Alex Salmond [5]


Alex Salmond – cunt of McCunts. Not just for his peculiarly nauseating, clamouring desperation to take the throne of Scottish power, but for the cuntish way in which he exploits xenophobic and dated racial hatred in order to score political points against “the enemy”.

The smarmy desperate cunt then pontificates about “Scotland’s place in Europe” as if leaving one old system of oppression to join another, newer one that’s even more centralised will be a cure for all of Scotland’s ills.

Fuck off you ugly fucking McMunter and pull that haggis out of your fat arse.

Nominated by: Amy Turding

18 thoughts on “Alex Salmond [5]

    • Alex Salmond is a first class crook, who is running Scotland

      into the ground.

  1. And as for Alex Salmond and the referendum, I think the English people, as the majority in this union, should have a referendum on whether we want Scotland in it. I think Scotland would have a greater chance of independence as a result. To put it another way, most English people are fed up with the scots, and want them to fuck off and fend for themselves

  2. I think a vote of thanks to the Eye for getting us back up again. Cheers mate!

    All I need now is a few nominations and we’re off again. I’m sure there’s a few stored up somewhere…

  3. Salmond is a good call: any cunt who shamelessly brown-noses Rupert Murdoch AND Donald Trump – and then gets royally shafted by both – is a premier league McCunt.

    [Thanks to All Seeing Eye for ironing out the technical glitch – under the latest cunting of David Dickinson, I’d been trying for days to post “Gypsy cunt as well” but eventually gave up].

  4. Can any cunters out there supply photos where two prize cunts are pictured together in such a way that the total cuntitude is amplified to a force far greater than the sum of the individual parts?

    Here’s what I mean:

    Dermot O’ Leary and Keith Lemon (aka the deeply unfunny Leigh Francis, the chavs’ favourite) – individually, each eminently worthy of a deep cunting, but taken together their cuntitude is elevated to previously unscaled heights.

    However, I defy anyone to find a photograph with more colossal cuntitude on offer than here:

  5. I’m really hoping Scotland votes for independence. I’m going to laugh my fucking head off when the Scots what an egomaniacal, knuckle dragging fuckwit they’ve lumbered themselves with.

  6. Give them 3 years of “independance” and they will be claiming 3rd world status. Anticipate concerts in 2017 for Ned -Relief

  7. Salmond and his sidekick Jimmy fuckin Krankie are an embarrassment to Scotland. Cunts of the first order with no clue on the big issues.

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