Benedict Cumberbatch [2]


Let’s put Cumbercunt at the top of the cunt list for being a complete arsehole of a privileged molly coddled dorm fagging twat.

Instead of being in character he uses every stage opportunity to harangue his paying bunch of fawning worshippers on subjects he thinks are fashionable and will get him twatted on social meedjia, just play the fucking Dane and fuck off back to the green room.

How the fuck he finds time to act is a mystery. His life appears to be taken up supporting fringe charities, mindfulness and whinging on about trying to avoid awkward questions about his public school knob gazing.

This quote sums the self-obsessed cunt up perfectly – “It taught me that you come into this world as you leave it, on your own. It’s made me want to live a life less ordinary.” , said after he’d been abducted in Sarf Africa. Seems like he doesn’t follow his own shitty mantras, the cunt.

Nominated by: Arsebiscuit

13 thoughts on “Benedict Cumberbatch [2]

  1. Now firmly attached to the Hollywood teat and about to star in the upcoming “Dr Strange” movie so that’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe ruined. I hope Scarlett Johannson kicks him square in the nuts (His little cunt mate Martin Freeloader is in the new Captain America film as well, thanks heavens for the fast forward button…)

    • And doesn’t he look a bit like Stan Laurel in the above picture? With apologies to Stan Laurel…

  2. LGBT activists are cunts. And stupid cunts at that. Two more of these morons have been hacked to death in Bangladesh while trying to force their weird agenda on a people that not only consider homosexuality deeply immoral, but completely fucking illegal. You’d think these mincing fuckwits would understand by now that most of the world prefers men to marry women and leave it at that, but no, they have to march in and demand equality, because this is “their right”. Turned out fucking well for you two didn’t it? Cunts.

    • The same sort of cunts who would smother themselves in horseradish sauce then walk into a village full of cannibals for a head-to-head discussion on the merits of vegetarianism. No loss to Mankind whatsoever…. or is the word “MANkind” sexist now? Personkind? or even Perdaughterkind? Utter utter UTTER FUCKING CUNTS!!! I need to lie down…..

      • “No loss to Mankind whatsoever…. or is the word “MANkind” sexist now?”

        Actually mankind is sexist now the proper saying is GenderKind(LBGT cuntspeak). However, the gender neutral and inclusive term humankind is now the accepted phrase thank the feminists poofs and trannies

      • Couldn’t agree more, pal… I recall some daft PC bitch in the early 90s approaching Alex Ferguson and asking if he thought Manchester United should now be called ‘Personchester United…’ Old Taggart told the silly cow to fuck off… Those were the days…

      • I’d like to find out where in Bangladesh this incident occurred, be nice to post the locals a case of beer…

  3. So, if God made “GenderKind” in his own image, what the fuck did He look like?

  4. He is a knob isn’t he? You don’t come into this alone. Your fucking mother is there, she kind of has to be. And then there’s the midwife, a doctor if necessary, probably your dad. See? not alone. Benedryl Cuntyslap talks bollocks.

    • As mentioned before, the best bit of that last “Star Trek” movie was Cumberposh getting punched repeatedly in the face by an enraged Mr Spock. If I can figure out how to do it I’d like to put that scene on a loop and have it as a screensaver. How much of a cunt does someone have to be that even a member of a peace loving, logical, emotionally restrained species wants to chin him repeatedly…?

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