Drug Mules on death row


These cunts are in the same bag as the Amateur Aid Worker. Why is it, that when someone shoves their arse with Heroin and then gets caught – or some fuckwit backpacker is busted with 75 Kg of Ice in China and will now face death row – that we need to now feel for them, or our money is spent to get them out of the shit?

Fuck ’em…

Nominated by: King Cunt

8 thoughts on “Drug Mules on death row

  1. Really? this is the best nomination? You had one for Sandra Lambert and thought this would be better?

    • We still have one for Lambert – it just hasn’t been published yet. These things take time as we publish normally one per day and queue them up in advance…

  2. Oddly enough, I admire the tough stance countries like Indonesia and China take with drug traffickers. Tourists know the penalties for smuggling narcotics and if they break the laws they should expect to face the consequences.
    the way the UK’s drug problem is growing, through the ludicrously soft legal system we ave, will withing 10 years or less, see drugs and drug related crime comparable to that which the USA has.
    We need to adopt a similar policy to those nations who attempt to wipe drug smuggling out before we have a nation of smack heads.

  3. That oh so innocent drug smuggling tart from Dungannon is now to be transferred back from Peru to spend the rest her sentence in jail in Northern Ireland.
    I hope the cunt is sent the bill for the accommodation cost

  4. The whole drug trafficking thing is confusing though, You get arrested for taking them out of the country. You get arrested for taking them into the country. They need to make their fucking minds up….

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