Kiera Knightly


Kiera Knightly is a fucking anorexic cunt who weighs less than an astronaut’s fart.

Who the fuck thinks she is attractive? Who would want to give that a portion? You would be frightened of breaking the cunt. And she never closes her gob when she is talking which makes me just want to nut the bitch. Cunt.

Nominated by: Fat Rich

21 thoughts on “Kiera Knightly

  1. As a female I have to say I think she’s very pretty, but very thin. Actually, my favourite female movie star of all time is Audrey Hepburn who was beautiful and elegant but also painfully thin. I guess there are people who are just genetically skinny.

  2. They had to airbrush some tits on her for a Pirates of the Caribbean advertising poster….she’s a strange young man for sure/

  3. I have always liked/fancied Keira Knightley, nice bit of slightly posh English crumpet and I think she has a very pretty face. I see her type round Notting Hill, Kensington a lot. I would definitely bang it, and athough I like a bit more meat I could make an exception.

  4. She’s like that cunt Julie Andrews – but worse.

    She has the over-articulated, cheap-elocution-lessons, happy-clappy, faux-human voice of a lower-middle class cunt desperately trying to be posh.

    Everything about her is affected and an actor-lovie veneer to cover her true self – a filthy ho that wants to inject heroin into her flaps and have sex with blacks in public toilets.

    She needs to revert to type, get some tattoos and start pissing in the streets.

  5. Hi, I’m new here but can I nominate Chris Spivey yet again? The dick actually reported me to the old bill for trolling HIM. He’s definitely a cunt and I feel that he deserves another mention.

    • good cunting spivey is a 24k ocean going cunt and a total fucking hypocrite fancy reporting someone else for being a troll,pot- kettle comes to mind,i could do better than troll,turn up in person and fillin the little troll cunt

  6. Can I just add that Chris Spivey is a cunt. I actually had a knock on the door today from some of Essex polices finest regarding me trolling his site months ago. Glass houses etc

    • To which you said ‘is pressing charges’, because I fucking hope so because if he thinks he was being trolled then wait and see what fucking happens if the case gets publicity and people that have never heard of the bogtrotter crybaby cunt can see what hes been writing about Paris terror attacks, Lee Rigby’s parents etc. The trolling of him and his worthless site will reach defcon levels with a few genuine death threats thrown in too….then you’ll have your fucking work cut out officers!

  7. he is strangely silent atm. doesnt he realise we all desperately want his views on the California shootings and the Leytonstone stabbings?otherwise we might all be naively believing these incidents happened exactly as they are being reported in the MSM.. how fucking silly would that be?

    • I want his opinion on the John Lewis Advert. I’m convinced it’s a false flag.

  8. I’m not aware of having watched any of her films, but for me she falls into the same category as Gwynneth Paltrow – for supposedly beautiful women they sure are unattractive.

    • Gwyneth Paltrow was placed on this earth for the sole purpose of ruining all three Iron Man movies…..

  9. Thin birds are cunts,they should all have big arses and even bigger tits,saying that Rebel is a fucking moose

  10. Look at it ,a skinny rake of shit and shit films !
    And when the fucking windbags open their mouths you know they are fucked !
    That ballet dancing was a right crowd puller CUNTS ONE AND ALL

    • Who in their right minds looks at such shite
      Needs more pregnant and pram pushing middle class

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