Feminism [2]

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Feminists want equality and a voice for women. I dunno I have had enough of what feminists want nowadays. I feel they keep on bitching and they ruin young boys & mens lives in the process.

Teenagers today for the most part don’t bother dating and if they do get married it doesn’t last for long. I think feminists have tainted the waters for too bloody long. They are also instrumental in the gay agenda(trans too) telling kids its alright to be gay( I really don’t hate poofs but I wouldn’t encourage the bloody thing).

Have you seen the feminists holding up “trade racists for refugees” placards? FFS! what a bunch of race trading slags . Feminism might of sounded like a great idea when everybody was taking acid,smoking pot & snorting coke in the 60’s and 70’s but it was a bad fucking idea. Its gotten out of control and it ruined the concept of families for kids nowadays.

Nominated by: Titslapper

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  1. To be fair to 2nd wave feminist Germaine Greer – she has been thrown under the bus by these misandric, 3rd wave feminists for saying that a trans woman is not a real woman because has not had a life of experience as a woman.

    The problem with modern feminism is that there is no orthodoxy. Originally, 3rd wave, marxist feminists tried to co-opt certain “marginalised minorities” in order to bolster their ranks against the Bourgeoisie………… I mean “White, Hetero-normative, Cisgender Patriarchy” in order to form a social justice alliance (kyriarchy in marxist terms). This is how they originally co-opted trans people.

    You get many feminists who say that only physiological sex (male and female) objectively exists and that genders (man/boy and woman/girl) are social constructs.

    For this reason, some feminazis refuse to recognise trans women as women because trans women claim to have been “born in the wrong body”……… if gender is a social construct and thus arbitrary……. how can you be born in the “wrong” body?

    Now that gays have won their civil rights in the west, they have been demoted on the progressive stack to below fucking MUSLIMS! and as we have seen from the aftermath of the NYE attacks in Cologne and other places, the cowardly appeasers are even throwing WOMEN under the bus.

    Modern feminism seems to actively try to keep women in a state of perpetual victimhood in order to justify it’s own existence. Feminism is like a new religion with it’s original sin – male privelege (which cannot be renounced so men should feel guilty and prostrate themselves to women) feminist witch hunts, it’s idolatry of the vagina, it’s belief in an unfalsifiable bogey man (Patriarchy) and deeming anybody who strays from the accepted dogma as some kind of heretic. In fact, feminism/social justice make christianity sound logical and coherent by comparison.

    Rant over……….. I could go on all day……. watch way to much SargonOfAkkad I think.

  2. Indeed Titslapper. When I were a lad out on the town in Tipton c1974, we had no truck with feminism. Any movement with ism on the end has got to be cunt, by default. Except, gism, of course. Anyway, I’m starting to digress. Getting back to the 70s. Imagine a young Flaxen Saxon, devilishly handsome with long blond hair aflowing, all dressed in flares, cheese cloth shirt and crushed velvet jacket; the fat birds were all over me. Your mates holding the bird of your choice down was a legitimate courting technique back then. Of course, the fucking leftard feminists would call it rape these days. At least, we made sure there were no witnesses.

  3. Excellent rant most informative enjoyed reading. Strongly agree that a lack of orthodoxy muddies the water so much that most of their spouting is contradictory fuckwitness. Agree with Greer that choping one’s balls off and sitting down to piss does not make one a women. The fact that they have so many agenders is good dis-organised they are less of a threat. Gays have lost their place at top of scrotum pole, transgender is the new crusade but and its a big one Muslims are still the repressed of choice and therefor trump all. I thank you again for your informative rant.

  4. And now there’s some bint from Game of Thrones claiming if a man is not a feminist, he’s sexist.
    Somewhere there’s a cuppa that needs making darlin’

  5. I nominate the yanky shitstain ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ who by his own admission via his website state 70% of the people he’s caught has been accomplished by other yanky cowards dobbing them in. What a long haired, muscle-bound guud ole boi.
    Double cunt, twat and fanny stabberrr.

    Nuthin but an ex-con, born again gowd bother ma lord. Smote him and his slut wife. N take all that yanky dollar he gowt fur his troubles then he can git a decent haircut. Ahrmen.

    • he is an actual cunt, reformed con, born again christian, knob head! I would love for him to get banged up with some of his tropheys.

      • Yeah, the bit where he catches the crim, who is usually a shoplifter or other non violent dreg and he is giving them the “hey bro, you did bad stuff and that but God loves you” speech. It would be bad enough to be rounded up by that mullet midget cunt,his cake whore of a wife and their retarded mong offspring but to have the god bollocks thrown in, I would rather be shot in the face. I hope he gets a Steve Irwin type of curtain call and he is blown away by some old biddy with a .44.

  6. I just work on the all are equal principal unless you cant do it, then you are not equal, but to demand an equal recognition in a field that you are not qualified in is insane.
    I met an 18 year old femail recce mech dragging 70ton (capacity not weight) chains accross a concrete tank park, she was struggling, being a gentlman I gave her the same advice as I would give a bloke, its part of the job, be glad you are not dragging them over rough ground with people shooting at you, I think she left shortly after woulds.
    so yeh equal rights fine, posative discrimination wrong!, and the whole idea that because you are a minority or special group you should be granted special status for nonconformation is beyond me, (paticularly if its at my expense)

  7. BT corporation …is a cunt.

    Have an ex-directory number a caller preference, but still get nuisance calls. Complain and no joy, HOWEVER, we (BT) can sell you a nuisance call blocker phone for 50 quid or a quad set for 100 quid which will block up to 100% of nuisance calls. So;

    They have the technology, or have they?
    You have to enter a full contact list? Life just keeps getting shorter.
    Up to 100% = 0.0 x 10∞% to 100%. Crafty piss poor math cunts.
    They make money from theses nuisance calls.

    BT you is a CUNT!

  8. East Grinstead deserves cunting… Apparenty it’s now going to be home to that uber-tit Tom Cruise, and guess what??! It’s full to overflowing with a load of seriously loony/twisted religious set-ups – not just scientology. and, on the feminism topic, another little Emma Watson item…
    “War, disease, crime and arse-banditry, Harry Potter novels, distress of nations, perplexity, dribbling gibberish and Iain Duncan-Smith will increase until the Archbishop of Cunterbury seals Emma Watson’s box “. According to the Panacea Society (patent holders of Dr. Melveau’s Portuguese Female Pills), the box is often seen at a lay-by somewhere between Towcester and Daventry.
    Or something like that…

  9. I read today that Ian McKewan the author has come in for some tranny/femi flak for daring to say that ‘I always thought someone with a penis was a man. Maybe I’m old fashioned’.
    Not at all mate, keep it simple.

  10. Just ignore them when they start spouting a load of feminazi shite, it really pisses them off.

    And when I say ignore, I mean physically turn your back on them.

    They’re going to call you a sexist pig anyway, you’re just short-circuiting the argument.

    • It’s like the old proverb “If a man speaks and there isn’t a woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?”
      All these cunts wanting equality. We have equality now through the many human rights acts and bollocks. What they want is preferential treatment, and that goes for the whole lot, gender, race, religion, tranny etc.

      • A PC version of “Short Man Syndrome” whereby minorities believe they deserve a disproportionate amount of power. Today’s revolutionary is indeed tomorrow’s dictator….

  11. i’m a cunt. i had a brilliant idea for a cunting and now it’s slipped what i like to call my mind. i’ll get back to you.

  12. People who put crap on their phones are cunts…
    In the old days a telephone just used to ring… Now we have cunts disturbing and annoying the fuck out of everyone within earshot with loud and irritating ‘tones…’
    Everything from the Star Wars theme, the McDonald’s ‘whistle’ that disgusting cunt, Lord Sugar, saying ‘You’re Fired!’ to some crappy jungle music or rap shite blaring out… Don’t these mongs realise it’s a telephone, not a fucking toy?!

    • Being a bit of an old bastard I thought fuck it I will have an impressive ringtone that will cause people to stop in their tracks. I therefore chose the amazing “Koniggratzer Marsch” written by Johann Gottfried Piefke to celebrate the Prussian victory over the Austrians in 18 something. Used as background music in the book burning scene in Indiannas an old cunt Jones and hopefully the Last Crusade or some such wank. When I am called by one of my friends the stirring tones blare out of the old Barbour pocket and I let it play and answer just before call goes to voicemail. The good people of the village stare in wonder at the cuntishness of the situation ipso facto I am a cunt the difference being I do not care and like the skirl of the pipes this music makes me want to apply the cold steel with great vigour to all and everything more than three incoming calls a day and I need to up the anti psychotics.

      • My phone goes “ring ring” when some cunt is calling me, however my text alerts are a selection of sound clips from Tourette’s sufferers. Had to go into the cunting phone shop about my billing shite and as the bint assistant was trying to sort out my phone she opened up the internet to be confronted by the is a cunt homepage. A minute later she sent a message to my phone to be rewarded with the sound of a man saying “bollocks”. Oh well….

      • I’m on the hunt for the Horst Wessel Lied. It would need silencing on my hols in Bavaria as its illegal there. On a musical aside it fits perfectly with a well known hymn which would be a neat alibi.

  13. Well cunted!! That fucking whistle has got to be about the most irritant electronic noise evet.
    If ever get round to sussing out this bloody gizmo that’s probably frying my bollox, I’ll download the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore “Nurse ! Mr. Hastings” sketch at the highest possible volume. At least that’d give me a larf when one of those cunt-infested organisations tries phoning me re. the car crash that I never had (cos I was fucking living in Vienna for the last two years)…

  14. Bruce Springsteen is a cunt.
    He has cancelled one of his fake blue collar panto gigs that attract cunts like maggots to a rotting corpse. This was to be held in North Carolina, where the authorities there have passed a law saying you must use what gender toilets are appropriate to the genitalia you possess. The “Boss”,and let’s face it, only a full on fucking wanker would want a nickname like that, says this law is discriminatory and grossly unfair. Listen Bruce, I really don’t care if someone mixed up fuck thinks he/she is a fucking zebra, if you piss standing up, you go to the fucking gents. More time wasted and more tax payers cash spunked away debating this issue instead of sorting out pot holes or bin collections.
    Oh, and your music sucks balls, you haven’t had a real job since the fucking seventies so stop pretending you just finished a shift down the docks you fucking cock.

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