Amanda Abbington


Amanda Abbington is a cunt…

As well as being a tax dodging crap actress (riding on the back of that other cunt, Martin Freeman) this silly bitch has put it round that Steven Moffat (that cunt again!) wants her to be the first female Doctor Who….. Both her and Moffat should be taken out before this is ever allowed to happen….

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. No no no we cannot have a female Dr Who, its wrong on so many levels, what next, just seen a female referee whining on tv about being badly treated. Go and make some mince pies, that’s what I shall be doing this morning, men are men and women should be women. Simple.

    • Well said, us women should know our place ! (Ref Harry Enfield, sometime in the 90’s, hilarious)

    • I saw a bit of MOTD2 on BBC2 earlier, it featured a fucking woman on the panel.
      What next, Graham Le Saux assessing players arses? Graham Norton assessing how inviting their “flat back four” is?

    • I’m becoming increasingly convinced that there WILL be a female Doctor. Moffat did it again last night, turning a male Timelord into a female. The pube headed Scottish cunt just can’t leave it alone. And the thought of that tax avoiding slag in the role makes it even worse.

      • Bollocks. The whole male / female Time Lord thing is fine, he’s put it in to stop the tiresome “female Doctor” speculation every time the lead leaves. It worked great with the Master becoming Missy, but the Doctor won’t become female because everyone knows that would be tokenism, and there are some things not even the BBC would fuck about with.

  2. Amanda Abbington is a cunt, much like that Olivia Coleman cunt.
    They have 2 or 3 shows that get viewers and TV execs fawns over them like they are some kind of uber actors, and as a result get so much work and casting calls.
    Bunch of cunts!
    Dr Who is/was and always will be fucking shite, aimed at fucking retards, the BBC’s demographic.
    Don’t get me started on the fucking BBC! – These cunts now want the license fee to be incorporated in to ISP’s bills.
    Hang-on, I thought the license fee was for live television, so why the fuck are the BBC proposing that ANYONE with internet access should fund their child-fucking organisation.
    So how is that in any way NOT a tax?
    Regardless if you ever go near, etc you will be FORCED to fund these cunts to the tune of over £5 BILLION A YEAR!

    The way I see it, if they manage to get this introduced I will happily rescind my internet access.


    • Somethings got to cover the losses from the Clarkson-less Top Gear’s inevitable failure……

    • To be fair they do need the money, all that cocaine doesn’t pay for itself you know.

  3. I hope they leave Dr Who as male and white, why should everything be multi ethnic or have strong feisty female roles? It’s done in such a self-conscious way that it’s racist/sexist in itself and irritatingly PC.

    Have you noticed how unrepresentative actors/media types are of the majority of people? They all seem to belong to the regressive left who are systematically ruining our country.

  4. Doctor Who was better than I expected last night, thanks to Peter Capaldi…
    But those Beeb cunts had to put at least one PC bit in it… A (white male) Time Lord General regenerates into (wait for it!) a black woman who’s first words are a swipe at men having big egos… Now, if woman had regenerated into a man and said, ‘Bloody hell! I didn’t half used to nag and cry at crap films!’ we would here the ‘sexist’ siren blaring out for miles…. I think in ten years time the BBC will introduce a white male character into Doctor Who just for the novelty value of it…. Because every other bugger in it is going to be a woman… The recent UNIT scenes were laughable… A major military organisation and there are no male officers? That’s taking the PC crap too far….

    • That’s why I refuse to entertain Who anymore and it’s rumoured among some fans to be why Chris Eccleston sadly quit. Stuck it out with Tennant (who’s a bit of a cunt admittedly, but did put an admirable amount of effort into the part) until that Moffat cunt took over and it all slopped down the PC toilet. I’ve been catching up with 1960s episodes of The Avengers on an obscure Freeview channel and Diana Rigg did the “Strong Woman” thing with much more class. Linda Thorson was pretty good too… (and Patrick MacNee was an absolute legend, about the only regrettable celebrity death of 2015).

      • I loved The Avengers… As well as Emma Peel and Tara King I liked Cathy Gale… Honor Blackman was a favourite of mine as a young boy…

        After showing show much promise, this Doctor Who christmas special is going to be shite… Just the title alone spells it out: The Husbands Of River Song… Pass the sick bucket…

      • I think Christopher Eccleston quitting because the show was too PC is about as likely as Jeremy Corbyn saying “actually, some of these blacks aren’t contributing an awful lot to society”.

    • The Christmas special is going to be annoying though. River fucking Song returns.

      • Come on Mr Bastard get into the Christmas spirit and make it The Great Escape; you never know, he might just get over the wire this time.

      • Got that on disc too….. Funny how Steve McQueen managed to find the only Triumph motorbike that the German Army possessed. Imagine trying to do that jump on a big fat BMW…..

  5. That Christmas Sherlock actually looks promising… Especially if it is a nod to the classic Jeremy Brett Granada TV version… But that Abbington woman is going to ruin it… She is a crap actress and she plays a crap character, and if we all got people we were shagging jobs there would be no real new employees anywhere… That Freeman bloke must be mad or pecked like chicken feed… Living with her and working with her?! Does he take her to the pub too?! I can hear Brian Jones on his marimbas right now (‘Under my thumb etc….’)….

  6. Those poor cunts in Cumbria… One can imagine the conversation:

    Resident of Cumbria: “What happened to the money we were promised for flood defences?”
    Government Cunt: “Err it went on foreign aid, mate, and housing migrants…”
    Resident of Cumbria:: “Thanks a fucking bunch, you cunts!”

  7. With Dr Who, I suppose I want to be the little kid who hid behind the sofa, Darleks, Cyber men, and those crazy daffodils. Innovative and scary stuff

    Now it’s just totally introspective, all about itself, as much fun as a Henrik Ibsen play.

    Some leftie cunt trying to be being clever

    • Like that new Star Wars film… I don’t want soap opera bullshit or the legacy of the force… I want Darth Vader choking people to death and Han Solo and Chewie blasting their way out of trouble…

    • Hit the jackpot in our local charity shop last week, a couple of early 1970s Jon Pertwee Dr Who DVDs for a fiver. At last I can view them in a format that does justice to the special effects…..

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