Bono [5]


Bono is a 24 carat, prize cunt. He wants everybody to alleviate Third World debt while the cunt doesn’t pay any taxes himself because his company is registered in Holland.

What a prize pillow humping thundercunt !

Nominated by: Lloyd Kennedy

16 thoughts on “Bono [5]

  1. I would like to hereby nominate:

    My reasons for nominating the BBC are as follows:
    1. They think we should pay a TV License fee when there is NO OBLIGATION to pay them,
    2.They support fucking children
    3.They are fucking big nosed Jews
    4.They commission and create Dr Who, The One Show & Top Gear, Eastenders – the list is endless
    5.They employ Bruce Forsyth, Claudia Winkleman, Zoe Ball, Alan Sugar, Alex Jones, Julia Bradbury, Graham Norton, Micheal McIntyre, Gabby Logan, etc etc (that is enough to prove they are worthy of the title CUNT
    6.They pollute our children’s minds with Blue Peter and all the other sexualised peado crap they punt out on CBBC & CBeebies
    7.Because I fucking say so!

    • I worked for these cunts, and I can’t argue with any of those points. Maybe the last one.

    • I agree with the nomination, but disagree with the reasons (other than the one show, of course). I support the nom because they brought us the one show, keep diane abbott and michael portillo employed, just regurgitate old legends as new stories (Merlin, Robin Hood, The three musketeers). Are politically correct just for the sake of it (pretty sure there wouldn’t be asian people at a party in King Arthur’s time). I actually watch BBC3 sometimes, so they want to get rid of that, and keep BBC4, which is cheaper. There is Radio1 where the DJs are being replaced by those from one extra, which is strange, because if I wanted to listen to them, I would listen to one extra. Scott Mills will be the last interesting DJ on radio 1 so his days are obviously numbered

    • Indeed – and local radio is a disgrace – you can hear the BBC cunts fucking kids in the background on BBC Radio Lancashire.

      And local BBC TV – what is that shit? Rancid old bitches with piss dribbling out of their fisted cunts, and google-eyed blacks talking like George Formby.

      Come the revolution we should round up BBC cunts and whip them till their organs fall out – then roll the cunts in salt like slugs and laugh at their screams.

  2. Bono is an excellent call. In addition to the reasons given by the original poster, Fred says Never Trust Any Cunt Who Wears Sunglasses (or tinted glasses) Indoors as this is a universally recognised badge of cuntitude.

  3. the photo with its stubble and leer is reminiscent of something that lurks round childrens playgrounds

  4. Seriously? you are nominating the BBC and Bono as Cunts? They shouldn’t be nominated here. There should be a special award for lifetime contribution to cuntistry, and these 2 would be in the running

  5. I generally agree about cunts wearing ‘shades’ in doors. But Boner has a congenital eye condition which makes his eyes sensitive to light. Otherwise he is a total and utter cunt.

    • If his eyes are sensitive to light then the cunt should go and live deep underground and never come to the surface again.

  6. I heard of that condition, it’s medical term is imapretentiouscuntivitis, and the cure is to either commit suicide, or shut the fuck up.

  7. A very old man who saw U2 live in 1980 said they were pretty good back then. Under questioning he confessed that Bonio was, and is, a cunt.

    Always challenge Bonio apologists: they know — they *know* that he is a cunt.

  8. They really are lazy bastards…. Both Songs Of Innocence and U2’s next album, Songs Of Experience are both David Axelrod albums from 1968 and 1969….

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