Renee Zellwegger


On the subject of actor cunts, Renee Zellwegger desreves a major cunting….

An old contact of mine (a bit of a nerd, but a harmless, nice kid) met Zellwegger in London… Said person loved that Bridget Jones shite and she politely said to Zellwegger ‘Hello, I’m a huge fan…’ The ugly, spoilt, talentless fat bitch rolled her eyes to the sky, as if to say ‘Not again’ and fucked off without saying a word…

I personally wouldn’t waste time throwing my own shit at Renee Zellwegger… She’s an up her own twat cunt and a one trick pony (except she is fatter and uglier than a pony)… With yet another Bridget Jones load of shite about to be released… Get out the red wine and chocolates, all chick flick cunts out there…

Nominated by: Norman

19 thoughts on “Renee Zellwegger

  1. Your freind should have cut the small talk and screamed Ur a CUNT Zellwinger.

    Reaction would then justify the kindness.

  2. Zellwegger is a fat fucking cunt….

    Tom Hanks is also a cunt…
    Not forgetting his ‘There were only the Americans at Normandy’ shite that was Saving Private Ryan, Hanks has now gone on the (surprise!) BBC website to give a motivational message to Aston Villa fans….

    I am sure that had cheered up the Villa fans no end… What a smug, patronising walking ego, Hollywood wanker of a cunt….

    • “There were only the Americans at Normandy” Of course they were AFTER so many got bloody massacred including my great great uncle. The Wanks arrived After the massacre to plop their flag in the sand fucking bellends.
      When americunts get involved in a war they automatically get all the thanks and rewards even though they fuck everything up. Americunts are braggy little cunts claiming they did all the work when in reality they had a small part,they exaggerate like madmen.

      • The Yankees were probably responsible for most of the allied casualties on D Day. Stupid Gung Ho Top Gun wankers.

    • “Life is like a box of chocolates” Meaning by the time it comes your way, some other cunt has nicked all the good stuff…

  3. Is someone going to recunt Scousers? Had to turn off the news because it was full of Scouse cunts bleating about shit that happened fucking years ago.


    • The BBC are lapping it up, it means they don’t have to show any of the NHS junior doctors strikes.

      • Aren’t they be fucked! Jeremy Vile did it on his show yesterday and today, and radio cunting 4 today and pm programs were full of it.

  4. I know he’s been done before but this cunt seriously needs cunting again Sir Lenny (fucking racist twat Henry) is about to receive an award from those placating cunt luvvies at BAFTA (Bastard and fucker twat awarders) for his “Contribution to TV” ummmmm what contribution? Is that the “darkies are underrepresented on TV contribution” or the “Bastardisation of British culture on TV contribution” or even the “Turn on and slag off all the white people who supported his lousy career when he was just the darkie who won new faces or whatever that awful show was he was in” or is it his contribution to “shagging other women behind his idiot leftie wife’s back for years and still convincing people he was a good bloke contribution” because it certainly can be his ads for that dreadful motel with “extra comfy beds” that always seem to be situated by the UK’s noisiest and most polluted roads contribution. Oh but maybe it’s his contribution to that scamming shit Comic relief who fund arms in africa and child slave labour with the British public’s hard earned cash after all he was the co founder along with that other cunt Richard Curtis (don’t get me started on that Cunt) The award he is being given is in honour of Alan Clark that well known white leftie film director who worked for the BBC for years directing and promoting tripe such as Made in Britain, and who loved to rubbish our troops role in Northern Ireland. Cunt’s awarding cunts for being cunts. I believe that deserves a major cunting.

    • Richard Curtis is indeed a cunt, that climate change film of his was thoroughly horrible in so many ways. Blowing up children who dare to ask questions or display sceptical tendencies? More genuinely “nasty” than any horror or action film and preaches a dangerous version of conformity. From the generation that lectured us on standing up to “The Man” Foul fucking hypocrites…

    • I would like to get you started on that Richard Curtis Cunt. Off you go….

    • Lenny is indeed a cunt, cunt thinks he made the big time in spite of his colour when it should be in spite of his total lack of talent.

  5. Zeliwegger is a horrible actress too, well she plays a smarmy lovey dovey type not great at acting IMO. That plastic surgery was a bad idea she looked better without it plastic surgery can mess you right up serves the bitch right. Thats probably was she was a slag to your friend norm, plastic surgery depression

  6. With a heavy heart, I hereby nominate Robert “Kryten” Llewellyn as a cunt. Liked him in Red Dwarf (although Chris Barrie was the real talent) and liked him in Scrapheap Challenge (although Lisa Roger’s arse was nicer to look at), and thought he was a genuine nice bloke. However during an appearance on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff last year, when the phone in discussion moved onto the subject of Big Government vs Small Government, he showed the TV audience his true cuntish colours. When a caller was expressing his concern over the growing intrusiveness of The State and the growth of surveillance, this cunt wrinkled up his nose like someone had farted under it and, in a sneering faux posh tone replied “I suppose you’d rather live in Small Government Somalia”. Concerned caller then gets quickly cut off, in true Matthew Shite fashion. Well Robert old son, for your information I don’t want to live in Somalia, but neither do I wish to live in a Stasi controlled State either. And a well thought out compromise between the two seems to be beyond the capabilities of our Lords and Masters and other clever people like yourselves to create, so fuck you…

    • Good cunting,
      He is a fucking arse, I heard stories that he fucked up his lines every time when filming RD and had to multiple takes on nearly every scene, a friend of mine worked as a runner on series 1, 2 & 3.

      And Lisa Rogers back in 1998-2004 was so fucking hot, god I shot some spunk over her, especially her topless scene in that Lock Stock TV spin-off series that was on Channel 4 and that trashy Mistresses show she did sluting it up in lingerie every week….happy days

  7. She looks like an ant eater and I have never thought she was a very good actress.Also she has fucked up her face with plastic surgery.Who would have thought you could make that face worse?She should sue.If a woman ever asks you to watch Bridget Jones with you then you are well and truly friend zoned!

  8. Since the plastic surgery I would definately bust in its back doors.

    Before the plastic surgery the best I could muster would be a sympathy shag after six pints.

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