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  1. Though she has got competition now with that 18 year old god botherer from Ireland in Magalouf. 25 headjobs for a shooter a time (No pun intended). Shes gotta be the next Ex Factor Judge possibility? Or could join Little Mix?

    That being said, she is a fucking right cunt and deserves a hard kicking.

  2. Whatever happened to the Cheryl Cole cumback single that has seemed to vanish without a trace? She was fannying around in some camp uniform outfit.

  3. While at it not the sort of chap to indulge in special pleading donchaknow but….surely the Leon Brittan nom (July 3rd) demands “action this day” to borrow the phrase from that old cunt Churchill. Brittan has the crepuscular conk of a kiddy sniffer and we learn there are historical allegations of rape floating around him. So come on chaps, granted he is no minor celeb or footballer, but play the game and cunt the cunt as a priority while he yet lives. Do get your arses in gear I respectfully submit.

    • Indeed, Sir… I wonder if Maggie herself knew about Brittan (and all those ‘missing files’)? The old handbag was friends with Jingle Jangle Jim’ll as well, wasn’t she?

      I don’t think Maggie would have a had a problem grassing up Ted Heath though (it’s well known that she hated him and vice versa). I think the only thing that stopped her doing it was the damage it would have done to the Tories and she was desperate to win again in 83, and she was really on the ropes until the Falklands…

  4. I have relatives in the North East: and they (and others who actually knew her) have told me about Cheryl Tweedy… The ‘pop princess’ the new ‘Queen of Hearts and national treasure’ (and all that Sun/Mirror shite) was a nasty little shit at school. She was apparently a bully and a slapper… A bit like those Gallagher cunts (and I know what they used to get up to in Burnage)… Chavs and riff-raff who have got lucky…

    • And she’s a closet lezzer shagging ex-bandmate Kimberley Walsh (Google “CHIM”).

  5. She isn’t even worth discussing here. Worthless person and no skill. May as play
    for England in the euro 2016,. Just a hair product mannequin now

  6. The slag has had more wogs than Woggin the Wog. Her cunt is black on the inside from wog knobs. Dirty wog ho.

  7. Yes its true about Cheryl being a cunt at school. She pushed me over once for no reason and her brother was worse. He was into drugs and stealing cars at a young age and still gets in bother. It was no surprise when I heard Cheryl had assaulted a cleaner in Walkers nightclub in Newcastle. She has a nasty temper. She’s certainly not the nicey nicey pop princess she makes herself out to be.

  8. I just need to correct the information above. Cheryl attacked someone in a nightclub in Surrey not in Walkers nightclub Newcastle. I apologise .

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