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I’d like to nominate TWITTER for a good cunting.

The establishments control tool to kill freedom of speech, how many people have been rounded up and prosecuted beggars belief, every other week there is some ‘troll’ story in the media on Twitter yet the same media actually use Twitter as a ‘source’.

For example, Anne Kirkbride shuffles off this mortal coil and ITV report that Ken Roache has posted “So sad to see the passing of Anne, RIP” on Twitter.

Fuck Off

Twitter has three purposes..

1. To kill free speech and cretinize the masses in to cramming their thoughts in to 140 characters
2. Breed a bunch of narcissistic, self absorbed cunts who believe the World revolves around them like they are a celebrity
3. To allow celebs to market their latest pile of wank TV show, film, song, dvd or book to the sheeple so they go out and purchase it, paradoxically this panders to the sycophants who brown nose celebs in the hope of a reply or retweet.

A self perpetuating pile of wank cluttered up with inane drivel to keep people engaged in the medias shite. As the TV show ‘Why Don’t You’ famously stated:

“why don’t you, why don’t you, why don’t you switch off your television set and go outside and do something less boring instead” and the same applies to Twitter, Facebook & Youtube

Nominated by: Prolapsed Anus

13 thoughts on “Twitter [2]

  1. Twitter is yet another social media tool, which is designed to numb the brains of the already somnolent sheep. A quick fix for the bone idle generation who are too lazy to actually have a physical conversation with other members of the human race and the inevitable lure of being “famous” if only through association. The brain dead cunts ofsociety, already numbed by reality TV, Facebook and Snapchat lap it up like a smack addict with a new fix.
    Not that I’m a great believer in conspiracy theories, but there is certainly the thought that by isolating people through the media from human contact, you gain a far greater control of (and ability to monitor) their thoughts and actions. As someone remarked to me a while ago, the rise of social media coincided with the decline of the pubs.

    • Maybe the creators of Twitter – Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass – were really ‘crisis actors’ working for the Illuminati? I’m sure Spivey and/or thecolemanexperience can enlighten us…

      • I’m certain they could offer us a plethora of information, theories and conspiracies.(apart from explaining why twitter users are cunts of course)

      • Spivey would be useless on Twitter as he is limited to 140 characters. He articles are longer than War and Peace.

  2. An ex girlfriend of mine ( who now is a schoolteacher in Japan) is the only one of my exes that I am still on good terms with and we are still in contact.. But we do things the old way… We write proper letters and we speak on the phone… She is right when she says that social network interaction is ‘not talking’ and also ‘not listening’… Think I dropped a bollock there: as she was (still is) the cleverest girl I ever went out with (she looks like Shirley McLaine in The Apartment, except my ex Helen wears glasses)….

    Anyway, enough of such things… Twitter is like flashing: Every part of their lives has to be broadcast… Talk about overexposure… Seriously: who gives a fuck what some celebrity cunt had for breakfast, or what a thick tosser like Joey Barton thinks? And anyone who does griefmonkeying on Twitter is a cunt… If they didn’t know the person to begin with, then why all the mawkish and insincere grief ? And if they did know the deceased person (be it Anne Krkbride, Phil Hughes or whoever) they should send a proper sympathy card or make a phone call… Not all this RIP & hugz shite they put on Twitter… Ignorant, disrespectful cunts..

  3. Agree with pretty well all of the foregoing, but to be fair, YouTube does have some very amusing cat videos…

    • the cat videos are pretty awesome but lets remember about half of those videos are mild form of animal abuse especially when you rile up your cat then you get it to attack the camera pure cunts they are but youtube use to be better now you got 12 minute ads on islam you can’t even skip and they really are dicks on movie rights and certain content strangely enough i can watch “gay niggers from outer space” its actually a pretty funny movie if you smoke hash before watching

  4. twitter and facebook is a evil concept to destroy and give people no lives , its a zionist invention to make people into mini celebrity cunts who are apparently humanitarian cunts who feel self important and special it also promotes cunt behavior, fuck the stupid cunts

  5. I wouldn’t touch either Facebook or Twitter with a 100ft pole…. Too many self important pricks and loonies on there… A friend of mine said to me, ‘Even people I know – people who I know personally, and have done for years – turn into complete cunts when they are on Facebook.’

    My kid sister was pestered by some American woman on Facebook… This hag was in her late 40s and obsessed with Harry Potter (anyone obsessed with Harry Potter is a cunt!). She also claimed to be married to someone on death row…. The mind boggles…

    Roger Waters of Pink Floyd was once asked if he replied to fan letters, he said he didn’t…
    When asked why he replied: ‘Even if you answer something, they’ll want to know something else. Then something after that… Once you open the window and let the buggers in, there is no getting rid of them.’

    Totally on the ball… in 2015 Twitter and Facebook are those windows… Open windows for every nutter, freak, bullshitter and wanker in the world…

  6. Spot on Norman 😀
    I bumped in to an old school friend a couple of years ago whilst out on the piss, we were good mates at school and I had not seen him for like 25 years, we had a catch-up and chat but it soon became apparent he had matured in to a right cunt, I started to make excuses about getting home to the wife and then he said ” Are you on Facebook? I’ll send you a friend request”
    When I said “No” he looked at me like I had just taken a fucking shit in his pint. He asked for my email then and I said I don’t use the Internet, so he asked for my mobile number, I just gave him some random number like 07949387655 😛

  7. Agree totally,I ditched facebook a few months ago and twitter yesterday funnily enough,its celebrity mush now full of me me me cunts,im determined to not go back,wish me luck cunt haters

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