Not Hungary !


Hungary are definitely not cunts.

They have stopped the migrant cunts in their tracks, which is a job the Greek and Italian cunts should have done.

As a mark of my admiration and respect for the Hungarian anti-cunts I may well jump on a plane and visit their fine country, drink loads of beer and engage the services of what I imagine to be very reasonably priced prostitutes, thus bolstering their meager economy.

Nominated by: Fat Rich

129 thoughts on “Not Hungary !

  1. Come orn cunters. Help make it to the ton on comments. Will donate a selfie orf me old arse to the lucky punter who makes the hundredth (trolls and cock puppets exluded).

  2. Watching Sky news is becoming masochistic as yet another dumb cunt, this time an Irish Muslim convert if you please, says she will give up her home to house some migrant scum. Fucking idiot. The bosh have opened the floodgates to an estimated 20 million on the borders of the EU with a clear and simple message; get yourself into Europe by whatever means you can and we will give you a home, job, schools, hospitals etc. I wonder what will happen next…

    I’m reminded of a quote by George Carlin, whom I normally regard to be a cunt but in this instance he is spot on;

    “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”

    • Thing is sky news isn’t, News that is. It has descended into a quagmire of pointless cunts, in pairs, ‘doing the Newspapers’. Should I ever want to ‘do the newspapers’ I would go out and steal one; if I wanted -insert 2x celebricunts- to ‘do’ said paper for me I would hunt them down, tie them up and stitch their eyes open so they could read me to sleep. TV doesn’t do news. Papers don’t do truth. Anyone who thinks otherwise say after me: Baaa Baaa Baaa Ba………………………..

  3. I’m almost tempted to write ‘Disabled toilet’ just to get the numbers up to the magic ton.

    Go on Limply! You know you want to…. 😉

  4. And what is the first thing these cunts do when they get their feet under the table in Europe? Well, they steal an Apple telephone, they steal whisky from supermarkets and they expect free Happy Meals from McDonalds? It wouldn’t be so bad if the cunts looked for a job instead of getting pissed and not learning English. Still, at least the scousers will be happy, because not even a fucking immigrant would want to spend a night in Liverpool.

  5. Sky News jhave interviewed a guy who hadn’t lived in Syria for five years and was going to Germany for “a free house and money….” There are other places nearer to Syria that are perfectly safe, but Syrians don’t want to claim asylum here as there’s no welfare state…..
    Every piece of shit in the world will be posing as a ‘refugee’ and will be en route to Germany for a free house…. What a total farce….

    And as for The Sun and their ‘For Aylan (or whatever the poor kid’s name was)’ charity appeal, using the kid’s face badge/bumper sticker style, their retarded readers lapping it up and Simon Cowell letting everyone know he’s given ten grand to it (Cowell wipes his fat arse on ten grand!): Get to fuck, you fucking cunts!

    • Well said! Once again, TV is cunting up all of this. I see a new TV reality show on the horizon: I’m A Cunting Immigrant, Please Save Me.

      Also, please fuck that cunt Rupert Murdoch!

      • The horrible thing about it is that The Sun are probably glad that the young kid drowned…. It’s a gift from the gods for scum like that… These cunts will milk the kid’s image (alive and dead) to sell as many copies of their rag as they possibly can… And the giant smear of shit that is their readers willl swallow all their crap, inbetween watching X-Factor and Strictly Cunt Dancing…. Never mind migrants. Britain has enough cunts as it is…..

        And, I agree…. Scousers are cunts…

      • It’s hard to find a NHS dentist these days, but going to sea in a rubber dingy in a gale is probably going to end in tears

    • Cowell may well have given ten grand but that’s not as much as he put up for paedophile pal Jonathan King.

  6. I grow increasingly pissed off with this maudlin, funereal society we have become

    The most vocal “do gooders” will be moaning about NHS waiting times, housing shortages and the rest

  7. All these touchy feely cunts who want these ‘migrants’ let into the UK… I wonder how many of them will even give a thought to how many elderly British people will fall ill or die this winter, due to being unable to afford adequate food or heating? Not many? Oh silly me… I should have realised… British OAPs don’t count… It seems everyone matters in Britain except the British people themselves…

  8. One can imagine inside The Sun’s offices: ‘Some genuinely impaired or mentally ill person has been declared fit for full-time work, so they’ve killed themself? Nah! who gives a fuck about that? A drowned kid: that’s more like it… And let’s tie it in with Simon Cowell and The X-Factor… That’ll appeal to our mongs for readers…’

  9. There’s an old saying “learn from your mistakes” that the politicians and bleeding heart lefties and liberals could do with applying. Previous policies of allowing any old scum bag into this country and the misguided multicultural crap where we all integrate and live as one big happy family, has resulted in the total fucking mess we have today. And now they want to allow even more of the buggers in! The trouble is that they will just do what they want to do, mainly to please the EU twats and soft arsed cunts who say we have a duty to accept more. Well we don’t have any duty or responsibility to accept any at all and these latest cunts had already fled to Turkey which was a safe place for them. However the Turks probably don’t have a benefits system and won’t hand out goodies like we do. I compare this country and our supposed leaders to the Titanic. Were sailing along at full fucking speed into a massive immigration iceberg that we can clearly see and that will eventually sink us. The cunt Cameron needs to grow some balls and start making decisions that protect the future of this country, instead of cowering down to the EU and minority twats. If the fucking Germans and Frogs want to take in more of these migrants, that’s their choice, just don’t insist that we also do the same. Point the fuckers in the direction of the Arabic/Islam countries, where the culture is similar.

  10. Silver lining time:

    The EU have shown themselves to be an incompetent bunch of fucking dick head twats who couldn’t agree on how to best run a piss up in a brewery. They have known about the cunts itching to get into Europe for over a year and have done precisely fuck all about it and when the inevitable actually occurred all they could do was argue about what to do about it. Only Hungary actually followed the rules that were in place, and now the media is calling them a set of cunts for doing so.

    Surely after this farce even the most pro-European cunts can’t be daft enough to vote to stay in come the referendum next year. Surely to fuck no cunt is that stupid. Surely?

    • The migrant scum were becoming aggressive and uncooperative. Case in point the fucker who threw himself on the railway tracks along with his wife and kid then proceeded to beat himself around the head screaming allahu akbar. I’ve seen similar scenes in supermarkets when a 3 year old cant get its own way.

      The Hungarians had 2 choices, to let the cunts through or to break out the tear gas, water cannon and dogs. While the sight of an Alsatian biting one of the cunts’ face off would have been appealing I think the Hungarians had little choice especially due to the lack of support they were receiving from the rest of the EU.

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