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Eniola Aluko -(Chelsea women’s team and ‘Lioness’) is a cunt….
Because of her failure (along with the rest of them) this silly cow now has been ‘rewarded’ with a ‘column’ on the BBC Sports website… And what pearls of wisdom did this bastion of the game have today? Manchester United should have a women’s team and join the World Cup party….

(1) It was not – and never will be – The World Cup… That was held last year in Brazil… Players like Moore, Charlton, Pele, Beckenbauer, Kempes, Zoff, and Zidane win World Cups… Not silly PC projects with stupid Fleet Street nicknames…

(2) Join the party? As I have already said, celebrating failure… Pure Eddie The Eagle losing is an achievement shite… What’s ext for the ‘Lionesses’, an open top bus?!

(3) MUFC do not have a women’s team and never should have one… For all the (many) faults that the club has today, they haven’t fallen for all this PC nu-footie crap…

So fuck off, Eniola Aluko….

Nominated by: Norman

13 thoughts on “Eniola Aluko

  1. Horrifying that this ‘Lionesses’ team will now be celebrities… They will appear on the usual crap (This Morning, Loose Women etc), they will be on TV adverts, they’ll be all over Sky Sports and the BBC,and they will have awards and rewards thrown at them for doing fuck all… Jossy’s Giants could beat the England Women’s team…

    And we all know the BBC is shite, but when one clicks on their football webpage and sees ‘Lionesses’ news getting top billing alongside real football clubs and real football news is sickening… Alex Ferguson has become a cunt in recent years, but he was spot on when he growled, ‘Fuckin’ nonsense!’ when asked about all this Women’s World Cup crap… Nice to know the old Fergie isn’t entirely dead..

  2. Lol – Even The Renford Rejects are better than the ‘Lionesses’ (10 points if you remember the Renford Rejects, 😀

    I totally concur, the ‘Lionesses’ will be wheeled out on The One Show, Loose Women, This Morning, Victoria Derbyshire, The News and any other light entertainment show they can secure their £5600 appearance fees on.

    Not to worry though, it will be at least another 4 years before these losers infect TV & the Media again, you just know there will be some ‘special achievement award’ wheeled out at the end of the year when the BBC holds it’s annual arse licking festival ‘Sports Personality Of The Year’

    Fucking Tampax wearing shower of losers, fuck off and get back in the kitchen where you fucking belong, and make me a cuppa tea now!

  3. oops typo, that should be £500 not £5600 (I’m such a fat fingered fuck and too lazy to actual proof read before posting)

  4. Hmmmm… I think this is a bit of PC stunt, a newspaper column eh? Am I the only one thinking ‘Token Black’ here?

    Still, might keep that racist cunt John Barnes quiet…..

  5. From the BBC:
    It is the ultimate London tourist trail – croissants with the Duke of Cambridge, coffee with Prime Minister David Cameron and a visit to Centre Court at Wimbledon. As days go, it is a pretty good one to be an England footballer as they celebrate their third-placed finish at the Women’s World Cup in Canada with a series of engagements.The squad, with manager Mark Sampson, landed back at Heathrow on Monday and were greeted by family and fans after their summer exploits showcased women’s football to a whole new audience. Up to 2.5 million people watched each game and 11.9 million saw some part of their journey to third place. So it was time to lap up some attention and, on a day to remember, one player even fitted in some mild stalking of David Beckham.

    Somebody sent these cunts to Syria (and that cunt Beckham too!)….

  6. Soz… Send these cunts to Syria it should be..

    So this is an ‘historic’ team?
    Well, they must be lumped in with every other ‘historic’ England team that has won fuck all since 1966…

    Old football clubs like Hereford United go bust and these cunts get millions spunked on them by the FA (Fuckwits Association) and the media wank over them while they ignore the struggling clubs of the lower leagues… I’d give ’em to Flaxen Saxon and a box of Swan Vestas….

  7. I’ve mostly been flicking my bean over Lucy Bronze, ooohh, she makes my slit so wet and creamy.

  8. A load of insecure morons frightened of women who they don’t know. The multi-millionaires who are idolized by these excuses for real men, know how valuable their contribution is the sport world-wide and have rightly praised them. But they can play the real top class game and or not the has beens or never wases hiding behind their PC screens.

    I think men’s football has too much money, if bankers and business men making that much there would be an outcry from Labour supporters, but cos they’re from working class backgrounds nothing’s said. They play in a league partly run by agents and is just a league that is full of mercenary foreigners, who don’t care for the Country that host them and the fans who adore them and hands over money just to put towards their retirement plans spent in some exotic location, while younger, potential England players are left behind to take their places if they can?

    The admission is also too much compared with Europe and the whole game is riddled with cheats, whose top teams have acting coaches as well as football ones. They’re all being conned and are too dumb to realize it and those that slur these women and the unconscious and constant slagging of them do it also to their mothers, aunts, nieces and daughters. Grow up!

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