Paedo Entertainers


What makes me sick about these light entertainment paedo cunts is the ‘Mr Nice Guy’ personas they put on and everyone fell for….

In the 70s I remember my mum saying “He’s a good bloke that Jimmy Savile…. He works in kiddies hospitals for nothing…” To which my dad cynically (and rightly) replied: “Come off it! Nobody in this world does nothing for nothing… There must be some sort of pay off…” And how right the old fellah was… They all did it: Savile and his ‘Saint Jimmy’ image…

Stuart Hall, the laugh-a-minute Court Jester of BBC telly… And of course Rolf, with his wobbly board and his loveable eccentric act… One can imagine some poor kid grassing Harris up in the 70s or 80s and the response they got… “That Rolf Harris?! Impossible! He does all those silly songs and cartoon time for the kiddies… Not him, never… He’s too nice!”

Same goes for Jim’ll and his ‘endless charidee’ work and Hall with his madcap football commentary and his showbiz smarm… That is what is really disgusting about sickos…. Their nice guy and zany funster routines were an act and they knew it… They also knew what they were doing, they knew why they were doing it and they enjoyed it… Reveling in their own fame and getting their kicks at the same time…

Nonce scum…

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

4 thoughts on “Paedo Entertainers

  1. And now turd burglars are adopting kids. The party line by the fucking peedo cunts in parliament / media / church is, “isn’t it wonderful the perverts that eat shit out of each others arse holes can get married and ‘have’ kids”

    Just wait a few years till the truth seeps out. We all know queers are ‘adopting’ kids for their arses.

    • Don’t much care for the notion of homosexuality myself, but if it boiled down to two gay men or women giving a stable family life to adopted kids who had been taken away from some of the smack head, alcoholic child abusing parents whose cases can be read in the news, I know who I’d rather have bringing them up.

  2. True, but then the same could be said for rancid old skanks like Madonna.

    The only reason she is adopting ‘little brown babies’ is so that she will have something actually interested in fucking her 15 years from now.

  3. You’re probably right. Madonna is a total cunt: a thoroughly unpleasant slag, who does everything and anything for her own vanity… She used to look like a cheap hooker. Now she looks like a madam… As Alan Partridge put it: Not a Parisian one: but a madam who lives in a terraced house behind a train station….

    As for her questionable motives for adopting the little brown guy: It wouldn’t surprise me either if she did a “Woody Allen”. But she also probably thinks it will cancel out all the nasty shit she has got up to when she snuffs it and is ‘judged’… Same goes for all that Kabbalah bollocks she pays into… Buying a stairway to heaven, I think someone once said…

    Doesn’t the silly bitch also realize that the kid might have a touch of survivor’s guilt?! One day he might think: “Here I am in this mansion, with all these creature comforts… But the rest of my family is either dead or still living in a sunburnt, waterless, flyblown shitiheap!”

    There’s no doubt Madonna is a cunt, and a total self serving shagbag…

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