Britain Stronger in Europe

stronger in europe

Project Fear has been rolled out again with the lies and spin being put out by arch cunt Stuart Rose over at ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’

And if that’s not enough, the cheeky cunts have the audacity to send out unsolicited emails explaining how important the decision will be and how it’s even more important that we donate £10 (or more) to the fighting fund to keep the UK in the rotten cuntfest that is the Fourth Reich.

The bastards in the Reich get £1.91 a day off me already through my taxes and now BSE want me to give them money so they can carry on taking more money off me.

It’s a monumental piss take. I want my £1.91 back!

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15 thoughts on “Britain Stronger in Europe

  1. I would rather eat my own shit than give even a single penny to these cunts.If they knock on my door I shall vomit like the old lady out of Little Britain.£10 to help destroy the sovereignty of my country.Fuck that!

  2. All the people in that picture are trying not to look shit scared that if we pull out of the EU all their greedy business interests will go up in smoke, ahahaha fuck em, cunts!

    • Absolutely terrified that they’ll lose that constant procession of cheap labour, flowing in from Eastern Europe! Cunts might have to start paying British rate wages to British workers.

  3. Not only do they expect us turkeys to vote for Christmas but they want a donation to the gas bill… Fuck ’em.

  4. “A reformed Europe, a reformed Europe”! How many times will I have to hear those words over the next 4 months, spilling out of that posh, inbred twat Cameron’s arse licking mouth? I wish this was even funny, but it’s not. We’ll never be allowed to leave the EU, not with the whole cunting parliament being on the gravy train. Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas, and politicunts don’t encourage the masses to vote to get rid of other politicunts. Westminster or Brussels, it makes no difference, they’re all one big happy family of mountainous cunts!

  5. Whilst we’re on the subject of Britain… I’d like to nominate the Brit Awards for a cunting, as they’re coming up on Wednesday. Whilst I’m delighted that it wont be hosted by James “Tubby McFatFuck” Corden or Davina “I’d literally kill a baby to stay on TV” McCall, I also don’t care as I won’t be watching it.

    Featuring performances from Adele, Coldplay, Little Mix, Justin Bieber, James Bay and Rihanna – sooooo….. I wonder what the numerous commercial breaks will be advertising (apart from plenty of plugs for bloody sport relief – another celebrity love-in)?

    It’s live of course, so we live in hope that at least one of the above will fall (or be dragged) off the stage, leave a tit on display or… hopefully… be taken out by a secret TV studio assassin (my dream job). But as I said, I don’t care as I won’t be watching it.

    In between their predictably turgid, lip-synced performances, there will of course be the awards themselves – a thousand daggers sent to the stage with each smile of those who didn’t win as they clap dutifully. Meanwhile those who do win will gush through their acceptance speeches with all the genuine emotion of Hal 9000 whilst occassionally attempting some wit that would make David Brent look positively erudite. But as I said, I don’t care as I won’t be watching it.

    Well it’s going to be an ego-fest alright – no doubt more than a few will try to make some kind of political statement, but given that our politicians struggle with this task, I don’t hold out much hope for anything sensible from a bunch of overpaid cabaret cunts.

    Did I mention that I won’t be watching it?

  6. You need to carry a mental ‘swing-0-meter’ and see how balanced the nay and yea coverage is; day one and the needle has broken the yea end stop, bent double and disappeared out of sight. I sat through the whole Hooray Henry & Henrietta laugh in; what an embarrassing farce.


  7. Who the fuck do I vote for at the next general election??! Are there any conviction politicians left (as opposed to “convicted” of larceny, paedo-filing, pig-fucking expenses-fiddling…)? Most of the parties seem to be ripping themselves apart, gutless farts in colanders that can’t get out for holes. Does Boris Johnson resemble Trump just a tiny bit?
    I know!! Someone can BUY my vote… half a million in an offshore lock-up, and…I’ll vote for their opponents. Alternatively, I might just have a quiet night in blowing my didgeridoo, and tying my kangaroo down for a bit of the old non-consensual “sport”.
    Btw, had anybody else heard that one of the signs of total nuclear destruction is that “Woman’s Hour” is off the air for three episodes on the trot? Presumably meaning that Jenni Murray is transformed into a few tankerloads of axle-grease!

  8. Has anyone else taken a look at the poles?

    Somehow the ‘IN’ voters are currently sitting at 51%.

    How the fuck does that work and who the fuck are these cunts who want to stay in the EU?

    Either the poles have been rigged (like the vote will be) or we have far too many immigrants here that are allowed to vote.

    Voting should be limited to people who were actually born here. Not a bunch of illegal immigrant scum who have been allowed to stay because they own a fucking cat.

    • no real change in the bookies odds, still 2/5 remain, 2/1 leave
      can’t make it out as the polls are pretty close, altho’ someone said that the bookies give 75% of undecided to remain (status quo) and only 25% to leave. if you look at readers below the line comments they’re probably about 2 or 3 to 1 in favour of leaving.
      so it does look as tho’ the polls are going to be rigged

  9. The BBC went into full EU progaganda mode yesterday

    I’m not sure of the state of Laura Kuenssberg’s pants yesterday, but she was beyond moist at the prospect of the referendum

    She will be somewhere between foaming and frothing by the 23rd of June

    And what is it about Robert Preseton that gives me a terrible desire to smack him one with an iron bar ?, I’m not a violent man, but something about him wants me to smack him one

  10. The paper reviewers on Sky News contain a large proportion of leftie
    immigrant twats spouting their pro EU obnoxious views…..who invites them on?

  11. Alibi Brown is a good example of an ugly, mouthy, anti-British cow, who ought

    to be made to wear a burkha at all times, & one of those dustbin bag outfits

    which so enhance the appearance of twats like her……no lipstick mind!

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