Internet pedantry

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Internet pedants are a breed who pounce on the slightest typographical error, any slip in grammar and a misplaced comma.

These pedantic cunts are so obsessed with berating others over the minutiae of the language, that they fail to see that their own comments and arguments are merely worthless intellectual masturbation with no valid content.

Nominated by: Toadspanker

12 thoughts on “Internet pedantry

  1. Kim Kardashian is a pointless, talentless, waste-of-fucking-space cunt. Why the fuck do otherwise decent websites report the cuntish goings-on of this stupid cunt as if they are news? What sort of pondlife is interested in this shit?

    She’s an ugly cunt too.

  2. True about pedantic online knobheads.The Twitterattii brigade are also nitpicking cunts: who will make something out of anything (usually nothing!) and get offended at absolutely anything….

    One recent example was when Katy Perry dressed as a Geisha for some gig or other. While I am no Perry fan (not of her music, anyway), the Tweeting/squealing about her being ‘racist’ was taking the piss…. These spunkbubbles were acting like Perry had blacked up, put on a Black and White Minstrels glittery suit and sang ‘Mammy’… Absurd hysteria and whining for the sake of it. Same goes for the tweetie bird cunts who called her a Satanist: after she used a bit of fire and jiggery pokery on stage. Have these cunts ever heard of Alice Cooper?! Hysterical, thin skinned bellends…

    Another was the Crystal Palace ‘fans’ on Twitter: who claimed that Manchester United fans who wore Eric Cantona masks at Selhurst Park recently were celebrating the tragic death of a Palace supporter who passed away in 1995 at the FA Cup semi-final. Anyone with half a brain (I suppose that excludes Palace fans!) knows that the United fans were celebrating Eric Cantona going for that racist gobshite, Matthew Simmons. That cunt Simmons deserved everything he got when Cantona twatted him, and anyone who can’t see that the reds were paying tribute to Eric and that incident at Selhurst is fucking thick, and shouldn’t even be near a computer! No United fans even thought of the idea of disrespecting the dead (until the Crystal Palace branch of the Twitter Offence Police thought of it!). People, football supporters, or anyone will not be able to fart soon. Without the Twitter Twats getting upset, hysterical or offended.

    Wankers, the lot of them….

  3. Facebook, Twitter and all the now almost defunct Myspace are all examples of the colossal stupidity of internet punters, who fail to realise just how much personal information they are broadcasting whilst logging on to tell the world what they had for breakfast. Twitter is just for cunts who are too lazy to even write anything more than a few words.

  4. in reply to the original OP i couldn’t agree more there is always one clever cunt waiting to correct someone like their funking brains will ooze out of their fucking ass if they dont… sad,boring,nothing-better-to-do-lazy-mindbogglingly-boring-selfrighteous CUNTS (unfortunately even this site has one or two of the good for nothing cunts, weed em out and fuck em off…..)

  5. Nevertheless, as far as worthless intellectual masturbation with no valid content is concerned, it’s one of the best! Or so The Tutor tells me, he engages in acts preparatory to invalid-content intellectual onanism on a regular basis – the filthy brute.

    To you I reply with the pedant’s stock retort, “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much” (Luke 16:10, KJV)..

    • Not one single person who visits this site gives a tuppenny fuck about your pet gimp, so stop fucking telling us about him. Cuddling Aquarianszzzzz…….. boring cunt.

  6. …..and kick the bible punching in the fucking head …….boring cunt…..

    • A worthy nomination, specifically the “club rider” cyclists, who think that riding 6 abreast down narrow roads, thereby holding up the traffic, or weaving in and out of stationery cars who are stuck at busy road junctions and scratching paint or banging into wing mirrors is part of the highway code. They build cycle lanes for these cunts, and said cunts ignore them, preferring instead to piss off other road users with their antics. I won’t even start on their ludicrous avacado shape helmets..

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