People who adopt words and phrases that they’ve learned from watching American television programmes, because they think it’s ‘cool’ to talk that way, are cunts.

They call men and women ‘guys’. They say things like ‘no way’, and say ‘I guess’ instead of ‘I think’ or ‘I suppose’. My favourite pet hate is ‘off-of’. And they can’t stop saying ‘absolutely’. Whenever they’re asked a question, they don’t say ‘exactly’, or ‘you’re right’, or ‘that’s correct’, or even simply ‘yes’ any more, it’s always absofuckinlutely.

A nation whose version of English was derived from semi-literate Cornish sailors has nothing to teach us regarding our spoken or written language. They can’t even spell properly and haven’t yet learned the correct use of the pluperfect tense. All English people who parrot Americanisms are cunts.

Nominated by: Allan

I especially hated when cunts throughout the 90s used the word ‘Not’ because of Wayne’s World…. Like ‘I think that’s a good car – Not!’

Some tossers still use it today unfortunately (not to mention ‘We are not worthy!’ bullshit that came from the same film!)…

Other dreadful Yankisms are ‘Cowabunga!’ ‘Jack Diddly Squat’ and calling anyone ‘Dude’. I also loathe the term MILF… We all know what it means. But a sexy woman is just that, regardless of age… Putting the mother spin on it is a little too Norman Bates for my liking…

Nominated by: Norman

The yanks took the english language and raped it.

Also HTML is an Americanised cunt. Do you have any idea how many fucking times I have to type ‘center’ instead of ‘centre’ when writing this blog? Fucking hundreds, that’s how many times. It really gets on my tits!!!

Why can’t these cunts learn to spell????

Nominated by: Dioclese

7 thoughts on “Americanisms

  1. Good call, dude. I’ve seen this a couple times and it totally sucks ass.

  2. Lets not then get started on why cunts have also adapted wigger. Innit? You got me?

  3. Where do I start with this one. Blokes calling their mates bud ! I heard a woman the other day say she was going for diapers, a news report talking about a power outridge (however its spelt ? ) And I hate those signs that say traffic enforcement cameras and how is it that when people are asked how they are doing they reply with “I’m good “. Fuck off you cunts.

  4. The way ‘Yankyism’ has infested the British workplace is disgusting… Crap like ‘Curveball’, ‘Jack Didldly Squat’, ‘First Base’, ‘Taking one for the team’, ‘Dropping the ball at this stage in the game’, ‘FYI’, ‘Defcon One’, ‘Run with it’ and other such Yankee Doodle bullshit…

    And anyone in Blighty who refers to crisps as chips is a monumental cunt… Chips are those things that go with fish and mushy peas… What sort of nation of tossers calls the Great British chip French Fries anyway? And Snickers? Fucking Snickers? That name still grates over 20 years after Marathon was renamed by some Yank exec knobend…

  5. I’m exempting myself from cunt status. Being half American, I grew up with British English and American English. I can’t help it.

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