Charlotte Church


As Flanders and Swann so nicely summed it up : “The Welsh sing too loud, much too often and flat” so it’s no surprise to find that Charlotte Church is a cunt.

Not because she failed as an opera singer, or because she changed to pop and failed at that as well, and not even because she’s way too far up her own backside. So why is Charlotte Church a cunt?

Well, it’s because in a desperate attempt to get herself noticed again, she took place in the demo against austerity which resulted in police officers being hospitalised and the defacing of the Women’s cenotaph with the slogan ‘Fuck Tory Scum’ in red spray paint.

Yes, Charlotte was there and managed to get herself in the photographs and mentioned in the press. Well done, Charlotte. You can be proud of yourself.

So you see Charlotte, it’s not just because you’re a Welsh media whore that we dislike you. It’s because you’re a monumental cunt.

Nominated by: Dioclese

20 thoughts on “Charlotte Church

  1. Vandalising any cenotaph on the 70th anniversary of gubbing those Nazi and Jap cunts is well out of order… Doesn’t surprise me the lengths this crap singer/media slag/pisspot slagette will go to in order to get noticed though…

  2. Another thing… Anti-austerity?
    I bet the bitch is hardly skint or lives in a council box…
    What a load of shite…

  3. Splendid to know that Esther McVey only shagged herself so far up the ladder until she fell off… Get back to presenting third rate breakfast telly, yer witch!

  4. She should just go back to sucking the cocks of rugby players the fucking whore.

  5. I saw that cardboard she was carrying. Who the fuck is Immad Ashell?

  6. It takes some fucking going to be the bigger cunt when you’re in a relationship with Gavin Henson.
    I’d still slip her my pink mind.

  7. I don’t know if the topless picture I’ve got of her is a fake, but I’d like to come on her tits.

  8. labour supporters
    Based on their behaviour both during and after the election campaign I would like to nominate labour supporters for a damn good cunting! These utter cunt fucks just like all politicians in that shit house of a party they follow are a bunch of hypocritical cretonious pig fucks! For years these cunts and their chosen party have preached not to judge other people according to their skin colour, sexual orientation, or anything that characterises an individual and for the most part this is as it should be in a modern, progressive forward thinking society. Yet these cunts conveniently over look this self righteous attitude and judge your average Tory supporter to be white, rich, nasty, middle, class, corporate, Tory scum and so on. Well I can that fucking narrow minded as well and stereotype labour supporters to be welfare sponging, social house hogging, bone idle cunt bastards who like nothing more than to sit around watching Jeremy kyle while breeding more utter cunt bastards to enjoy a prosperous life stuffing themselves with my hard earned tax money.
    Its hardly surprising that with this attitude towards Tory supporters that many lied to the pollsters only to come out of the woodwork on election day and give you cunts the right royal cunting you deserve!

    • Ah, there’s that legendary ‚Äúcompassionate Conservatism‚ÄĚ we hear so much about…

      In the interests of balance, I’d like to cunt moronic thick-as-shit Tory supporters who fell for the barefaced lies and baseless scaremongering of an overpaid Aussie election strategist instead of looking at the evidence.

      The Tory spending plans had been dismissed by the Institute for Fiscal Studies as the most innumerate and un-costed of all the major parties. Gideot The Towel Folder failed to give an answer to how his NHS commitments would be funded despite being asked almost twenty times. IDS didn’t consider it “relevant” or “appropriate” to explain to the electorate what they would be voting for. When asked by Paxman, Chicken Dave hadn’t a clue about the level of UK borrowing – sheer arrogant incompetence from the party allegedly presenting itself as the party of fiscal responsibility.

      “We delivered all our 2010 commitments and I’m proud of that” lied Cameron when everyone should have remembered the VAT rises and cuts to EMA and Child Support he implemented after categorically denying that he would do so during the 2010 campaign. “The NHS is safe with us,” lied Cameron, when even former Tory Cabinet Ministers admit that the Conservatives have to deceive the electorate over their plans to dismantle and privatise the NHS or they’d never get elected:

      The Tory narrative of “Labour’s recession” was another barefaced lie (Labour did not cause the global financial crash that has affected so many other countries even more deeply than the UK), as is the ridiculous idea that the UK was “going the way of Greece”. Chicken Dave’s rather pathetic waving around of the Liam Byrne “No money left” note should have been easily dismissed as a fifty year old in-joke at the Treasury (as Chicken Dave and Gideot surely knew it to be) which had actually originated with a TORY Chancellor in 1964. The “backstabbing” story was yet another lie – if you and your sibling go for the same job, why should there be an assumption that one is automatically more entitled than the other?

      Now we all know the SNP are irredeemable cunts, but Chicken Dave spent the entire indyref begging the UK to stick together, bleating about the union he loves, then having got the result he wanted, proceeded to shaft the Scots and spent the entire election campaign demonising them to such an extent that independence is now just a matter of time. Given that the Tory campaign centred around scaremongering about the break up of the union, it’s slightly fucking ironic that Chicken Dave will go down in history as the PM who put the nail in the coffin of the union by prioritising Tory lust for power ahead of everything else. Not quite the legacy he was hoping for, I’d bet. I wonder if the Queen is “purring” now?

      Of course, the Labour campaign team are massive cunts too for failing to effectively rebut the kind of crass lies that even a child could recognise, but the Tory cunts who fell for that crap need their fucking heads examined. But then these are the sort of cunts who trust the Daily Mail to provide an objective assessment of the facts, so I guess they get what they fucking deserve.

  9. The rules for Labour’s leadership contest seem to be members carefully scrutinise each candidate, so they can pick one who’s fucking useless….

    Charlotte Church has a yacht… Austerity my arse….

    SNP leader, Wee Burney Nesbit,t is already gobbing off and laying down terms… I wonder in a couple of years if Cameron will ask the SAS to bump the toxic little whisky breath dwarf off?

  10. Anji Phillips of Battle Creek michigan is a cunt for lying and hiding her sleazy affair with Chad the Douche Jones of Ace Engineering. Anji is the worst kind of cunt the lying manipulating psychopath count who reeks of tuna fish from 100 yards away! This cunt should be bronzed …. I mean literally taken and physically dipped in molten metal.

  11. Apparently Charlotte Church has challenged Katie Hopkins to a boxing match. Now correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Hopkins an army officer when she was younger? I personally don’t like either of them but Pissed Fat Welsh Bint vs Physically Fit Ex Soldier sound entertainingly one sided.

      • I reckon Hopkins would knock shite out of Church…
        I dislike Hopkins (and Church), but Hopkins has something of Thatcher about her.. Maybe it’s because Hopkins is a hard faced, cold hearted bitch? Maggie would have eaten Wee Burney Sturgeon for breakfast and then spat her out…

    • Hopkins did indeed attend Sandhurst but never took up her commission.

      I would love to see a boxing match between those two.

      It would be a replay of when that fat pikey lotto winner Micheal Carol took on one of the gladiators in a charity boxing match.

      Rather predictably the pikey’s pre match warm up was a pizza and a six pack of Stella.

      The trained athlete battered the snot out of him.

      It was hilarious.

  12. While Charlotte Church was out giving it large about austerity,her next door neighbour must have signed for her champagne and caviar delivery when she was out…

    • Should she ever fall on hard times I’d gladly shell out a few quid if she’d let me jizz on her tits.

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