Trading from home


Cunts that run hookey businesses oit orf residential areas!

This one is personal. Not in me own back yard but in a quiet residential area I have occasion to frequent. This cunt runs a heavy trucking business oit orf some sequestered little roads where many pensioners live and young families with small children. Does the little bald fat bastard live there himself? Not on your life. Just uses it for safe free parking then fucks orf home every night in a BMW leaving behind parkland and grass verges turned into churned up mud by his various vehicles in adjacent roads. The cunt repossesses motors for bailiffs and similar low lifes.

Caught the cunt at it and remonstrated with the fuckwit. Shite arse drove his car at me and gave me verbals me lud. Demanded to know why yours truly was taking snaps orf his truck. Told him in me own inimitable fashion and indeed where he could see them and if it was too dark and slimy up there then they would be orn this blog. Then invited the wanker to fuck orf which he did after promising to find oit where I live (I gave him your name and address Dioclese so expect a little late night company in Attic Greece).

The joys orf the rural idyll.

Noinated by: Sir Limply Stoke

20 thoughts on “Trading from home

  1. Point is the cunt was not trading from home, far from it. Using a quiet residential area as a lorry park whilst living elsewhere.

    • Leave a well positioned nail or screw beneath a wheel.
      Inconsiderate cunt will soon get the message.

    • He should have an operators licence with a declared operating centre which is where he parks his vehicles. Grass him in to the council and let them do the leg work, they have a legal department sat curling their wigs and playing minesweeper the idle cunts.

      • ‘Used to’ is a long time in transport. It’s now 3.5 tonne.

        The vehicle in the pic is a 7.5 tonne (six studs).

        (40 years in the game)

      • One stands corrected (20 years out of the game!)

        An ‘O’ licence for a 3.5 tonner! FFS! Must a bloody EU rule…
        Presumably you can still drive a 7.5 on a non-HGV licence or has that changed too? I used to have a class 3 many years back. One of my suppliers had a school for HGV drivers and put me through the course as a ‘sweetener’ to buy his vans. I declared the interest of course. No, really. I did…

      • Yep s’all changed Dio. Gone are the days when you could drive an 800 tonne Demag on a car license too. Digital tachos -three strikes and you’re out- vehicle data loggers, driver cpc, hazchem to have a fart, in road weighing, insurance company driver assessment and so it goes on. It’s not worth the powder and shot any more which is why I finally gave up the struggle.

  2. Round here the neighbouring Vauxhall dealer’s staff fill up the front of my house to avoid paying £1.30 a day for the car they walk past to get from my house to their workplace.

    Interestingly, they all drive VWs. Is that why they hide round here so that their employers don’t know that they don’t drive the cars they sell? Cunts.

    • Dioclese MCIT? Master Cunt International Tosser. Qualification that will stand the test orf time. Never wasted.

  3. I would like to cunt westbourne recovery.
    the clutch burnt out on the transit van i was driving whilst towing a road roller on a trailer 16.00hrs, recovery arrived at 23.00 hrs.
    well despite the description given to the company the driver was not liceneced to tow! so he could load the transit but was going to leave 14k of roller on the trailer next to the road.
    No way, so he calls up a second truck!
    second truck arrives 01.00 hrs! with no tow hook! (but towing licence) by this time I am slightly rattled so agree to let him take the transit whilst I guard the plant….its starting to rain…..
    any way some dick shoots down the road and almost hits the trailer so I have no choice but to get on the trailer and roller and start the engine to get the beacons running to prevent anyone else hitting it. The seat is wired to kill the engine if the opperator dismounts, so there I am sitting on a roller next to the road in the pissing rain.
    eventualy recovery returns, the plan is to winch the loaded trailer on to the bed, the fuck snaps the jockey wheel off the trailer loading it, but by this time I have given up caring.
    back to depot and unloaded by 02.00 hrs so a 10 hour turn round on a recovery.
    westbourne you are cunts!

    • I will gladly second that cunting. Needless to say the lorry in me picture is a Westbourne and me cunt drives for them. Sounds like their recovery service is as good as their parking.

    • Little cunt was in his fifties. Fat, bald aggressive geezer type with a fat ugly wife in the car. You would would take him for a dodgy market trader with a nice line in fake Chinese Gucci handbags. No refunds.
      Young chavs are easy meat.

      • Yeah most chavs are mostly homeless jobless I pity the poor cunts I truly do they sure as fuck wouldn’t have a job.

        “Little cunt was in his fifties. Fat, bald aggressive geezer type with a fat ugly wife in the car. You would would take him for a dodgy market trader with a nice line in fake Chinese Gucci handbags”
        Just be thankful it wasn’t Ronnie Pickering, good sir or you would of been in a world of hurt if it had been him. Also hopefully Dio has some good guard dogs for defense then again I’m guessing he doesn’t live in greece

      • If its parked far enough away from anything combustible then just set fire to the cunt. I fucking hate piss taking scum like this twat.

  4. The Justice System requires a wholesale cunting

    The way the justice system fines big banks is a cunt’s way out
    What’s the fucking point of laying on a fine on a bank?
    It doesn’t hurt them, they have no conscience because they’re corporations and corporations have no feelings.
    They don’t care if you fine them twice the amount.
    The execs just go back and keep on doing what they did before and don’t give a fuck.
    In fact they sign the multi billion dollar cheque for the fine knowing that whoever they make it out to will probably be depositing it back with them the next day… ouch that hurt a lot! It’s like wiping your arse with a hoola hoop.
    What they should make the fucking arseholes do is stints at food banks or cemeteries or make them clean up some of the shitholes that they have helped to create by wiping out peoples savings.
    The justice system should make the cunts build, pay for the running of, and work at , such things as community improvement and support schemes for the people they’ve ripped off. But all they do is pay the fine and report to the office the next day as if nothing happened.
    As it is, nobody knows where the fucking money from these fines go and if I was a betting man I’d say that most of it goes straight into the pockets of the ones who caused the problems.
    Yes the banks are cunts but so is the justice system for thinking that monetary penalties actually mean anything to these arseholes.

  5. I live in a flat in south of sPAIN above a morrocan/Muslim cunt who sells used furniture over the straits in the shot hole they is tangiers .the brown cunt leaves this shit everywhere in the communal hall .sick of telling the cunt to sort it out ,I’ve started leaving the door open so some other cunt will rob it and his ficking scooter . the cunt tried to attack me with a hammer and plank.luckily I’ve got a bat behind the door just for the cunt ,bear in mind the cunt had his shit coloured hands full and i cracked the cunt a few times until his bigfoot wide called the policia and there was me off to cells and now waiting court date .everyday i see the coward and laugh and sing loudly at the cunt on the stairs and watch him scurry into his flat shutting it .anyway ,point is do they build or make anything on that continent or do people like myself have to put up with this shit .if this gets printed I’ll let you who the courts side the way long time reader and love this is a cunt.cheers

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