Pete Wishart


Pete Wishart is a gobby, two-faced cunt.

Wishart has been scathing in his criticism of “English Votes for English Laws”, the proposed measure to limit the voting rights of Scottish MPs to vote on English (and Welsh and even N Irish where applicable) policies in the Commons.

“This is an oootrage!” snarled Wishart in the face of the Tory plans, “this is oooor parliament too! This is the UK parliament! And we’ll be made second class MPs in it if this goes through!” squawked the apoplectic Pete as he cast doom-laden predictions about EVEL accelerating the break-up of the UK (you would think a Scot Nat would be pleased at the idea…) and looked on the verge of running up and punching the speaker before chinning the sergeant-at-arms.

All fair and good (and a bit batty) but Wishart was only last year saying “the issue of EVEL is of no consequence”, dismissing the idea of being unimportant to Scottish voters (who as we all know are the bright centre of the observable universe) and mocking the other parties for getting involved in an unseemly spat.

So which is it? The increasingly apoplectic, vein-throbbing-in-his-temples pub bore sounds more and more like a classic politician – a two faced, opportunistic hypocrite, and with every spittle-spraying outburst he is undermining the SNP’s claim to moral superiority to the “evil Westminster” system they claim to despise.

Pete Wishart, pub bore wannabe, hypocrite and loud-mouth, may not stand out much from his countrymen, but for being an MP stood in full opposition to any semblance of English devolution (and it can barely be called that) he is truly one big stupid cunt.

Nominated by: Colin Murray’s Brain

44 thoughts on “Pete Wishart

  1. Well said. Like most Jocks and Jock politicians everything is about being a fucking Jock. Nobody normal cares, now fuck off cunt.

  2. Can I nominate Greville Janner (and I doubt it’ll be the first or last time)? This kiddy-fiddling cunt had wriggled out of standing trial for fucking kids by being declared medically unfit. Two things. Firstly, he was fucking fit enough to be claiming his daily allowances from the House of Lords, not bad for someone who “can’t recognise his own children” (perhaps if he looked at their arses rather than faces it’d all come flooding back). Secondly, how depressingly predictable that the legal system is protecting one of their own. They stick together these cunts.

    • They certainly do stick together. I don’t for one second believe that Janner’s ‘condition’ is anywhere near as bad as his family say it is. In my opinion, this whole saga has displayed what a bunch of cunts his family is. Knowing full well that Janner is a sick, lowlife paedo, they continue to stand by the piece of shit. Nobody with any decency does that.

      Back in the 80’s a Mafia Don in New York pretended to have dementia. He even went as far as to walk the streets in his pyjamas, a dressing gown and slippers. The feds never gave up on their surveillance of him, and eventually he made a mistake that saw him take up residence in a prison cell. I think Janner is doing the same thing.

      • Dementia is no bar to a trial or even a prison sentence as many stated cases have shown in the past.

  3. Mr Wishart appears to me a man who has imbibed to well and unwisely on Sauchiehall St of a Saturday evening “Oi you looking at me Jimmy“ one can hear him say.

  4. The SNP are fucking hypocrites. They insist on having a say in things that have absolutely nothing to do with them, but if the UK parliament insisted on having a say on matters that were solely Scottish, they’d be screaming blue murder. I reckon they’re causing trouble on this issue because they’re hoping that if they fuck up an important English/Welsh issue, then the English and Welsh will start to call for Scotland to be kicked out of the Union.

    Last years referendum should have been open to all the nations in the Union. Then the SNP would have had their ‘independence’. Even though they wanted to put themselves under the boot of the scum in Brussels. The thing is though, Scots Nats are so thick, they wouldn’t have had a clue how to run their cuntry. And no, that’s not a spelling mistake.

    • Wee Burney Sturgeon is a toxic dwarf…. Like those Sinn Fein cunts in the 80s, the SNP and their shit should be banned from English TV and radio… Because they are just as anti-English as those fenian cunts…

    • Never interrupt your enemy what they are making a mistake. The utter cuntitude of the Nationalists is being well noted up here and they are going to get a big shock come the next elections. Mark my fucking words.

      • Hey Vermin, I went to the bookies on the strength of your tip and lost my fucking shirt! Never again will I mark the fucking words of a half-wit Cunt-Spotter…….

  5. Harry Clarke is a prize cunt…

    This is the cunt who was ‘unconscious’ when his bin wagon veered out of control on 22 December 2014, killing six people…. A recent inquiry report states that he repeatedly lied in order to gain and retain jobs and licences…So if the lying bastard hadn’t been so selfish and stupid six innocent people would be preparing for Christmas (which is what they were doing when he killed them) and several families wouldn’t have been wrecked… I am not interested in ‘health issues’ or how sorry Clarke is… He should be in HM Prison Barlinnie, the murdering fat cunt….

    • You beat me to it. You forgot to mention that the fat, bald, murdering cunt also deliberately concealed the fact that he’d passed out at the wheel of bus in April 2010. This filthy, distended rectum selfishly put himself before others when he decided to find a job that involved driving a heavy vehicle. And he did so knowing full well that he was not medically fit to do so. In fact, immediately after that incident he lied to two of the three doctors who treated him. He told them he’d fainted in the canteen. He did that because he knew that telling the truth meant the end of his career as a driver.

      And apparently, that wasn’t even the first time he’d blacked out. That happened in the 1970’s. And he’d had a history of dizziness and blackouts for at least 30 years. Yet the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal, decided he was not sufficiently criminally minded to prosecute. They’re looking somewhat stupid now.

      What makes him particularly disgusting though, is his cowardly refusal to answer any questions at the inquiry back in August. He stood there and other than to tell the inquiry that he blacked out “like a light switch”, he declined to answer anymore questions, because he’d been told that relatives of his victims were planning to bring a private prosecution against him. So not only is he a coward, he lacks honour. Because he also refused to apologise to the relatives of his victims whilst in the dock. He only did so later, in a written statement.

      Fifteen injured and six dead, including three people from the same family. Erin McQuade and her grandparents Jack and Lorraine Sweeney. All because Clarke lied about his medical condition.

      • Lying about medical conditions invalidates your motor insurance so with any luck all compensation due to the affected families will be sought from him, as it looks like he has fuck all….morally or financially, hopefully a jail sentence of equal proportions will be handed out to the cunt, not enough no matter what but whilst he’s being beaten and buggered senseless in the vulnerable prisoner wing it may give relatives some slight recompense!

      • I doubt there’s anyone in prison right now who’s desperate enough to try buggering that fat piece of shit. Not even Charles Bronson. Although, Bronson would, no doubt, give Clarke the beating he richly deserves.

  6. Norman you are quite right, what those poor families have gone through is terrible. Didn’t Chris one brain cell Spivey say it was all a hoax, I can’t believe that man hasn’t been sectioned yet.

      • Bollocks. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to a naked bird you cocksucking cunt.

      • Listen son, we all appreciate new contributors and visitors on here but you are bordering on being a wind up, annoying Cunt. It’s not about trying to argue and look better than the other Cunters, it’s about cunting the many Cunts in this world. Now please try and reign it in a little or I no cook you sa pasta.

      • oh guardian hater/tittyslapper/fat rich i’m flattered you should need to open another account to reply, but your lack of courage to reply with your original one speaks volumes about your lack of courage…cue denials….fnarrr fnarrrr fnarrrrrrr
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      • I was going to recommend a cunting for sockpuppet account replies but I find internet cowardice such a hilarious concept it should simply be encouraged for the amusement factor *chortles

    • I bet some Cunt on here would try and eat or chew that ball hanging near the cunt. You desperate Cunt whoever you are. Me I would try and get a Chocolate off the tree.

      • yup, and by the looks of similar wording I bet tittyslapper/fat rich have more than enough sockpuppet accounts here to last a lifetime ….you know who you are too fnarrr

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    • I wear your sockpuppet cowardly attention as a badge of honour…You are just angry i’m better than you 🙂

  8. Better than me? You are not better than anyone you stupid Cunt. I know you think your the main man here but your not now fuck off cunt.

    • Ooops touched a nerve lol

      ‘Wind up’ only a complete fucking moron lets themselves get wound up by what someone replies on the internet…..and then get’s so furious opens cowardly sockpuppet accounts to reply, fucking hysterical i’ll be laughing all week on that one….whoop whooooop 🙂

      This assholery is better than some of the cunting candidates *hugs

      • If you want to join in with the grown-ups probably best cut down on using ‘lol’ and the smiley faces.

      • I’ll do as I fucking please. Whilst your on the subject of grown ups they don’t tend to cry, sulk and go into hysterics when they get a reply they don’t like, they don’t open sock puppet accounts either LOL

      • I’ve not opened one of these ‘sock puppet’ accounts that you mention every other post. Get your facts right and then please fuck off from this site.

      • Ahahaha you seem to think I care what you think, say, or want…’re a sulky crybaby cunt who seems to be able to dish it out but not take it LOOOOOOOOL 🙂

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