The Budget

Budgie day

I’d like to cunt the government budget politics.

Top of the food chain image conscious media and politico type people going on TV to discuss and argue the budget winners and losers of the lower food chain classes. All perception-deception to hide we are budgeted by a plutocratic hieratical top down control system. Not seen (as it should be) democratic bottom up individual responsibilities about learning and earning merit to make budget balance prosperity and fair sharing.

The men in dark tailored suits, and women in designer outfits, spout their economics budget numbers and percentages shite on the mainstream media TV, radio and the Internet Twatter and Farcebook. The chattering classes return equal shite economics number counting and arguments boredom on the MSM answer-TV and the Internet reply comment spaces.

And the vacuous ‘free speech’ bleating pleb cunts shout the same reply responses budget nonsense on the MSM, but go further by spouting their own budget bollocks on Internet alternative media comment and blog sites.

Budget talking cunts. Fuck ’em all and fuck you government budget.

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9 thoughts on “The Budget

  1. I would agree that there is a lot of bollocks spouted about the budget with the proviso that such bollocks is spouted by ALL sides of the political spectrum.

    And my award for the worst performance of the day goes to Harriet Harman – oft cunted on this site – who demonstrated the importance of reading the speech that someone wrote for you before you stand up to deliver it. A truly woeful performance from her in the Commons this afternoon.

    Mind you, I fully expect Russell Brand to top even that at some point soon!

    • Harman is always worth a cunting. But so is Gideon “George” Osborne for including three of Ed Balls’ key policies – non-dom status, living wage and tax-relief cuts for Buy-To-Let landlords – all of which Gideot had roundly condemned and tirelessly rubbished throughout the election campaign. All politicians are opportunistic, lying cunts.

    • Harriet Harman is a reptilian mind-controlled political budget ‘crisis actor’, why else would she have made such a fuck up today if she had not forgotten her script?

      • As the old song goes, Maybe It’s Because She’s A Zionist. And a paedophile apologist. Or was simply too busy planning more false flag operations.

      • I spunked an hour of my life reading Spivey’s website last week.

        I would say that was about 59 minutes too much.

        He seriously needs to get out more often.

  2. A friend of mine who is a rich cunt from Daddy’s money is a jobbing actor, he has never been successful in any shape or form, unless you count being in a scene on Emmerdale with his back to camera pretending to play the fruit machine in the Woolpack. anyway, I digress.

    He has just told me he has secured a part in some terror exercise which he is not supposed to discuss which involves a terror attack on the London Underground which he is doing on Saturday.

    Now I suspect Chris Spivey will read this, see the rail strikes in London today and extrapolate that there will be a false flag event this Saturday in London involving a terror attack on the underground and today they are planting the fake explosives as it would be impossible to do with commuters around..

    Actually if something does happen Saturday that would be seriously fucked up :p

  3. The budget speak commentariat needs a good cunting.

    I am weary of reading shite like ‘3 million families hardest hit by tax credit cuts’ and ’13 million families loose at least £250….’ blah blah bollocks.

    But thats not really true is it? Its merely an obfuscation of the truth, and one of the main reasons why this country runs such a massive fiscal deficit.

    What is really happening is 3 million families have been living a lifestyle they can’t afford on the back every other working taxpayer. 3 million families are above their station, having kids that they can’t afford because someone else picks up the tab.

    ‘But its investing our countries future’ is the social and liberal cry. I would like to call bullshit on that one. We already have lots of shop assistants, nail technicians, Banksman/labourers, and serial breeders, we don’t need anymore. We have to get jonny foreigner into do some of the jobs because we, the english, feel we are too precious to do them ourselves, or if we forced a section of society to do this work it might be ‘degrading’ to them.

    Statistically speaking, a down’s syndrome couple is more likely to have a perfectly normal child than this level of investment in families is likely to bring substantial returns in the way of tax takings by the individuals getting good school grades (thats another cunting in itself) and well paying jobs.

    The state sponsored breeding programme has failed, and now needs to be curtailed. Cutting tax credits and family subsidies is clearly a step in the right direction. Having kids is a lifestyle choice, I don’t see any logical reason to continue funding it with taxpayers cash, for little or no return. The cost of educating this rabble, as well as trying to keep it alive long enough via the NHS to get some tax and NI out of them is a diminishing return.

    Its a dose of reality that 13 million people have done a Greece with all their lives, and now there is no more road to kick the can down.

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