Internet groomers


I would like to nominated “Mummy” as a cunt. She openly flirts with me on Facebook which was very flattering until I found she started life as a man called Marty and still has a dinklage!

I don’t appreciate having my feelings toyed with by some fucking tranny from Florida…

Nominated by: Adam Paul Cortez

No – I don’t want to meet up with you. Not only that but I don’t want to send you pictures of myself naked in compromising positions, give you my phone number or ‘go-private’ in your internet chat room.

However, if you’d like to give me your details, my daddy is a policeman who would very much like to get to know, you sick cunt!

Nominated by: Rolf

One thought on “Internet groomers

  1. All kinds of weirdo cunts on the Interweb…. Bunch of fucking freaks….

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