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I’m nominating Stephen Moffat for a cunting. Due to the fact the Scottish twat turned the Master in to Missy towards the end of last season, I stopped watching, on the basis that Stephen Moffat is a politically correct, far left shithouse, with pubic hair on his head. He couldn’t write the alphabet without adding some kind of left wing slant to it.

When the new series started the Saturday before last, I decided to give it a chance, just in a case a miracle happened, and he’d written a script that was actually entertaining, rather than a load of left wing drivel. I should have known better, but I’m nothing if not optimistic. I had to turn it off after Missy made a comment to Clara about, ‘when the Doctor was a little girl’.

Moffat seems to be oblivious to the fact that he is going to ruin a much loved show, with his obsession with making at least one incarnation of the Doctor female. What is it with left wingers, that makes them feel the need to piss all over once great television shows, by adding a left wing agenda? With Russell Davies, it was about promoting faggots and faggotry. With Davies, it’s about promoting ‘gender reassignment’. On a couple of occasions, Missy referred to herself as a ‘Timelady’. Considering she used to be a man, it would be more accurate to call her a ‘Timetranny’.

From now on, I’m only going to watch the original series of Dr Who. Hartnell through to McCoy. They may have been corny as fuck, but they were at least unburdened by any PC bullshit.

Nominated by” Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. I think you’re talking shit old man. Agree with the leftie slant – sadly that’s endemic in most BBC shows, and frequently was in old Who as well. I don’t think he’s going to make the Doctor female, but the question had to be addressed because every time the lead announces they’re leaving the inevitable “when are we getting a female Doctor” media bollocks starts (and has done since Tom Baker announced his departure). Moffat argued against a female Doctor on TV when they announced Peter Capaldi. The Master / Missy stuff could be seen as a sop to those banging on about it, as far as I’m concerned I didn’t mind it at all, especially as Michelle Gomez is great. As for the Doctor “being a little girl” – joke? Deliberately put in to wind people up?

    One other thing – calling the original run ‘corny as fuck’ is the behaviour of a total cunt.

    What’s your opinion of the UNIT dating controversy?

  2. I had to google him as I hadn’t a clue who he is, i’m still none the wiser really but can state quite categorically for me at least that he has put the ‘WHO’ in Doctor Who so in that respect he’s a cunt!

  3. I had never seen Doctor Who before, and I only watched the new series 10 years ago because of the deliciously fuckable Billie Piper as Rose; I suppose her mum could have sticky seconds if she asked. The choice of Christopher Eccleston as the doctor was okay, but I had only ever seen him act in Cracker and seen him in Gone in Sixty Seconds, as I didn’t watch much TV then.

    I have no idea why that utter cunt noel clarke was in it, I despise the cunt so much that I can’t even be bothered to use caps for his fucking name. The same goes for that other utter cunt, john ‘up me dirtbox’ cunting bastard barrowman.

    When it came to the doctor changing, I was going to give up on it, I can’t stand the cunt that is david tennnant either, but because Rose was still in it, I forced myself to carry on watching. However, I do think a lot of scenes with her running around in slow motion, getting her tits out, and maybe showing her gorgeous tight bare curvy arse, would have made better viewing figures.

    When it came to Rose leaving I was going to give up, especially as the annoying horse faced cunt catherine tate was in it, but I was reeled back in again by the gorgeous Freema Agyeman as the much, much munchable Martha. Scenes with her walking around nude could have been added too, she is so fucking horny.

    Then it came to Martha leaving, and that cunting bastarding catherine fucking tate was back, I just gave up watching it. The bbc was beginning to change for the worse, so I thought fuck it. However, If they’re going to have a female doctor, may I suggest frank maloney, or that cunt jenner, that’ll be right up the bbc’s dirtbox, sorry, street.

    • If you like Billie Piper, and you are fucking welcome to her as I wouldn’t want anything to do with any cunt who has sucked on chris the uber ginger cunt evens’ nut sack, then you will love “Penny Dreadful”.

      • My apologies, I had somehow forgotten that she was married to that carrot headed annoying cunt of a human being. The thought of plating her now makes me feel ill. Freema Agyeman is the best now, and Rose’s mum is still welcome to sticky fifths or even sixths.

  4. Dr Who would be better if Peter Capaldi did it in the style of “Malcolm Tucker” (The Thick of it) and Missy a.k.a. Michelle Gomez in the style of “Sue White” (Greenwing)

  5. I don’t like Moffat either… His attempt to reboot The Daleks as gay multicoloured dayglo dusty bins backfired spectacularly, and the classic Daleks were brought back damn quick… Also saddling Matt Smith with all that River Song shite was a joke… It became more about her than it did The Doctor himself… And the lesbian Victorian Silurian and her cockney housemade/lover? Jesus fucking Christ….

    I like Gomez as Missy, but John Simm has been treated like a piece of piss by Moffat… Apparently Simm was told the Master would not be returning (Moffat also said this in an interview)… Moffat then brings the character back (as a woman) without consulting Simm and doesn’t even explain how Harold Saxon regenerated into Missy… Imagine the uproar if the great Roger Delgado (if he’d lived) had been replaced by a female Master without Delgado even being told and nobody knew (not even Delgado himself) what had happened to the original (and best) Master….

    I also noticed in the (otherwise quite good) recent Zygon two parter that everyone who is employed by UNIT is a woman… There’s Kate Stewart, there’s the Osgoods (fuck knows how many there are!), that other bird with the specs, and even the army commander was that woman from Alan Partridge… And the American cop was…. you’ve guessed it… I’m all for equality but surely any military organisation has male officers in its ranks? The PC crap is absurd… And as good as Gomez is (love that voice), surely Moffat put her in it to appease all the PC cunts at the BBC… Which isn’t the way it should be done, is it? Still, I would rather have Missy than the blight on Doctor Who that was/is River Fucking Song any time…. That ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ was the worst episode in the show’s entire history…

    Best companion of the Nu-Who era? Amy Pond…. No question, no contest…. The things I would do with her….

    • Have to admit I’ve not really bothered with Dr Who since about Tennant’s second season, mainly due to the appearance of Catherine Tate (AAAAGGHHHH!!! NOOOOO!!!) and the endless PC shite invasion. Old Dr Who had a rather admirable “peace-loving” attitude which was fine but now it’s just overdone and crammed down the viewer’s throat incessantly from what few recent episodes I’ve caught bits of. Despite the overdone dramatics and lots of CGI they still have yet to produce anything as intense or meaningful as “Genesis of the Daleks”. Funny enough I caught an old episode of The Avengers on some obscure Freeview channel the other day and Roger Delgado was in it, as a baddie naturally.

      • I’ve always found Genesis vastly over-rated. I used to have the C90 cassette version, which managed to get the plot in quite nicely without all the other bollocks.

      • It did manage to offend Mary Whitehouse’s National Viewers and Listeners association (elderly Fascists), for that I’d give it a BAFTA, an Oscar and the gold key to the Royal shithouse. To be fair Genesis is rather ruined in places by a couple of ropey creature effects but hey, it’s 1970’s Dr Who.

  6. This is the BBC in a nutshell…

    ISIS: we are Islamic….
    BBC : No you’re not…. Islam is the religion of peace….

    Boy: I am a girl….
    BBC: Absolutely…. Fancy a top job?

    • Talking of the BBC I just watched the daily Politics Show, mainly because I was stopped near Trafalgar Square yesterday to chuck a ball into a perspex box under the vote of “Who gets their issues heard more, men or women” and it was on this afternoon. (not me though as I declined being filmed)
      I asked if they were keeping tally of the proportion of men and women who voted and the man said it wasn’t important. Anyone who walks around a city in the UK knows that women outnumber men during the day by a vast amount so i doubt the “vote” was anything approaching representative.
      However. With an optimistic mind and through gritted teeth ploughed through the usual BBC bullshit as Management PR speak trampled over Junior Doctors into having to accept a 15 hour day Monday to Friday with Saturdays just a 12 hour day and just a brief mention of those baddies in Syria to keep it in our minds and shitting ourselves hiding under the bed.
      Enter MP (tory cunt) for somewhere with a name I have never heard of and couldn’t be arsed remembering, who says issues for men are not asked in the commons at all, “… we have time set aside for the Womens’ minister on specifically womens’ issues but noting for me”, after which Baroness Bakewell (Labour and ex-TV person) wades in and stamps all over his toys with a thinly disguised insult wearing the painted face of objectiveness.
      MP Tory-Fucker gets another half a sentence in and the other bint starts with the old, “Women are paid less, only 192 women MPs, Men make all the rules, the wrongs of the tampon tax and “years of oppression” before time runs out and we are onto a new story of some poor apologist fuck whinging that we should all ……. and then my tv was kicked off the stand.
      All the time this MP was on Andrew Marr looked at his iPad screen, never once engaging his guest or defending him. ……….. CUNT!
      BBC, …. cunts.

  7. The BBC World Service is a cunt.

    It used to be classy with mellifluous received pronunciation from intelligent admirable presenters, and with a delightful cornucopia of informative and entertaining content.

    Now it’s a bunch of idiot snot-throat wogs harping on about sodomy, women’s rights, and other such filthy fucking shit, in virtually animal eeky ooky language.

    The World Service is funded by the United Kingdom’s television licence fee yet is some sort of special needs mambo-jumbo for African mud-hutters, mixed with lame NWO propaganda posing as news.

    The BBC should be closed down and BBC workers should be whipped in public until their innards fallout.

    • He’s hardly going to allow common people to put a halt to his life financial of milk and honey mate…smug looking toff cunt that he is!

  8. I dont watch doctor WHO, I saw it once from behind the sofa in the 70’s my only input on this conversation can be the fact that the Tardis noise was made by a guy running a key up and down a piano string,

    • That’s not terribly likely is it? Even for the current BBC. I think they’re trying to distance themselves from the whole paedo arena.

  9. This series of Dr Who has been beyond dire, the Daleks need to exterminate the fucking lot of them.

    Or rather exterminated from a transgender Dalek that was a sort a vagina on the top of it’s helmet , that only want’s to find it’s inner self, or whatever

  10. I liked the last episode (‘Sleep No More’)… A touch of The League Of Gentlemen about it…
    I hope Missy kills Clara and then mercilessly destroys River Cunt Song at Xmas…

    Moffat looks like he has SPG (Vyvyan’s hamster) on top of his head…

    • I’m not looking forward to River Song returning, got fed up with her pretty quickly. Mind you, I believe it’s a record for Alex Kingston appearing in something without showing her cunt.

      • Saw her in MacBeth at the National playing opposite Branagh. It was pretty good all round.
        You can get it on Pirate Bay. Worth checking out if you’re into Wagglestick…

  11. Steven Moffat is still a ginormous cunt…
    The pube headed one has now told Doctor Who fans who have complained about the all new feminazi PC lady Doctor to ‘Shut the hell up!’…. The arrogance of this wankstain is astounding…. Openly refers to himself as the ‘Showrunner’ of Doctor Who… Not even the infamous John Nathan Turner did that… Moffat also seriously believes his convoluted PC obsessed dogdirt has made the show better and that every event or story in history, time and space featuring blacks, gays, wimmin and lezzzas is plausible… I wouldn’t blame Capaldi one bit if he decked this smug self satisfied spunkbubble, for ruining the chance of a lifetime and destroying a TV legend into the bargain…

    And that Gatiss is a cunt and all….

    • One of the Bond film screenwriters, can’t remember if it’s Neal Purvis or Robert Wade, has said that he can’t imagine trying to write a Bond screenplay for a world where Don the Combover is US president. Considering that the Bond films have steadily slopped down the shitter since Purvis & Wade were first hired in 1998, who fucking cares? Couple of useless, unimaginative hacks…

      • I’m sick and fuckin tired of pathetic liberal Cunts spouting endless shit about trump!! These are the kind of shitbags who think obuma was a huge success ? I beg to differ!!
        Trump isn’t likeable but you can only judge what a president has done over a period of time, these liberal fuckers don’t want to give him a chance!, are they frightened that as bigger cunt as he is America may be better off with him than next cab off the rank hiliary Clinton?? , her sense of entitlement is truly sickening!! , unfortunately I saw her on the Andrew Neil show a few weeks ago, bitter cow! , unsurprisingly she thinks brexit is a bad idea!! CUNT……..

      • Obama spent 10 years doing absolutely fuck all. Couldn’t even close down Guantanamo Bay, ffs!

        “Yes we can”? Fuck off! About as effective and sickening as a Hershey’s milk chocolate teapot.

        Guess history will blame this on his White half holding the whip hand over his sainted Black half. Not that the white half ever got a mention during his deeply disillusioning stint as President. Cunt.

      • And the yanks weren’t in the mood to be fooled again by voting in a cunt just cos it had a gash between its legs. Multiple elephants in the room almost guaranteed things would turn out the way they did…

      • I think the ABBC had her on every show possible, they also wheeled her out for One show & Graham Norton’s show and maybe more. She should have appeared on Crimewatch as well, crooked bitch.

        I think they film Jool’s Hootafanny early so she may appear again on screen at hogmany too with her shitty book. So much lies & bull that it should be on the fiction shelves.

        Nothing but a pre Trump visit trouble making mission.

  12. I’m praying the new ultra PC doctor Who takes a huge ratings hit, Moffatt is a 24 carat cunt, nothing would please me more than to see this once brilliant TV programme spectacularly bomb!….
    Watch the shit stains over at the guardian and the not so big up the new series of DW for all their worth….As a poster said In a previous thread ” you can tie a bow around it but it’s still a turd”….

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