Warm weather decriers


People who moan about the warm weather are cunts…. All I have seen on the telly and in the papers is whinging about 30 degree heat and the ‘chaos’ it causes… What a load of knackers..

I remember 1976 and it was fucking fantastic… There was no moaning then and it was much hotter… In those days people just got on with it… Now there’s soft bastards all over the place… Just goes to show how mardy Britain has become… But when it goes back to shitty weather we usually get in Blighty these same cunts will complain that we don’t get enough warm weather…

And remember: in this hot weather, never leave a dog in a car… Unless it is Katie Price….

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  1. The poor old BBC will have to change their terror model again, first it was ‘Global Warming’ which was soon replaced with ‘Climate Change’ when the data showed the planet was actually cooling, now with a few days of 30+ degree heat they can go back to ‘Global Warming’ – But hey, do not worry about it, it can all be cured with a Carbon Tax and by switching your TV off completely and not leaving it on ‘stand-by’, never mind Fukushima has been pumping radioactive isotopes in to the Pacific for the last 5 years which is destroying the ocean and all aquatic life.

  2. It’s too hot? Bollocks. All those moaning about a day of slightly humid weather in July (July? Never!) should be forced to play “car sauna” to experience what real heat is like.

    No moaning until it gets to at least 55 celsius, otherwise you will have your head shoved into a freezer for the rest of the day.

    Ahh, car sauna. Thanks for the memories Jezza and co!

  3. As that fat cunt Peter Kay said “it’s called summer, here have a Solero and shut the fuck up will ya!”

  4. I remember being in the car with my dad in 1976…. I nearly burnt my hand off just by touching the dashboard… But it was a great time (although Bobby Stokes is still offside!)…

    Paul McCartney is being a bit of a cunt… In the latest Esquire magazine (why don’t they put birds on the cover any more?) he goes on about how people went on about how John Lennon was the important one in The Beatles after his murder… That’s what happens to cultural figures when they die (even Michael Jackson): people eulogise and go overboard… The evaluation of The Beatlles as a unit has changed and balanced out since 1980…. Yet he still goes on about it….

    Then there’s him (still) yacking on about changing the songwriting credits to Lennon & McCartney songs…. What does it matter? Keith Richards solely wrote ‘Ruby Tuesday’, yet Keef doesn’t whine on saying it should just say ‘Richards’ or even ‘Richards/Jagger’… The Glimmer Twins agreed a two way split on their songs as Jagger/Richards and they’ve stuck to it… Macca moans about John being credited for ‘Yesterday’, but I still don’t see him saying ‘And I Love Her’ was a ‘McCartney/Harrison’ song (George came up with the famous acoustic guitar riff) or ‘Eleanor Rigby’ as ‘McCartney/Starkey’ (Richie thought up the ‘Father McKenzie’ verse)…. A tad hypocritical, I’d say….

    • Actually ruby tuesday was lyrically written by Keef but Brian Jones, is believed to come up with the melody supposedly theres video proof too on a old french movie.

      • The Beatles. The most over-rated band of all time. Four mediocre cunts, two of which haven’t even got the decency to fucking die.

      • Well said, Guardian Hater – a third-rate Buddy Holly/Hank Williams tribute band.

        McCartney is the gift that keeps on giving to Is-A-Cunt.com, if it’s not his bleating about songwriting credits, it’s his prematurely auburn hair, or his trademark “thumbs aloft” gesture which always makes me want to kick the cunt in the face.

      • Marianne Faithful said she saw Keith and Brian working together on Ruby Tuesday… Apparently Jagger didn’t like this one bit… Similar to his dislike of Keef becoming pals with Gram Parsons….

      • Ginger Baker on Jagger This effeminate little kid showed up, and I hated him,” Baker recalls “effeminate” Mick Jagger makes him seethe. “I thought, ‘Who is this stupid little cunt?’ I terrified the shit out of him. Baker and Bruce picked on the newcomer, throwing in complicated jazz licks to confuse the young Jagger . Jagger had a few good songs sympathy for the devil , sister morphine(heroin) but keef ,jones, Charlie Watts and Mick Taylor carried the band I think, Alot of the stones were pissed he accepted a MBE Watts on his honour “Anybody else would be lynched: 18 wives and 20 children(12 illegitimate) and he’s knighted, fantastic!” Richards also was pissed about it.

      • When I was in the Gambia a couple of years back, I was booked into Ngala Lodge were the owner is a Stones freak. By complete coincidence, he booked us into the Rolling Stones Suite which was chocka with memorabilia. I spent a week on a terrace reading Keith Richard’s autobiography. Interesting read.

        When I got back I took a listen to Jagger and Richards solo albums. Jaggers are all shite. Keith’s Main Offender album is particularly good, especially Wicked As It Seems which is a cracking track. When you listen to the chord progressions and open tuning, you can see where most of the Stones stuff came from.

        I had a late friend who worked for the Stones for a while. He claims to have written the lyrics to ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ and said they paid him off to stop him suing. He said he got a flat in Guildford and a E-type on the proceeds. He was gagged from saying so, but he’s dead now so they can’t touch him for it!

        My mate Chas C says all about it over at mine : http://dioclese.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/paul-wakely-obituary.html

      • The Beatles, what a load of fucking thieving scallies, one day they may be as big as Oasis, another bunch of thieving northern monkeys

        Music has been shit since 1980, same old digital shite compressed/processed and time-stretched to the point listening to it makes your ears bleed, in a bad way.
        Bring back vinyl, it was the source of my best chat up line that does not work anymore 🙁

        “Hey love, I’m a DJ, want to come back to mine and play with my 12 inches?”

        And it actually worked once, but that was when condoms were pretentious and I got a fucking dose of crabs off the slag – happy days 🙂

      • Was he killed off? or you mean gag order?(I read the link) lol anyway I’ll always convinced stones killed brian jones or had something to do with his death. They don’t seem to up front on the stuff he got credited on but who knows probably wrong. As for the jagger solo stuff it does suck alot infact in the majority of interviews he admits it. On another topic how is Keith Richards still alive? he has taken 10% of the world supply of heroin from 65-89 with breaks in between supposedly sober I think. I think health freaks should do more heroin haha actually some claim smack has anti-aging effects but this of course might be biased or half truth .BTW Talk Is Cheap (KR) was also pretty good.

  5. But….. I hate hot weather the sun is a proper cunt give me the moon for 24 hours instead mixed with rain and fog I know, I’m a sick fucking bastard but its true I complain about hot weather quite a bit but for good bloody reason .

    • Hot weather is a fucking cunt. Summer is a cunt. Can’t sleep, sweating, the scum make more noise than ever, hayfever, wasps, flying fucking ants. Only plus side – birds wearing less than usual. Roll on Autumn.

  6. Well it seems the Beatles haven’t been cunted before, and seeing that they’ve been cunts since the early sixties, I’d say it’s long overdue.. A few years ago I heard some Yank girl on the radio saying “I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like the Beatles.” I wanted to hold my hand out and say “Hello, my name’s Allan.”
    I thought they were rubbish from the start and I can honestly say I’ve never heard a Beatles song that I’ve liked. I was listening to bands like the Pretty Things and the Nashville Teens, and I couldn’t understand how these scouse cunts had become so popular.
    Years later I saw McCartney and Wings (?) on the tv, his band were all glowering at the camera and he was pulling silly faces, he looked so pleased with himself that I felt the urge to do him some damage. Smug bastard.
    The rest of them were no better, Lennon was shagging that horror show exhibit from Japan and Starr’s best work was in the film Candy.
    Overrated bunch of cunts who got lucky.

    • I fully support that cunting the beatles are cunts I like that song “Oh No” by Zappa and the mothers of invention which was a throwback to the beatles “all you need is love” I find it ironic that Lennon wrote it considering he abused his wife hated his children, took any drug given to him, was a asshole to anybody and everybody, and supported IRA and black panthers . My favorite songs of the beatles are Here comes the sun and My guitar gently weeps(Harrison), Rain, Benefit of Mr.Kite,A day in the Life,Strawberry Fields Foever(Lennon) Yesterday and Helter Skelter (McCartney) Sorry Ringo nothing from you haha but yes your right they were cunts and they used their ego to be musical saviours when in reality they were just abunch of bitter douchebags who hated each other.

      • And by favorite I meant only songs I like they wrote alot of shit especially during their solo careers. I mean I rather listen to the beatles then most manufactured shit they churn out nowadays but that just means I like a few of their songs they still are a bunch of cunts who helped ruin rock and helped fuel the idea of a rock n roll celebrity shitstain humanitarians with inflated ideas to save the world.

  7. The coolest Beatle was Pete, and that is why they sacked him: because birds were around him like flies round shit… George was also criminally overlooked and treated like a pound of piss by Lennon & McCartney… Every song Harrison brought to The Get Back/Let It Be sessions was betther than any of Lennon or Macca’s works then… But he was ignored and he thought ‘Fuck this’… I also think the other two might have been jealous of George for bagging the lovely Pattie Boyd… Lennon at least had the honesty to admit how bad he and Paul had treated George.. He said in 1969: “It’s a festering wound. It’s only this year that [George] has realised who he is. And all the fucking shit we’ve done to him.”

    A good few American bands were great from that time: The Byrds, Creedence, The Band, The Doors, The Stooges and Love…. Forever Changes blows Sgt Pepper away…

  8. Who said the BBC would wheel out the old Global Warming rhetoric again?

    Thats right, that ill informed non scientific cunt David Schukman at the BBC who does not know much about climate change clearly, but just like a sketch line from Mitchell & Webb, He reckons that we are in for more hot summers like 2003 and less devastating wet winters like 2013-2014.

    Thanks for sharing that deluded, already proven to be incorrect opinion, and presenting as fact. This is the climate change data report that was already proven to have been ‘sexed up’ a bit by the University of East Anglia.

    What an utter cunt.

  9. That would be me 🙂
    The BBC’s propaganda and lies are so fucking easy to spot, even Eastenders viewers are starting to see it, the BBC is dead in the water, TV as we know it will no longer exist as a terrestrial ‘analogue’ broadcast using radio waves.

    The whole digital switch over was about adapting the TV transmitters (which covers 99% of the country) to using packed bitsreams, in the old days 8mhz of analogue bandwidth was used for each of the 5 channels channels, (anywhere in the range of 450mhz – 800mhz depending on your local transmitter) now we have multiplexes broadcasting ‘digital’ in the same 8mhz, depending on the transmission mode QAM64 (24mb/s) & QAM256 (40mb/s).
    Now that may sound technical, but realise this, what the BBC have done is essentially create a HUGE wireless network that covers 99% of the country at license payers expense, the upper range has been sold off to mobile phone companies for 4G (790mhz and above) this leaves 450mhz – 780mhz, and remember that using QAM256 means EVERY 8mhz band can transmit 40mb/s) that is one fucking HUGE wireless network with insane capacity,
    IT is all about creating the SMART grid, aka the internet of things, look up SMART meters, they need wireless networks to transmit the data to the companies, how convenient that the digital switch over has solved this problem for them at NO cost.

    I understand I am getting a bit ‘conspiracy theorist’ but do your fucking research yourselves, ask yourself why EVERY nation on the planet (bar North Korea) is implementing a Digital TV switchover..

    1984 is coming, not bloody aliens, not blood sucking reptilians, but as always you mention a conspiracy with empirical data to back it up and you get pigeon holed with all the fucking nut jobs like Icke, Spivey etc

  10. Oh, I forgot to add something else about this huge planet wide network,
    Bitcoin is the latest thing being pushed on the public, and what does Bitcoin need to function? Yes, you guessed it a fucking huge wireless network so it can continually hash..
    And when they microchip the population your Bitcoin (money) will be on this chip continually hashing on the network, every transaction you make, everywhere you go will all be logged.

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