I really have a problem with the deafblind charity that was advertising on TV at Christmas. They want money to teach deafblind people how to sign to communicate.

a) how the fuck are they going to do that?

b) the advert just shows just children. Is that to tug at our heart strings, or aren’t they going to help adults?

c) how much of the money are they going to spend on more TV adverts, after all, it is quite a niche charity, and can’t be that well funded in the first place, yet they still seem to be able to afford the adverts

Nominated by: The oncoming Fart

3 thoughts on “Sense

  1. The money is used to teach them how to play pinball!

    As to how they teach those deaf, dumb and blind kids, you need to watch The Miracle Worker (1962) It stars a young and eminently fuckable, or so The Tutor tells me, Patty Duke when she was 18.

    “Water! WATER!!!?!!!”

    The Tutor had a peri-pubescent crush on Patty Duke and Hayley Mills, oh and that “sixteen going on seventeen” slut who played Liesl, even though she wet herself over Nazis, the Übermensch fucking cunt!

  2. I nominate McDonald’s and Australians:

    The present continuous tense should only be used to describe continuous actions which are taking place at that very moment, and should only be used with continuous verbs. Non-continuous verbs should never be used with the present continuous tense; one should use the simple present.
    Accordingly, Australians and Ronald McDonald can all be fucking off with their shite “I’m thinking it’s time for tea”, and “I’m loving it”.
    Well I am not! I’m hating it!
    I’m fucking thinking it’s time you lot learnt to speak English properly you cream of foreign cunts.

  3. I prefer those that can actually speak the language, however badly, to those who cannot be arsed to learn it in the first place. I’m not talking about Immigrants, asylum seekers or other foreign nationals here, but the cunts who were born here, who revel in adopting the barrio Gangsta speak, who speak (and write) in the same manner as they text. In a few generations time, the language will vanish.

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