Douglas Murray


Douglas Murray is a prize cunt…

Murray, who claims to be an author and ‘media commentator’ (ie: a gobshite!), had this to say on the Gaza related protest in London:

“London’s pro-Palestine rally was a disgusting anti-Semitic spectacle..”

What this Netanyahu shagging bellend failed to tell you is many Jewish people actually participated in the protest and are appalled by Israel’s actions in Gaza…

Fuck off, Murray! A media commentator (the twat gave himself that title!) who sticks up for child murderers… What a cunt!

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

13 thoughts on “Douglas Murray

    • Having worked in Israel, I can confirm that Hamas do not give a fuck who they kill or maim in their search for Jihad.

      They ARE cunts of the first order and they DO hide behind women and children. The gutless pieces of shit.

      I was shot at on a regular basis, which is fucking unnerving when a 7.62 round buzzes 6″ past your eyes and then gets followed by half a dozen friends a few seconds later.

      Couple that with being knocked out of bed at 3am by a rocket attack and nearly being the victim of an IED if some brave as fuck IDF bomb disposal unit hadn’t disarmed the thing planted under a civillian car. A civillian car by the way driven by an Israeli woman taking her kids to the market.

      The whole market would have been blown to bits along with a bunch of European contractors relaxing on a Friday afternoon at the only bar / restaurant in town, none of which were Jewish. That was aimed at us!

      Hamas are cunts, the libtard, left wing, useful idiots that believe every word they say are cunts and are welcome to fuck off to Gaza and be used as human shields.

      Probably the only useful thing they will do in their entire illegal immigrant appeasing, BBC watching, Muslim cock sucking lives.

      Stupid cunts

  1. Murray is a cunt for his lazy journalism… For claiming the Gaza march was anti-Semitic: when in actual fact there were plenty of Jews at the protest, you total bellend.

  2. He is a cunt. He talks like he is holding a large wet booger up his nose. He is the sort of person who is creating Fanatics and Extremists with his ultra right wing fascist viewpoint. Whoever let this gobshite on the television?

  3. What a total c@nt.. never really paid attention to him until his interview on Al Jaz, He came out look like a cunt of the first order. What a cunt! cunt cunt cunt

    • Excellent decision, you livestock-molesting piss-smelling moon-howling dribbler of shit.

      I’m not sure how much more rancid penistry this site could have taken from you. Banned.

      Now spare a moment to bring a little warmth into people’s lives – set yourself on fire.

      • Beat you too it – banned the little cunt a hour or so back!

        Makes you wonder what sort of sad lives people have to make them carry on like this fool doesn’t it? Anyway he’s gone now and disabled toilet to the lot of them!

        Illegitimi non carborundum
        (Don’t let the bastards grind you down)

      • Astonishing, really… Claims to follow a well known crackpot conspiracy theorist and all round nutjob, yet comes here shouting the odds and spouting shit….

        Good riddance to the piss stained gobshite….

      • Always amusing when the self-styled seekers of truth and honesty like Spivey and Coleman implement ruthless censorship of their own websites… Hypocritical cunts.

        I bet they support the SNP too.

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