11 thoughts on “Steph McGovern

  1. It is the Middlebrough accent that grates on me. Nothing wrong with having a regional accent, but hers is particularly annoying

  2. I nominate Pseudo-Feminist Cunts who make fun of Lance Armstrong’s bollocks “condition”

    I really hate those pseudo-feminist cunts who think they are ‘sticking it to The Man’ when they laugh and cajole about poor Mr. Lance Armstrong’s lightness in the saddle. Really gets on my teats, it does. The cunts don’t realise that they are still just slaves to the horrid Patriarchy they profess to be denigrating with such frivolity.
    Belittling the hapless man’s testicular challenges does not a gender-warrior make!
    Is it not cruel? Is it just as much fun to make light of Mrs. Pitt who had to endure a radical mastectomy? Is it fun to ask Lorena Bobbitt, “Cut off any dicks lately?” Is it fun to ask a male, “Carve-up any vulva lately?”

  3. This man monster turns my cunting stomach every time she appears on the screen, Am I the only one who feels compelled to hurl abuse at the TV every time this gorgon appears looming large over the other insipid presenters.

    Fuck off back up north you transgender behemoth so the beeb can get some tasty cunt in front of the camera instead!

  4. That picture makes her look like another man-like snatch, the Br Ba Skyler White. Same chin of a cunt with gorm cunt face. Skyler didnt have a smoggie cunts grating voice though. Piss off to the chem factory by the Riverside you fucking irritating CUNT!!!

  5. I think Steph Mcgovern is wonderful and extremely sexy to boot. She’s a true amazonian, voluptuous, sex-goddess and I want to have her babies!

  6. You are more than welcome to her/him.
    She/he probably, no, make that definitely has a bigger cock than you, she/he has more chance of being picked for the pubs 5 a-side team and he/she/it is possibly the fucking ugliest cunt ever to grace TV, and considering how many ugly cunts there are on TV, that is some fucking achievement.

    I am not the BBC’s biggest fan, but if they had any fucking sense they would get this chisel jawed, dan dare looking northern cunt off the TV and employ once of the hotties they have to bring us the business on Breakfast.
    Victoria Fritz, now that is a serious little fuck puppet, Alice Baxter, a bit kooky but comes across as a total slut and has been known to flash her knickers on numerous occasions.

    Anyone/anything but that bloody manky cunt Steph, with her fucking jaw she could possibly be the only woman (use that term loosely) to take one on the chin from Mike Tyson in his prime

    • She’s Brucies love child. It’s about to be exposed hence the old bastard tap danced away from “Strictly Come Dancing”. Dirty old Bruce

  7. PIty she can’t head a ball llike Gordon McQueen… Certainly doesn’t look like his daughter, Hayley, either…

  8. Only the BBC would favour Steph over that fantastic piece of arse Victoria Fritz.

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