Gabby Logan [2]


I offer up for your delectation Gabby Logan

Daughter of Terry Yorath, this former gymnast is now a ‘luvvie’ of that left wing broadcaster the BBC. She can be seen presenting everything on the BBC from ‘Match Of The Day’, ‘The One Show’, ‘Final Score’ to the classics on ITV such as ‘Splash’ & who could forget her own short lived show on Channel 5 ‘Live With Gabby’. you would be forgiven for not knowing this show as only 3 viewers ever tuned in.

Basically this cunt would present the opening of a public toilet just to get on TV.

However, what makes her total ‘cunt’ material is her well documented tax avoidance (not hearsay but FACT) & I am sure if any journalist had the balls to investigate her ‘Logan Foundation’ they might find even more ‘tax avoiding scams’

People like her make my fucking blood boil, she sucks public money from the BBC and is well rewarded for her bland presenting, yet she deems this not to be reward enough & so engages in the usual ‘media types’ scams to avoid tax like every hard working person in the land.

People like her should be banned from ever working at the publicly funded BBC & be forced to repay every pay cheque she has ever received.

As if this was not a good enough case for a true cunting I fail to see what is…But, let us not forget she is married to Kenny Logan, that lard arsed lummox of a cunt who used to play Rugby for Scotland & her father was that Welsh cunt Terry Yorath, another nondescript sportsman (footballer) who is associated with the second shitest city in the UK after Liverpool, that’s right, fucking Leeds.

Nominated by: Prolapsed Anus

18 thoughts on “Gabby Logan [2]

  1. FYI Prolapsed Anus – “luvvies” are actors, not anyone who appears on TV.

    Interesting that some people see left-wing bias in the BBC where plenty of others see it as the voice of the establishment (ie pro-government). Just saying…

  2. How about that ghastly, unfunny, wobbling monument to obesity Katy Brand. Was unfortunate enough to catch The Wright Stuff this morning (thus doubling the viewing figures presumably) and she was wanking on about how we should celebrate the positive legacy of Tony Blair’s time in office. Presumably every time we see a closed pub, surveillance camera or military grave. A truly horrible “my political beliefs qualify me as an intellectual” disgusting mega-cunt.

  3. And if that fat dyke Claire balding isn’t available they get that four eyed Dyke, Sue Perkins

    • And even worse than all those Dick Van Dykes, they put on that useless fucking cunt, Phil Neville…

    • Fuck, she’s even worse. You can tell she’s queer, she constantly feels the need to tell smutty “jokes”. Often about straight people. It wouldn’t be so bad if she was actually funny.

      • gabby logan another reason to not have cable or satellite its all owned by blood hungry jews anyway and scat porn and video games is all i need , also at least 60% of famous cunts avoid paying taxes these celebrity humanitarians are a real piece of cunting work

  4. If it’s a sheer naked in your face hypocritical tax avoidance scheme you’re after , look no further ‘The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown’.Now there is a pair of cunts.

    • Fortunately, gravy train Gordon is standing down at the next election. With any luck he’ll disappear into obscurity.

      • …whilst at he same time making shed loads of money!

        Have you read any of his books? Fuck me, what a load of badly written shite…

  5. Just on my way out but thought I’d quickly point out that anyone in the audience of A Question of Sport or Top Gear are filthy, sub-human cunts.

    • Then where the fuck does that leave the audience on Jeremy Kyle?

      Come to think of it, the biggest bunch of cunts ever assembled in one place can usually be found at a Unite Against Fascism march.

      They are hypocritical über cunts.

      • UAF, an organisation populated entirely by people who have no meaning of the word “irony”. Obviously, none of them own a mirror either, because then they would see a true fascist.

      • The UAF supporters cannot make up their minds as to just exactly what they are “against”. Their piddling website keeps adding “isms” on a daily basis. (apart from religious extremism of course..)

        On a separate note, I’d like to offer up the cult of the “Selfie” for a scathing cunting.
        This narcissistic obsession with taking as many photos of yourself and posting them on social media sites is typical of a generation who is obsessed with the idea that anyone actually gives a fuck about them.
        From the fuckwits of celebs whose intimate selfies manage to “accidentally” get uploaded to the web (and who subsequently bleat about their humiliation), to the increasing horses of silly little teens whose careless selfies attract the attention of paedos like wasps to a jam jar, the whole ludicrous cult is just a symptom of a generation who no longer gives a toss about anything but their own selfish needs.
        In moments of cynicism, I’m convinced that the internet will one day crash under the weight of social media spawned crap like this and the last thing we will see on our dying search engines is the grinning face of some spotty teen grinning at the camera with a banana stuffed up his rectum

      • Also just wandering, thought to ask, how has Janet Steet Porter avoiding cunting in all of this time?

    • Asim Qureshi and CAGE are just another example of how extremism has managed to successfully exploit the charitable status laws of a country which is too weak willed and spineless to take a tough stance on extremists.

  6. Phil Neville needs a major cunting…

    This useless, gurning, pumpkin headed chimp has ruined MOTD… OK, having a smarmy cunt like Lineker hosting it doesn’t help, but MOTD2 has improved, thanks mainly to Mark Chapman (not the one who blew Lennon away)… But Phil Neville is by far the worst football pundit in living memory… I have never heard such drivel and shite on any football show… Phil wasn’t as good a player as his brother, Gary, and he isn’t as good a pundit as Gaz either… Gary Nev has his faults, but Phil is really the bottom of the barrel… Is this really the best the BBC can come up with to replace Alan Hansen? Phil Neville makes Jamie Redknapp look like Einstein….

    Also the endless bitching at Man United by Nev the younger (and that fucking ginger gremlin, Paul Scholes) and their endless ‘Class of 92’ bullshit is getting on my knackers… Only Scholes was world class out of them (Giggs was before 92: making his debut in 91)… I can’t imagine Duncan Edwards, David Pegg or any of the other lads who perished at Munich trying to undermine a new United manager and tell him how to do his job… It also makes me laugh that the runt of the class of 92 (ie: Phil Neville) is the most vocal… When he also turned us into a laughing stock, along with that Beaker lookalike knobhead, Moyes…. Fuck yourself, Philip Neville… You cunt!

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