The Arctic 30

30 arctic cunts

A complete bunch of cunts if ever there was one. A self-righteous gaggle of global warming bollocks believers, who expected the worst outcome of their little stunt to be a slap on the wrist, before swaggering home to the acclaim of their cunty mates.

Fucked up the intelligence assessment on this one a bit didn’t you cunts?! Turns out the Russians think global warming is bullshit, and don’t take too kindly to tree-hugging eco pirates trespassing on their kit. These cunts are now shivering in the corner of a grotty jail, praying that their cell-mate ‘Big Ivan’ doesn’t wake up and give them what for with his Stalin’s organ again.

Because these cunts were ‘there to represent us’, those cunts at Greenpeace now want everyone to bend over backwards lobbying the Ruskies to get these cunts out. Well I’ve got news for you cunts. You don’t represent me, you don’t speak for me, and you’re a sanctimonious bunch of martyrdom seeking, myth believing cunts!

I’m starting a petition to keep you cunts in jail.

Nominated by: The Large Visage

11 thoughts on “The Arctic 30

  1. ICONIC & TRENDING. I nominate people who say “Iconic” when what they really mean is “famous” and people who say “trending” when what they realiy mean is “popular” – big fat cunts one and all. I went into my local HMV yesterday and alongside a sign saying “CHART” there was a new sign saying “TRENDING” – I was minded to go back later and firebomb the cunts out of existence. Those cunts at Twitter are to blame for “trending” and it goes without saying that everyone on Twitter is a cunt.

    • With you there old sport. Particular bete noir is ‘narrative’ when they really mean ‘story’. Spews up all over. BBC of course, speaches in Parliament, fucking Obama parrotts it. Weak minded copy bollocks.

  2. Greenpeace are all a bunch of cunts. Here’s proof : I lifted the above picture of the net and now realize there are a lot more than 30 of them pictured – so who the fuck are they??

    Personally, I’d give then all 10 year suspended sentences to be activated immediately if they ever set foot onRussian soil again –

    – and I’d confiscate the boat. That’d stop the fuckers!

  3. While we are at it:

    Monty Python

    Five Dead Cunts Walking and one old slapper.

    Oxbridge mafia up their own arses unfunny type cunts. Well not entirely true – the camp doctor cunt snuffing it with aids amused one rather. Now out on a tired old tossers last tour at a mill a pop the geriatric cunts. Soon as the wankers got their publicity it emerged that they were doing a world tour as well. Screwing the fans to the last. Just so that metal hipped cunt Cleese can afford to marry another ambulance chasing gold digger.

    All be dead soon hopefully. Well you’ve got to look on the bright side of life.

  4. i’ll cast my vote for keeping these fuckwits locked up. I would expect atleast four of the geezers is in ivans harem by now after having their shitters smashed in by him … not that they’ll ever let on…… and the slapper, fuck that i got to go to work. Bunch of cunts the lot of em.

  5. I fucking hate these ‘greenies.’ Remind me of fucking 70’s hippies. I used to enjoy beating these cunts. I’d like to beat these cunts up as well but I’m not as chipper as I used to be. Anyone want to volunteer to hold them down while I weld the baseball bat. .

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