10 thoughts on “Dara O’Brien

  1. The Barmy Army are a bunch of tedious cunts, but Vic Flowers, the leader, deserves a special mention. Dressed up like a cunt with his singlet and big hat with St George cross on it, imploring these matey ballbags to commence another of the long since boring ‘barmy army’ chants, they are past their sell by date, just like most of the current England team.
    Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my cricket…I went to the first test in Brisbane…..but the idea that I’d be lumped in with those fuckers would make me puke. Time they fucked up forever. ….. And that bastard trumpeter. Wankers.

    Vic Flowers wiki entry says, and I kid you not…

    Flowers is a Roman Catholic and has children, but has not seen them for 20 years.

    Who the fuck could be surprised at that? He looks dodgy….like Bob Grant from On the Buses.


  2. And while I’m at it, the Sky commentary team bores the balls off me.
    They’ve long since descended into Match of The Day style chumminess. I don’t give a fuck about Botham and his wine drinking, or Hussein’s big nose.
    A shower of matey boring cunts tossing each other’s massive ego off all night long.

    Bollocks to them too.

  3. I like to nominate Prince Albert of Monaco for being a useless pointless CUNT. Please could someone who is registered a member create a post nomination for the abominable cunt.

  4. Cant stand this cunt, we need fucking subtitles when this cunt speaks and just listen to that fucking stupid noise he makes after every punchline he delivers its so fucking annoying,. says punchline then go’s…..errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm. just listen to it the next time the cunt is on tv, it will drive you fucking nuts. Got womens eyes too and i bet he is a secret tranny cunt as well. Cunt.

  5. Himself and that totally useless wanker Alan Davies should be sent into space with rockets up their fucking jacksies.

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