DAB Radio


DAB radio is a fucking cunt. It was invented by cunts, pushed on the people by cunts, the radios it plays on are (battery-eating) cunts, all the DAB stations are cunts (most broadcast in mono), and you need an aerial 200 feet high to pick-up and listen to the fucking garbled 8-bit MP1 cunt shit – that sounds like a wax-roll recording of Thomas Edison singing “Mary had a little lamb” (the cunt).

The BBC are pushing DAB because it is a nest of filthy cunts wanting even higher licence fees to pay for putting up yet more DAB masts to broadcast shite to cunts (and of course, a lot of the ‘DAB mast money’ is being spent by BBC management cunts on champagne and rent boys). The British government is pushing DAB radio because it is mother-load of cunts in the universe, with no idea what it is doing (-just changing ‘stuff’ at random to fake progress and policies).

Dab radio fucking cunts – they are all fucking cunts.

Nominated by: Demigog

4 thoughts on “DAB Radio

  1. I’d like to nominate:

    Luminosity Ads

    Because any cunt can get cuntier and Luminosity can help because they’re like a personal cunter for your brain, improving your performance with the science of cunto-plasticity. They’re like a work-out for your brain, but in a way, they just sound like…cunts.

  2. Without DAB radio, we would not have had the choice of extra radio stations that we now “enjoy”. Another bunch of talent free dullards sucking at the teet of the licence payers. A true cuntfest that needs fuck right off.

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