Carole Kirkwood


The ultimate cunting for the BBC breakfast team is reserve for Carole “big up my part” Kirkcuntingwood.

Typical Carole forecast for a showery day, she goes round every region of the UK and tells us there may be showers. 10 minutes of Carole to give us a weather forecast for an island where the weather is generally much the same because its not a huge island is it, Carole you cunt?

The BBC not satisfied with that massages Carole’s ego by sending her on jollies round the country. Fuck of Carole! You’re a weather girl and the qualifications for that are being young fit and able to point.


Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

(Cheers Sixdog – I’ve been just itching to use that picture – if you’ll forgive the expression…)

17 thoughts on “Carole Kirkwood

  1. That is a quality cunting, old bint is past her prime and not even a milf anymore. If the BBC is so hard up for funds, why do they need to send her to all four corners of the country just to report the weather, she could do that in the studio cheaper, and would not change the weather. And frankly the worthless breakfast news team are sub ron Burgungundy tby. They struggle for credulity, and hang on to the mumsy vote

    • A very true counting. Money for fuck all. However, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on her “warm front” and giving her some “high pressure” from behind.

    • She is compiling an in depth report for the BBC on Dogging sites,
      Kirk Cunts your Wood

  2. Adele is still a cunt… If anyone else got a warning from the BBC about swearing, they’d either (a) not swear or (b) subtly get it in during a song by modifying their lyrics… But of course Adele is gobbing off like an irritating kid that has just got a toy trumpet… Every other minute with an irritating noise…. She didn’t look cool, clever,or hard… She looked like what she is: a chav got lucky… How this cut price bint became a superstar, I’ll never know… If Adele wasn’t rich or famous she’d be baring her vast arse in Magaluf, puking up all the sambuca and WKD she’d drank and picking fights with her mates…. Fame and money can’t buy style or class… As my old nana used to say ‘You can put a ribbon ’round a turd… But, at the end of the day, it’s still a turd….’

    • Or indeed lipstick on a pig.

      Arrgh – pass the mind bleach, that image has stuck in my head!

  3. To be fair she does have a cracking pair of tits, and if you are a gentleman of a certain age, you would

      • Somewhere in the world right now someone is humping a gap in their sofa calling it Adele………

      • I discovered the hard way that certain people disapprove of such fetishes.

        The legal team at DFS for starters…..

  4. Dont even listen to Carol when shes doing the weather,im just staring at the tits imagining what they would look like with a weeks worth of my spaff all over em

  5. Carole Kirkwood tries too hard to always be nice. She is the type who would do nicely say ohhh I took on 4 of your best friends u were out working for us and ohhh it was just sooooh nice it was. Two pulled a train whilst one was showering me with his manhood. The last I was deep throating like a 70;s. Porn star I was yes I was. But my love I missed u so I did and back to you in the studio.

    Ig still give it a run though.

  6. She is overweight and past her sellby date, plus she has a fucking aggravating way of smiling even if there’s a fucking earthquake rumbling up her gusset but I would split that like a rotten railway sleeper.

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