Mick Hucknall [2]


Mick Hucknall provided me with LOL’s this weekend as I was perusing the ‘celeb’ photos on some shit news blog.

What the fuck has that stupid cunt done to his face? how I laughed, the twat looks like a bizarre cross between Mickey Rooney, that poor cunt from that film with Cher about Lionitis or whatever it was, Deirdre Barlow, Chucky and a Cabbage Patch doll.

Fucking hilarious. Hucknall you cunt, you should do modeling work for Donald ‘duck’ Trump, your face looks like a Hyaena’s arsehole you fucking ginger prick.

I bet no woman in their right mind would let you slip ’em a crippler you daft fucking moron. LOLLLLLLL

Nominated by: Hurling Dervish

9 thoughts on “Mick Hucknall [2]

  1. This fat has-been twat is known throughout Manchester as a total cunt… Too many stories of cuntery to mention… And he looks like Phil Mitchell in a clown wig…

    Now, we all think Bono is a cunt… We all say Bono is a cunt… We all know Bono is a cunt…
    But this ubercunt has done the impossible: Bono is now an even bigger cunt than he was before… Hard to believe, I know… But he has now stuck his champagne socialist hooter into the Britan in/out of the EU debate…. All I can say is it is none of your business, Bono…. You fucking Irish bastard of a cunt…

      • I hate Bono absolutely hate the cunt horrible musician horrible voice a so called humanitarian. He is also a champagne socialist telling people to be more giving and tolerant while he gets 14 yr old rent boys to blow him and geldof in his $1 billion mansion.

        He is a United Nations,EU poster boy and prostitute sellout hes a another reason I hate the irish. I also remember his backstabbing nature when he called islam a peaceful religion after the paris attacks.
        He’s another migrant no borders bellend I wonder how diverse his neighbors are? fuckings stupid sunglass wearing cunt! I bet he would fuck Erdogan in the arse(turk president, migrant spreading cunt for the uninformed)

      • How right you are, I’m Anglo Irish and I hate Bono and Nob Geldof with a passion that verges on the insane. Both are fucking awful cuntards who should be buggered to death with a navvies pick handle. I remember a friend of mine who claimed he bumped into cuntdof sometime ago and offered him some change cos my comrade thought cuntdorf was a tramp (my mate tells porkys but this one had the aroma of truth). They are both cunts the Horn of Africa is still a shithole geldof, bono why the fuck did you choose such a cuntish moniker?

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