunts wearing red, green or yellow rosettes will try and lecture ME how I should be voting on the way in. You won’t see any blue rosettes in my area, shitscared chinless wankers wouldn’t dare turn up and anyone from UKIP would be met by a torch and pitchfork waving mob straight out of an old Universal Frankenstein movie. That’s fucking Norwich University area for you…

      • It’s illegal to approach you on the way in but they can ask you on the way out how you voted. You’re not obliged to tell them!

        If you’re harassed going in then call the police and tell the polling officer when to get inside (I used to run a polling station)

  14. Mr Tusk comes from a country that parasites off of our country so he will say that.
    Part of the reason we wanted to get out of the EU was the endless pile of crap coming here and stealing our jobs. Mr Tusk is a first class cunt and his mother should have aborted him at birth (the same as the french president and the rest of the EU)

  15. Since we voted Brexit our European partners?? Friends?? Haven’t stop threatening the UK, first it was that goblin faced polish cunt tusk followed in quick succession by super Cunts juncker , Shultz , Holland and mama merkel but just this week the PM of Malta muscat has been mouthing off!!, seriously pal who the FUCKIIN hell do you think you are???, maltas about the size of my garden shed and not worth as much, these roaring mice are as irritating as they are irrelevant, if the Uk ever needed a reason to leave it would be these piss pot worthless countries trying to order us around, what the fuck has Malta , Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland and the like ever done on the world stage?? Other than the Eurovision Song Contest FUCK ALL…. shut up you pop squeak Cunts and go away, you need the EU as on your own you haven’t got a voice on the world stage….. EU canon fodder….

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