Louis Kidd


Louis Kidd deserves a gargantuan,colossal, cunting of biblical proportions!!

This little cunt is responsible for setting up a company and making 40 million nuisance calls!! I repeat 40 fucking million if this does not make him a cunt I do not know what does.

Nominated by: Toryboy

10 thoughts on “Louis Kidd

  1. “….gargantuan,colossal, cunting of biblical proportions!” That’s one big well deserved cunting. Being self-employed my phone is my business life and I have to answer it. The novelty of being duped by an automated call system soon wears off after the second or third such call of the day I recently cunted BT for allowing these calls, but, it’s good to get up close and personal and I would like to get up close with this jerk with a Mk3a studded cunting stick for a bit of one on one call recipient feedback.

    You’re a CUNT.

  2. Well cunted, Toryboy. Nuisance calls are the bane of my life. The moment I detect one, which takes about 2 seconds of the daft foreigner reading from their script, I interrupt by suggesting that they stop and tell me immediately what goods or services they are selling. If they follow my suggestion and I am interested in their products – as unlikely a daily double as that pair of nags I put the house on back in the day – we may do business. If they do not they are summarily dismissed with extreme prejudice.
    Call centre cunce!

  3. Its getting warmer now which brings a lot of benefits (seeing sexy women wearing a lot less, cheaper Gas And Electric bills etc). However this time of year also brings with it those met annoying of cunts FLIES, see my last cunting(http://is-a-cunt.com/2015/09/flies-2/) for more info, I would like to add they are fucking horrible cunts who like to be sick on shit and then eat it, If thats not cunt behaviour I don’t know what is and they are irritating cunts as well especially when you get the odd massive cunt of a Fly who sounds like a fucking lawnmower in the room. Does anyone actually like the cunts? Flies are fucking cunts if you dont understand what I’m saying. The cunts.

    • Should say “However this time o f year also brings with it those most annoying of cunts FLIES,” spellchecker count.

  4. Those little fruit fly things are cunts. Appear out of nowhere and do their little fly-dance in front of your laptop, the buggers. Very distracting when you’re concentrating hard on some quality porn.

  5. Oh come on he’s just a kidd …. he was only kidding leave him alone… haven’t you ever been a kidd before?…. couldn’t resist but yeah nuisance calls and telemarketing calls are cunts

  6. What a slimy looking gluebag cunt. Tape a load of old phones to lump of wood and beat him flat with it.

  7. It looks like he’s got something of Marc Almond about/in him. Eeeeeeeeeewwwwww!
    Almost forgot, slimy little cunt.

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