I humbly grant leave to cunt the city of Leicester and its inhabitants. Why ? I hear you ask.

In response I will simply say Greville Janner and Keith Vaz both elected repeatedly by the incumbents of this City.

Nominated by: This election is a Cunt

8 thoughts on “Leicester

  1. Not to mention the human oil slick that is Gary Lineker…

    Shame Leicester weren’t relegated… But funny that QPR (with that Barton cunt) and those
    cousin shagging, six fingered Burnley cunts went down though…

  2. I would like to nominate anyone who uses the word, ” awesome ” as a prize cunt. What happened to wow, well done, splendid. In other words people don’t have the capacity between their ears to think and then deliver an original response to any achievement

  3. Keith Vaz is a massive, massive cunt. I would rather go to a U2 concert and have Bono lecture me about poverty than have to see or hear this cunt ever again.

  4. Time to recunt Lord Sugar

    Cunt is seeing trying a back peddle now saying he is quitting the labour party.

    Because they didn’t win? Realised the only cunt possibly bigger than any cunt in the party could be you – who would be responsible for the contribution its demise in the first place.

    Fuck off you obnoxious tiring cunt.

  5. Not to forget illustrious resident Richard II who was in a Leicester car park for a few hundred years. Must have been mates with an ancestor orf Fred West.

  6. Got to say I sort of like Claudio Ranieri…. If he does win the title, he should say, ‘Are you watching, Abramovich, you fucking bent Russian cunt?!’

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