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Arch-Druid Justin Welby is a cunt.

There are so many reasons one could choose to call this cunt a cunt. However I am NOT calling him a cunt because he:
1/ walks around in a dress;
2/ thinks we should base our morality on a book of Bronze Age myths where animals talk, “god” kills you for wanking, the sun can stop in the sky without the Earth falling out of its orbit and virgins give birth to godmen who can come back to life;

3/ presumes to lecture the government about poverty whilst living in a palace.

And NOT because:
4/ he is a fucking brain-dead Islamophile who wants to fill up an already overcrowded island with people fleeing a sectarian civil war caused by people like him arguing about who has the best imaginary friend.

No, the reason I am nominating the Arch-Druid is because of his opposition to euthanasia. My late grandmother suffered an unnecessarily prolonged death ten years ago and now my wife’s grandfather is suffering the same. And why? Because cunts like Welby say their imaginary fucking friend says euthanasia is a sin.

Putting an animal down when it is suffering is considered an act of compassion. But allowing a person to suffer an agonising death is fine because … (cue grasshoppers).

Fuck you Welby. Fuck you and all your brain-dead, retarded, holier-than-thou followers. And fuck your imaginary friend too. And fuck all the imaginary friends whose followers have caused nothing but misery for fucking centuries.

Nominated by: Cunt’s Mate Cunt

22 thoughts on “Justin Welby [3]

  1. Cunt’s Mate, I couldn’t agree more. These twats say animals can be put out of their misery, but we have to suffer. They should all be shot.

  2. I don’t mind the proper religions like Church of England (in fact that’s the only real religion), but refusing to allow the right to die is a real cunt’s trick.

      • yup, ‘real religion’ loooooooooooooooool grow a beard and join in with the other sky pixie worshiping batshit crazy cunts!

      • Fuck off you pair of cocksuckers. If someone wants to play at being religious at least C of E is generally well-mannered and less murdery than most other religions. You pair of fucking queer cunts.

      • Ooooooooooh getch u ducky, now wipe your mascara runs away and state that C of E is the only real religion again looooooool

  3. From the picture he does look like a gormless, brain dead cunt. That fucking pole he’s holding should be shoved right up his arse. Hopefully there will come a day when he is laid up in a hospital, in excruciating pain wanting it all to end, and one of his cunts of followers say ” no me old arch Druid mate, euthanasia is a sin you can suffer until you croak by natural causes you old cunt”, and he can then experience what he has preached, a nice long drawn out, slow painful death.

  4. His mouth always looks puffed-up from suck-cock.

    And his face has the generic features of a homosexual (like Graham Norton, Peter Tatchell, Evan Davis, Elton John, Ellen Degeneres, and his wife [beard]).

    Dirty bastard is a shit-eating Satanist.

  5. Considering Welbys former career in the oil industry and his love of all things Islamic I would question his credentials. Or maybe that should be left to Mrs Welby.

  6. Well lets hope this fucking cunt spends his final years in agonising pain and wondering when his imaginary mate is going to come and help. Best he can hope for is one of his other mates, (you know the middle eastern variety who he was so keen to see invade our country) come and hack the cunt to pieces on a street corner. The world doesn’t need the likes of you Welby, you serve no useful purpose. You have earned the severe cunting you have just received from Cunt Mate Cunt. Now do the world a favour, fuck off and die !!!….CUNT

  7. Religion is the paedophiles excuse for their ‘Sins’. All that asking for forgiveness business is due to their ‘tendencies’ . So to sum up, religion was not corrupted by but conceived in paedophillia.

    • You’ve convinced me. It’s just those 250 million septics with more guns than IQ points and the 1.5 billion muzzies we have to worry about.

  8. I totally agreed with all the points you made, even though euthanasia was the real cunting. Maybe people who are against euthanasia should be allowed to suffer right up to the end and leave the rest of us to make up our own minds and not be caught up in their ridiculous religious ideologies.

    I’m an atheist, but I have to agree with Guardian Hater that our Anglican form of Christianity is nowhere near as harmful as the obscurantism and regressive shit coming from Islam.

  9. If someone hasa terminal illness and their quality of life is diminished to the extent that they’d rather die other people (Welby etc) should respect this. Putting “religious” pressure on them is being an absolute cunt, so Welby – shut your fuckin’ mouth.

  10. Agree with you entirely CMC, and you have my fullest sympathy.. Back in 1980s, my Great-Aunt was dying of bowel cancer, puking up the unmentionable… thank **** there was an agency nurse with a) the right ideas, and b) a big enough supply of morphine. One morning, the nurse came down and said “Mrs X was having an appalling night… I had to give her extra morphine, and she slipped away.” It’s what most of us would want, I think. Similar with my ex-wife’s Grandpa and his cancer. One of my Grandmothers, in a lucid moment (she had Alzheimer’s), stuck in a nursing home from where there were numerous escape attempts, said that she just wanted a length of rope to hang herself.
    Somebody recently felt that the “sparkle” had gone out of her life, and wanted to refuse dialysis, despite her kidneys being shot from a suicide attempt… the medics were desperate to keep her alive, to the point of sectioning her. The Judge had more sense. What is up with these people??! When vets help Fido or the kids’ beloved Hammy the hamster out of his/her misery, nobody calls them murdering Nazis, or talks about some “slippery slope.” I despair, I really do… If things get bad for me, I know how to do it – Nitrogen – painless, no distress, no smell / discomfort. Look at Michael Portillo’s documentary on YouTube, probably the best thing ANY politico has ever done… He deserves a knighthood for that – some of the most intelligent TV I’ve seen for many years.
    Anti-euthanasia types really piss me off… it’s done on such depressingly predictable, unimaginative grounds, as well. As soon as you hear the words “Slippery slope,” “God’s will,” etc etc, you know what’s coming…

    • Quite simply one of the best things ever posted here… My late mother died of colon cancer and those cunts at North Manchester General Hospital didn’t even send her home by ambulance (it never came) and they also let her go without a morphine driver… MacMillan and the district nurses were a godsend, because those cunts at the Hospital and my mothers GP of 12 years who didn’t even bother to come out and see her before her death couldn’t care less or find their arse with both hands… Fuck the NHS and fuck the church…

    • Excellent post. The basic message of most religions is “be nice to other people” (I appreciate that this may have become slightly degraded over the years…), so why do these pricks make themselves so unlikable by saying it’s OK to make terminally ill people suffer and deny them any dignity in their final days? Do they really have so little self-perception? Still, some nice hymns and carols.

  11. Can we all carry on cunting this fucking cunt coz I can think of very few if any more deserving cases.

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